Why this Die-Hard Manchester City Fan CHEERED for a Man United Goal...

And how you could use his secret to bank £163, £350, and £400 in just one match this weekend

Dear Friend

It's December the 5th 2020.

Simon is watching TV coverage of Manchester United against West Ham.

He's a die-hard Manchester City fan.

So usually he HATES seeing Man U score.

But not this time.

Because Simon has been given a piece of betting knowledge about this game that most people don't have.

West Ham are winning at half time.

But if Manchester United make a comeback in the second half and win the match, Simon will end up with a 25/1 payout.

As the second half begins, he's hunched on the edge of the sofa, nervously gripping the armrest.

Then it happens...

At the 65 minute mark, Pogba scores for Man United.

Now it's 1-1.

Simon is now up on the back of the sofa, biting his nails, desperately hoping for another goal.

Three minutes later, Greenwood makes it 2-1 to Man United.


Simon is now in the unusual situation of cheering for his beloved team's arch enemies.

Then at 78 minutes in, there's ANOTHER goal for United.


At 3-1 up, this is surely the comeback Simon was expecting!

He's now on his feet on the sofa, doing a celebratory dance.

When the ref blows the final whistle, Simon's a winner - and his total betting gains for the week has gone over £800.

And it was all thanks to private information that he was given the day before by me - after I'd gone through all the statistics and probabilities with a fine-tooth comb.

I recommended he bet that Man United would be losing at half time, but the winners at full time... a result that could bag a potential 25/1 'big win'.

And so it did!

He wasn't the only one who won big from this piece of advice, either.

"Over £350 Profit in one Afternoon"

Over £350 profit

"Over £350 profit in one afternoon. Fantastic! Thanks again" - Eric

£400 profit

"£20 West Ham/ Man U turnaround! £400 profit - Thank you!" - Santanu

£250 win

"What a day on Saturday. £250 win on West Ham HT Man Utd FT. Absolutely superb" - Brian

huge thanks

"Just a huge thanks for a wonderful Saturday, the win treble and the HT/FT, happy days indeed." - Ian W

won over £100

"Just won over £100 on the h/t f/t West Ham-Man U game" - Charles

Can you imagine the sheer joy of this kind of win?

You’d be punching the air, leaping around the living room and messaging your mates the news!

Not to mention the joy of seeing £100, £250, £350 or £400 cash in your bank account.

Just think what you could do with that kind of extra money!

But this is what’s possible when you have the right information - and I'd like the opportunity to prove it to you...

Today, you can get risk-free access to my service Across the Leagues, in which I steer you towards big odds wins – the kind that 'traditional' football bets can't deliver.

You can try the info out for the next four weekends of football and see how much you win before you make any commitment.

But first, let me introduce myself...

15 years delivering returns by avoiding the obvious bets...

My name is Oliver Upstone. For the last 15 years I've been the man behind the World Cup, European Championship, domestic leagues and Champions League services published by Oxfordshire Press.

I've spent thousands of hours poring over stats, providing in-depth match previews and delivering consistent returns for my readers.

Each year, my knowledge and experience has grown, to the point where I now look at things differently to other bettors and tipsters.

Because there is so much more to football betting than who the bookies think will win, draw or lose a match.

And the worst thing you can do is go for home wins, short-price favourites, and the bets advertised in the bookies' windows.

Instead, I use my experience and statistical knowledge to spot potential winners that ordinary punters, the bookies, and many tipsters would simply overlook.

For example...

Big pay outs from 'surprise' comebacks

For example, in April this year I recommended another 25/1 bet on a 'surprise' comeback.

This time Man United were up against Tottenham Hotspur.

I suggested the same half-time/full-time bet... Something that most people would not have considered – but the stats showed me that there was a tasty big-odds opportunity on the cards.

As anticipated, Spurs were up 1-0 at half time...

Then came those all-important second half goals from United... three of them in fact!

It was another 3-1 win and another 25/1 pay out for members of Across the Leagues.

Now, I'll admit that those 25/1 winners don't come along EVERY time.

But at those odds they don't need to win very often in order to be profitable.

And if you bet smart...

If you bet selectively.

If you bet with intelligent advice on your side...

