Advent Competitions

Advent Competitions


It’s the busiest (and most fun) time of the year for a comper, Advent Competitions, starting on December the 1st, for anyone who hasn’t come across them before, Advent Competitions work like Advent Calendars, with a different competition everyday, loads of companies do them and with so many competitions to enter your chances o winning are great.

Especially if you keep doing them, the first few days everyone enters, but them they forget, get board and the numbers of entries drop off considerably. And this is when if you keep going you chances of winning rises dramatically.

Simply Prizes offers the only software we know of that is specifically designed to help you keep track on all the different Advent Competitions out there (last year there were over 400, so keeping track without help takes some doing). Simply Prizes software lets you decide which competitions you want to enter and record when you have entered, making the whole business a lot more run.

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