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Urgent message from Lizzie Riley, Editor Coffee Break Winner

"I'm writing 99 0 of our readers a 'cheque' for £734.80... here's how YOU can receive one..."

Plus, if you're one of the lucky people to receive a 'cheque' today, you'll also gain access to 156,000 chances to grab winning prizes like...

• £104,988 in cash...
• A brand-new Mini Cooper...
• £50,000, an Audi and holiday to Barbados...
• A Rolex Submariner watch worth £6,000...


My name is Lizzie Riley, Editor of Coffee Break Winner and I've been helping people win prizes for over 22 years...

But today I have an unprecedented offer for you - one I likely won’t be able to repeat for years...

You see, I'm ready to write 99 0 of our readers a 'cheque' for £734.80 to try out our two flagship comping services RISK-FREE for 90 days.

Yes, I'm willing to put value in YOUR pocket to try out our proven services.

Take me up on this offer and you'll get your best ever opportunity to tap into the yearly £297-million-worth of UK giveaways...

That includes over 156,000 chances to win (all delivered to you in an automated fashion on our Private members' websites), which really swings the odds in your favour of bagging a prize.

And your first prize could be a beach holiday, a massive cash prize, or a state-of-the-art TV...

Now, what's important is that you understand that I can only make this exclusive offer for 99 0 of our readers - and when those spaces are gone, they're gone - so I hope you can respond to this offer in time.

Seriously, this opportunity could be snapped up within a few days!

Sorry for sounding so excited, but I can't wait for you to try this out. If you love winning prizes, this could be a real-life changer.

OK, so let me take a step back and explain what this is all about...

Deep breath, Lizzie!!

Simply Prizes and Coffee Break Winner are the UK's two leading comping services that have been going for many years, helping people like this win wonderful prizes...

"Just received cheque for £50,000. Still cannot believe that I have won so much! It's mind-boggling. I suppose I will just have to get on and start spending it!"

- Tony, Wigan (Coffee Break Winner)

"Won a great prize and last week my husband and I spent a fantastic time in Toronto, Canada. We had free flights, accommodation and VIP tickets to Bestival - a music festival held in Woodbine Park, Toronto."

- Marian Pugh (Simply Prizes)

"I am delighted to say I have won a James Villa holiday for four people worth £2,500!"

- Ann, Atherstone (Coffee Break Winner)

"I won a trip to California, with flights to LA... a limousine transfer to my accommodation in Hollywood. I felt so special I had to pinch myself to prove it wasn't a dream. The whole experience has given me a thirst for life."

- Angela, Lincolnshire (Simply Prizes)

Those are some impressive wins, right?

So, you're probably wondering why I would write YOU a 'cheque' in order to try out such profitable services?

Well, while our readers are already winning big, something is changing in the comping universe...

And I want to make sure you don't miss out...

Comping is set to go crazy in 2022

Right now, British businesses can't hand out enough cash and prizes to ordinary people...

Just look at some of the headlines to hit the mainstream news recently...

Complete Comper Headline OneComplete Comper Headline Two


Better yet, experts believe SEVEN out of every ten big businesses worldwide could use competitions to attract new customers.

And with them all competing for our business in the current hard times comping is booming.

And it's a win-win for everyone involved...

  • Companies love handing out prizes because giving away a £3,000 holiday to Gran Canaria is cheaper than taking out an ad in a newspaper, plus they get great publicity, which attracts new customers...
  • And YOU get to bag free money or goodies from every competition you win.

Simply put, 2022 is the year to make a packet from comping.

But here's the thing...

Despite the few times the mainstream press picks up on this huge opportunity, most ordinary people are still unaware you can pocket thousands of pounds worth of goodies for free every week.

Or, if they have heard of comping, they've written it off as too good to be true, or a sport for weirdos.

Even worse, are those people who recognise comping for the huge cash cow that it is and want to get involved, but they can't because they're too overwhelmed by the sheer number of opportunities out there and don't have the time or know-how to sort the wheat from the chaff.

Well, I put my brain together with Sammy, the editor of our flagship comping service, Simply Prizes, and came up with a solution...

The birth of the ULTIMATE prize-winning opportunity

So, on a gloomy, rainy Easter Bank Holiday, Sammy and I got together in a quiet room at Oxfordshire Press HQ, armed with hot drinks and snacks.

After six hours crunching numbers, drinking coffee, and planning... we came up with a plan to deliver the ULTIMATE prize-winning opportunity to our readers...