Then you can land enough of these big prices across the year to offset any losses... and steadily GROW your bank, month after month…. until you start to enjoy significant returns from betting.

The only GENUINE way to make money out of football

If you're a football fan and like a bet, then chances are, you've encountered dozens of 'tipsters' and 'systems'...

The internet, Facebook and Twitter are full of them.

They promise you the earth. Must win bets from their unnamed 'source.' They have sure-fire winners waiting for you.

But here's the truth.

There's no magic system.

No miracle formula.

No overnight riches.

No crystal ball.

No bookie loophole.

No 'barely legal' betting code.

No football 'cash machine.'

If phrases like that set your bulls**t detector off, then good. You and I are going to get along just fine...

Because the only way to make money from football is to ignore all that hype.

I am not promising you any of these things.

What I can offer is my knowledge, experience, intuition and insight, honed over 15 years in the industry. Not to mention an extensive stats database, covering hundreds of teams and thousands of matches.

As a result, I can steer you away from the obvious markets the bookies want punters to bet on…

And show you those obscure, creative angles that your mates are unlikely to know about.

These bets can give you those big odds wins that 'traditional' football bets can't deliver.

For instance, the Half Time/ Full Time market is just ONE area that I target with my betting angles. I also look at Scorers, Win & Both Teams to Score... Each Way bets on Top Goalscorers... stats markets such as Cards and Corners. And it could be on anything from the Premier League to the Austrian League.

I do all the research and odds calculations - then give you all the facts you need to know to make a smart, informed bet.

Because if you want to be a successful bettor you need to know WHY you are backing a certain result...

No blindly following tipsters - you'll grow in your football knowledge, effortlessly

Most tipsters just give you a name, and some odds. That's it. That's your lot. Win or lose. Happy or bust.

Here's a real life example:

For some people that might be enough... but really all you are doing is blindly following a tipster.

Wouldn't you want to know why Perugia should be backed, at this particular price, and in this particular match?

Wouldn't you like some kind of explanation as to why you should be risking your hard-earned money?

Maybe the other team have got injury problems... maybe their star striker is suspended... perhaps they've just replaced their manager?

Even if you get the win, you'll end up with a small return but no understanding of why you won. Nothing to increase your understanding of betting on that team, and that league.

This is what Across the Leagues gives you...

Smart information that alerts you to 14/1 and 33/1 opportunities...

I'm not a tipster. I'm an analyst. And I present all my findings, informed opinions, research and conclusions to my readers in plain English.

This is why Across the Leagues is so much MORE than a tipping service will ever be.

You receive in-depth articles & analysis, by email, every week, not only flagging up opportunities... but giving you insights into the stats and probabilities. All written in a sharp, entertaining way.

As a result, you'll have the depth of knowledge usually only enjoyed by professional bettors, odds compilers and bookies...

And you'll be able to access the kind of betting opportunities that pass most people by. Like these profitable long-term betting angles from last season...

New signing comes up with the goods...

Blackpool sold star striker Armand Gnanduillet, with new signing Jerry Yates arriving after a successful season in League Two for Swindon. Yates made the move to League One look easy, scoring 20 goals to finish joint-3rd. Odds of 33/1 Each Way gave an 8/1 place payout.

Jerry Yates – League One Top Goalscorer – PLACED @ 33/1 Each Way

33/1 too big for this proven Football League scorer...

Eoin Doyle had been League Two top scorer at Swindon the season before, but injury at the start of 2020/21 meant his price drifted from 6/1 to 33/1. The new Bolton signing got back on the pitch, and proved great value – scoring 19 goals, and finishing 2nd for a 1/4 odds place payout.

Eoin Doyle – League Two Top Goalscorer – PLACED @ 33/1 Each Way

Tangerine dream at 14/1...

In February 2021, Blackpool were 13th in League One – but had games in hand, and had won four of the last five. The Tangerines went in the book as a 14/1 mid-season pick for Promotion, and did us proud, going up via the Playoffs.

Blackpool – League One Promotion - WON @ 14/1

My analysis roams all over the footballing map, wherever there's a standout price to had, an appealing underdog to follow, or a little-known player making waves...

A huge 28/1 win by avoiding the 'obvious' First Goalscorer

For example, on April 28th, 2021 in the Champions League semi final between PSG and Manchester City...

