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Advent Competitions


It’s the busiest (and most fun) time of the year for a comper, Advent Competitions, starting on December the 1st, for anyone who hasn’t come across them before, Advent Competitions work like Advent Calendars, with a different competition everyday, loads of companies do them and with so many competitions to enter your chances o winning are great.

Especially if you keep doing them, the first few days everyone enters, but them they forget, get board and the numbers of entries drop off considerably. And this is when if you keep going you chances of winning rises dramatically. read more

The Postcard Store

Postcards Store

Wild Woodland, the new range of postcards, has been launched and is so well received that we had had to get more printed already. Wild Woodland shows an adorable mix of funy and cute images of woodland creatures, including squirrels , a fox and an owl.

Of our 15 different ranges of postcards, Wild woodland is the fourth to cover animals which says something about what we love.

See below for our favourite photograph from the new range:

Across the Leagues

Across the Leagues

The new football season has started and Across the Leagues is off to a flyer, this week welcomed back the start of the Champions Leagues as well.

If you love betting on football, you won’t find a better set of football betting statistics anywhere. Across the Leagues covers the Premier League, Championship, English Leagues 1 and 2 and the Scottish Premiership.

World Cup 2018

World Cup 2018

World Cup 2018

Russia 2018 was a great tournament, full of entertaining matches – and it was also a profitable one for members of our dedicated World Cup 2018 daily betting service…

Our unique stats-based picks produced a 22% ROI for the tournament overall, including a 34% ROI from individual match bets. Rounding off the competition in style with a 7/1 Man of the Match winner in the final.

We’ll be back with a dedicated Euro 2020 service. And before that, you can get all our weekly league stats and advice with our Across the Leagues service… read more

Against the Crowd Launches

Against the Crowd

“What I like best is that you’re NOT a tipster”…

That’s right, NOT a tipster! That’s what members are saying about Nick Pullen’s Against The Crowd service. Nick deals purely in FACTS. With a level of detail and analysis that you will not find anywhere else. Covering the key Group 1 and Grade A races throughout the year – and all the major meetings.

Nick’s research gives you:

A unique Profile ahead of every race covered (at least 85 a year!) – spelling out the common characteristics of previous race winners, across a variety of form, age and breeding categories. So you know EXACTLY what you’re looking for come race day… read more

New Service

Money Truths

My name is Dave Gibson and I’ve spent the last 25 years building and operating successful information publishing businesses. But I’m no ordinary publisher.

I don’t publish works of fiction, newspapers or glossy magazines. I publish newsletters and reports based on ideas, information and insights you won’t see in the mainstream press or in publications you can buy at the news stand.

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