We decided to package our two most profitable comping services, Simply Prizes and Coffee Break Winner into one ULTIMATE prize-winning package - we call it Complete Comper.

And we gave access to Complete Comper to just 100 readers - spaces that were snapped up almost instantly.

Now, doors have been shut since March 2019, but today I've received permission to open up membership to just 99 0 more people.

AND to make this £734.80 'cheque' offer to those who contact me today.

This ultimate package gives you over 156,000 chances to scoop top prizes like massive cash hauls, exotic holidays, brand new cars and the latest tech.

And don't worry if that sounds like too many competitions... we've streamlined the process of receiving new opportunities into an easy-to-navigate, categorised list on the private members' area on our websites.

This means (as soon as you secure access) you can find the most valuable current comping opportunities at a glance. Seriously, you could have a thousand-pound opportunity, or the chance at a new luxury fridge freezer, sorted in a matter of seconds.

In a moment, I'll show you how you can be one of the 99 0 people to gain access today (and explain why such a specific number of spaces are available).

First, let's take a closer look at the kind of goodies the two services in this ultimate prize-winning package have already bagged many of our readers - and could soon bring you...

I want to introduce you to Stella...

She's one of our members and she wrote in to share what she won thanks to our service:

"I had another phone call to say I had won a night in a Mayfair Hotel along with 12 cans of Sure deodorant and a £1000 voucher to spend in Selfridges, from New magazine."

Impressive haul, right?

But Stella isn't the only one to make out with thousands of pounds worth of goodies thanks to our services...

We've been publishing competition listings and tips for over twenty years now and we have a thick file of winners' letters, too many to include all of them here.

But here are just a handful of the winners who have been in touch with us...

"I have just won two flights to Australia plus £2000 gift card for accommodation etc. This was a competition in The Telegraph which I entered via Simply Prizes."

- Gay Wiseman

"I got an email on Thursday to say I had won an 8-day river cruise to Budapest! I am so excited, still unable to believe it. I only joined in February."

- Angela

"I have won a 6* all-inclusive holiday for two to Sandals Grand Resort Antigua including flights, transfers, and water sports. SO excited to have won such an amazing prize."

- Abigail

Just imagine how much Abigail would have to pay for this once-in-a-lifetime Caribbean holiday if she hadn't been lucky enough to win it. The cost would be pushing £10,000 at the very least.

But she didn't pay £10,000... she didn't even pay £2,000... she got it absolutely FREE!

You see, you don't have to be rich and famous to lead a life of luxury to enjoy beautiful holidays, free cash to spend and a steady supply of posh treats.

In fact, even most people with a healthy income would struggle to afford all these extras but our members have grown to not only eagerly await them but to expect them.

I'm talking about prizes and goodies like these real examples we've tipped to our members...

- £250,000 in cash...

- A five-star holiday for two at South Palm Resort, Maldives

- £90,000 and a Mercedes EQA electric car

- An electric bike worth £3,599

"Won VIP Royal Academy tickets, including dining at an exclusive restaurant and a £500 shopping voucher!"

Now, that's all well and good for Linda, but you don't just need to read about other people's prizes... because you can enjoy these types of free luxury goodies for yourself, starting today.

You see, I've prepared an incredible, 'no-brainer' deal for you... one I'm absolutely sure you won't be able to pass up on...

How to claim one of the 99 0 'cheques' we’re issuing to readers

As I promised at the start of this letter, today I've been given permission to give away an amazing package of comping products worth £931.80 at a 75%+ discount, distributed between 99 0 of our readers.

That's like writing a £734.80 cheque to everybody who secures their spot on this opportunity.

And if you're one of them, here's what you'll get...

BENEFIT ONE: Get Simply Prizes for FIVE years GUARANTEED.

That's over 400 brand-new competitions EACH AND EVERY WEEK which amounts to an incredible 104,000 brand new comps over those 5 years… all delivered to you on our automated membership area, so you don't need to worry about shifting through hundreds of emails.

These are high-value prizes, too, like -

- A family holiday to Florida

- A new £15,000 kitchen

- An all-inclusive Caribbean holiday

- An iphone X in gold

- Two tickets to the Champions League Final in Madrid

- A Bowflex Max Trainer M7 workout machine worth £2,500

- A family indoor skydiving experience

- An Indesit bundle worth over £1,000

As I say, thanks to our researchers’ work, these competitions are super-quick and easy for you to enter, so there really is a minimal time commitment here. We share with you, step by step, all the info you need to enter.