The bookies had the big boys down as the clear favourites to score, at single-figure prices - Kylian Mbappe, Neymar, and Kevins De Bruyne. But my research marked out PSG centre-back Marquinhos as an outside chance to get on the scoresheet - at 28/1...

Here's a snippet from the match preview that I sent to Across the Leagues members that day:

Across the Leagues Member Email - PSG v Man City April 2021

And that's how members make money from my advice. Here are some of the ones who have written to me...

Great value...

"[RE: Marquinhos 28/1 First Goalscorer]. Great work yesterday. I love how you often try & find some value rather than opting for short priced favourites. I even managed to get slightly better prices on the exchanges :)" - Frank W

25/1 and 11/1 winners...

"Great shout Marquinhos. Managed to get the 25-1 & 11-1 that you touted" - Mike F

£2500 in one day...

"Thanks for the great tipping yesterday. I wasn't able to match the trixie exactly as my bookmaker wasn't offering winning margin bets, but I still made about £2.5k from the trixie as well as singles taken on betfair." - Brian F

£800 profit...

"Great stuff Oliver. Got the double up ...I cleared 800 profit. Cheers" - Lee P

Net winnings of £682...

"Followed your recommendations for Win and Both Teams to Score on Saturday, but placed Trixies rather than Trebles, and came away with some very nice net winnings of £682" - Phil S

£150 in a weekend...

"Won £150 over the weekend. Better than the horses. Thanks again" - Anthony

A £445 return...

"Ended up with a decent £445 return for my £20 Trixie" - Ian S

£120 from one bet

"I backed all the Rochdale-Wigan scores mentioned including the 3-3 which came in at 60/1. So with £120 from one bet, I couldn-t lose at the weekend" - John B

£336 profit

"Nice return on the trixie. £333.66 profit" - Ian L

Now, I'm not going to claim that you can win every time... or that every weekend will make £100, £200, £1000 or more...

In fact, here's something you need to know...

You will have more losers than winners...

Taking my approach, hunting for off-the-beaten track bets, you'll have more losers than winners.

Yes, that's right, more losing bets than winning ones. You don't hear that very often, do you?


The wins will be at prices that make the waits worthwhile. And more than enough to get in front over the course of a season, a year, and beyond...

For instance, you'll get season-long Top Scorer bets at 16/1, 20/1, 28/1, 50/1 and 66/1...

You'll be able to move in on a 4/1, 8/1, 33/1, even 100/1 price opportunity in any number of potential match markets across the world...

You'll get recommendations for the league pre-season Outright Winner... Promotion... or Relegation picks down... or FA Cup, Champions League or Europa League bets... scooping up the early-bird value.

You only need the occasional success to be in front. We won't win every time. We can't win every time. But we aim to win in the long term.

So look, I'm not going to make any wild claims. I can't promise you a winning weekend the first time you join. We might land a 6/1 winner this week. Or a 10/1 shot next weekend. Or a 25/1 pick next month.

But if you stick with me over your three-month risk-free trial, you can see how you'll be up by at the end of it...

And what I CAN guarantee you is this...

Across the Leagues will gives you creative betting angles to deliver you the kind of big odds winners that 'traditional' football bets simply can't deliver.

You won't find any odds-on bets on home wins here. I'll always be looking at something different.

For example, how about this imaginative treble from Saturday 27th March 2021, generating a massive pay-out for my followers...

Football League 'win booster' at 65/1...

In the bookies' standard Match Result market, a treble on three fancied teams to win - Sunderland, Cambridge, and Exeter - paid 10/1.


I used the stats & form, combined with my knowledge of the markets. Pinpointing a treble on those same teams, but in three alternative markets - and at much greater odds...

It ended being one of the best days of the season for us:

  • Sunderland – Win to Nil
  • Cambridge – Win & Both Teams to Score
  • Exeter – Win by Exactly 1 Goal

The 'alternative' treble paid out at a massive 65/1 with Bet365. Compare that to 10/1 for the 'standard' match-win treble - and you can see what my Across the Leagues approach is all about!

Members were happy that night...

A £2246 win...

"My £20 Trixie returned £2246 !!!!!!!!!!! The cheer that went up when Cambridge scored the winner could have been heard in Carlisle." - Chris B

£1075 from one goal...

"Bullseye!......I had a £10 Trixie on the results and cashed out for £1075 as soon as that Cambridge goal went in!" - Peter M


"You did it, you did it. I placed the football treble, because every selection was different, I didn't think it would come in. So you can imagine the stunned look on my face as I watched the results come in. Cambridge left it late, I thought at least were get paid out on the double, then Cambridge scored for a full house. Had £2.50 a line total £10 on it make a profit of £283.75 … well done and thank you very much for a most profitable weekend." - John B

Finally banking profits from football

"Thanks again, I finally seem to be banking some profits from football, after many years, and it is down to your tips!" - Chris B

If you like the sound of receiving informative, intelligent football betting analysis and advice, then Across the Leagues service is for you...

I'll send you my analysis by email throughout the week, helping find you off-the-beaten track "big win" opportunities.

But there's even more to it that just me delivering the information you need.

'Pick Your Own Winners' using this amazing website

Across the Leagues membership also gives you access to a unique website, purpose-built to help you pick your own winners on the weekly football...

Continuing my mission to arm you with the most powerful betting weapon there is: knowledge.

The website is powered by a data feed taking in 17 leagues.

The site turns the data into bet-specific statistics. Giving you a betting edge, by presenting every league, team and player in an at-a-glance format. Allowing you to see who provides the most payouts, in which markets, most often...

Watch this video to see the site in action:

17 leagues, 324 teams…

Updated after every game, the Across the Leagues website delivers bet-specific stats for:

  • 17 leagues
  • 324 teams
  • 150+ games per week
  • Covering Match Results, Goals, Corners, Cards, Scorers & Referees

Premier League


League One

League Two

Scottish Premiership

Bundesliga (Germany)

Bundesliga II (Germany)

Serie A (Italy)

Serie B (Italy)

La Liga (Spain)

Segunda Division (Spain)

Ligue 1 (France)

Eredivisie (Netherlands)

Primeira Liga (Portugal)

Russian Premier League

Austrian Bundesliga

Super Lig (Turkey)

With easy-to-use tables highlighting the top performing teams and players:

For some members, access to this dedicated website is worth the entry fee on its own...

The joy of winning just got even better...

As well as the fantastic feeling of landing 25/1 winners from my analysis, like that Half Time/ Full Time bet on Man Utd.

You also can't beat the buzz of picking out your own winners. Using the bet-specific stats on our website, and building on the members-only info that I send out every week...

Just like Across the Leagues member Mike F did. Taking the stats, and my notes on Stefan Savic being a card contender for the Chelsea v Atletico Madrid game in the Champions League, 17th March 2021.

Here's what I said in that day's Across the Leagues members-only email...

Across the Leagues Member Email - Chelsea v Atletico Madrid March 2021

Mike went one step further, and bagged himself a huge 50/1 winner by backing Savic to be Sent Off...

Chelsea v Atletico Madrid - March 2021

50/1 for a red card

"Great shout Oliver..... I may have missed the 13/5 @ Hills and had to opt for the measly 2-1 @ Skybet but 50-1 for a red card leaves me real happy" - Mike F

Do you like the idea of discovering bets like these, with 25/1 and 50/1 payouts up for grabs? Then come onboard Across the Leagues today...

Get 3 months to test my service, RISK-FREE

I’ll happily grant you access to all my emails, analysis, advice, AND the website. For the next THREE MONTHS on a trial basis, with a full moneyback promise.

This way you can see Across the Leagues in action for yourself without any commitment.

As a result, you'll be able to:

Receive my creative betting angles in matches from all over the globe… everything from Match Result value on underdogs and outsiders... Half Time/ Full Time picks at 25/1… standout First Goalscorer selections at 28/1... creative combos at 65/1... and any number of big-odds opportunities that arise…

Gain early-bird access to value bets in the season-long markets. Such as 33/1 Each Way picks for Top Goalscorer, or a 14/1 shot for Promotion…

Access the bespoke website packed with bet-specific information for the Premier League, Championship, League One, League Two and the Scottish Premiership, Bundesliga, La Liga and Serie A, and 17 leagues in total…

With specific betting stats across dozens of markets... dedicated Team Stats pages for every team... Head-to-Head tool for matching up any two teams... Referees data... and League Stats Tables highlighting the top-rated bets in each division across Match Results, Goals, Corners, Cards & Bookings and Scorers markets...

Get all the key information sent direct to you by email, with all the hard work done for you…

Read weekly emails containing all my latest thoughts, opinions, research, analysis and findings. Doing all the groundwork for you, including identifying the standout stats, bets, and odds…

Log-in to the password-protected website, with all my analysis, recommendations, and all our Team, League and Player stats...


This is the ONLY service you will ever need to get ALL of my football advice…

I also cover the Champions League throughout the tournament with bespoke stats online, and dedicated advice by email on match-days.

And as an Across the Leagues member, you'll also receive my special, daily email coverage for major international tournaments, with the World Cup 2022 coming up.

You simply will not find this level of football betting information anywhere else.

With Across the Leagues, you'll be in a position to make money from your betting, and greatly increase both your knowledge and enjoyment of the game. Unlike the 98% of football bettors who lose money... either because they swallow the bookies' bait, or they bet with their hearts, not their heads.

But come and see for yourself….

My trial offer means that if at any time during the next three months you're not satisfied with the service, you can simply let us know and we’ll issue you with a full refund.

That's every last penny of your membership fee. No 'ifs', no 'buts', no asking you to prove or justify anything.

Just your money back and a thank you for giving it a go.

This trial offer gives you time to get a feel for the service, sample my analysis & advice on a full range of markets and matches, and see the results.

Read my informative football betting analysis.

Follow my recommendations, if you choose to. Or use the stats on the site to pick your own…

See how the big value, big-odds wins more than compensate for the losses.

And enjoy that thrill of landing your first 6/1, 14/1, 25/1 winner from a previously ‘obscure’-sounding market you’d not normally bet on. Half Time/ Full Time, Winning Margin, First or Last Goalscorer… there is so much MORE to betting on football than who will win the game.

Then you can decide whether it’s for you or not.

I go all over the football world with my weekly emails, articles and analysis. And our stats website covers 17 leagues, 324 teams, and more 150+ games per week.

With all that’s included, I believe this is a truly value for money package.

And to sweeten the deal, I have an offer for you.

Claim a 50% Discount today

Normally, Across the Leagues is £20 a month, for a total annual membership of £240.

But if you secure your 3-month risk-free trial today, you can get an entire year of membership for just £117.

That's a massive 50% DISCOUNT.

And that price will never go up.

You really can't say fairer than that.

Publisher Guarantee – by Dave Gibson, Oxfordshire Press

Oliver has worked with us for 15 years, with tremendous success.

He has a deep passion for football combined with a ruthlessly calculated approach to analysis, that never lets emotions get in the way.

In those 15 years his database of stats has grown more powerful, helping his analysis get smarter by the year.

It was Oliver who came to us with the idea to create a service that would make full use of both football statistics and the knowledge that 15 years working full-time in the betting business brings.

I’m proud to be able to publish Across the Leagues and I believe it to be the very best football betting service around.

There is nothing else quite like it.

I’m sure you’re going to love it, but to make sure, I’ll personally guarantee that if you are unhappy with the service for any reason, I’ll refund your subscription fee at any time within your first three months.

I don’t think I can give you a fairer opportunity to sample and test Oliver's honest and comprehensive service at no risk to yourself.

Dave Gibson

Book your place now to see how powerful a tool this could be for your betting. You’ll be fully covered by our money-back guarantee for three months.

You've seen how focusing on obscure betting angles rather than 'traditional bets' can get you big odds like 14/1, 25/1, and 33/1.

You've seen how my statistical analysis can produce winning bets in unusual markets that other punters and tipsters simply don’t spot.

You've seen how you can access Across the Leagues risk-free for three months, to test the analysis and recommendations.

And you've seen how if you choose the annual membership option, you can get a 50% discount.

So, I hope you take up this opportunity today to try a very different approach to football betting.

One that could significantly boost your bank balance over the course of the season.


Oliver Upstone

Across the Leagues

© Oxfordshire Press