This means no rooting around for entry methods, closing dates and answers. We give it all to you on a plate which puts you in the same league as the professional compers but with a lot more free time!

BENEFIT TWO: Get Coffee Break Winner for the next FIVE years GUARANTEED.

You'll get a fresh set of over 200 brand-new competitions every week.

Now, most compers miss out on these competitions or steer well clear of them...

You see, these comps close doors pretty quickly and, added to that, over 75 of these weekly competitions require you to work out the answer to a puzzle, which puts even more people off entering.

Sounds like a lot of hard work, right?

But here's the thing... we find the competitions, give you all the quick ways of entering AND work out all the answers for you, so you can get loads of entries done just in your coffee break.

The prizes are high-value and plentiful. Here are some more examples of luxury goods we showed our members how they can get their hands on:

- £150,000 and a Mercedes GLC

- £104,988 in cash

- £70,000 and a trip to Australia

- £50,000, an Audi and holiday to Barbados

- £30,000 and hospitality tickets to Cheltenham Gold Cup

- A TV, blu-ray player, a soundbar and film bundle

- A Google Pixel phone, a speaker and headphones

Over the next five years you’ll have exclusive access to nearly 52,000 of these harder comps that most people don’t have the time to solve let alone enter. That puts you way ahead of most people in the UK... even the professional compers!

BENEFIT THREE: Get 100 premium postcards and 100 luxury envelopes.

I also look after our 'Postcard Store' which for the past 15 years has been supplying discount premium stationery for our compers to help their entries stand out.

When you join the Complete Comper, I’ll send you 100 of our best premium postcards, with 100 luxury envelopes in a rainbow of different colours.

You won't have to pay a penny for these gifts, which are worth £37.20. And that's at the Postcard Store's usual discounted price. If you were to buy these on the high street they would cost you almost £100.

But you get them FREE today.

And our exclusive offer gets better and better...

How to secure one of the 99 0 £734.80 'cheques' I'm writing...

We've decided to combine Coffee Break Winner and Simply Prizes into a special package for you where you only pay for ONE year and then get FOUR YEARS' worth of both services FREE of charge.

Let me say that again...

You pay for ONE year and get FOUR years for free.

We can’t quite believe this offer ourselves but it's absolutely happening thanks to Dave giving us the nod - but strictly for 99 of our readers.

By securing one of the 99Complete Comper spots available today you will make a massive saving.

Let me break it down for you...

Normally, five years' worth of Simply Prizes and Coffee Break Winner alone would cost £894.60.

And when you add the valuable postcards and envelopes this climbs to £931.80.

But we're not asking you to pay £931.80 today...

Nowhere near that.

You see, all we're asking for access to this ultimate package...

Which helped bag member Tony £50,000...

Is just £197... and that's for all five years' worth of both services, AND including the beautiful stationery gifts.

Altogether, that's a huge discount, I’m practically handing you a 'cheque' for £734.80.

Better yet, there are no admin charges or other hidden costs. This offer is completely up front and transparent. There is just one payment, that's all.

Then you just sit back and let our team of researchers uncover hundreds, even thousands of brilliant prizes for you.

Of course, you might be wondering why we'd give away 4 years’ worth of our comping services for free…

I must admit, there is a catch...

Whenever I see a really good deal offered by a company, the cynic in me asks myself what they're getting out of it.

Perhaps they are trying to shift stock that just won't sell, or perhaps they are tying you into some sort of contract you're not aware of!

But for us, the best way to get more customers is by helping you win prizes. This way we can show people what you've won.

So, by giving you this enormous discount offer today, we want you to join us and WIN MORE PRIZES so that we can shout about what we do to everyone else!

It'd even be great if you'd like to send us a message about your winnings, like the ones you've seen from members today.

The only "catch" is that we can only offer 99 0 places on this amazing deal...


Well, Dave was a bit taken aback when we first put this idea to him. He said that while it was a lovely way to reward our best customers, we couldn't afford to offer this deal to everyone.

That's why we had the original 100-person cap.

And it's why this was only available to a maximum of 99 0 people on a first-come, first-served basis today.

But, hurry you need to act now

I mean, you can do the maths yourself...

When my publisher is footing the bill of £734.80 per person...

99 free spots adds up to a giveaway of £72,745.20...

If we opened that up to a thousand people… that’d be £734,800...

And if we opened this deal up to ALL our readers... we'd be out of business in 24 hours!

So I urge you to grab your place now because we expect these places to be snapped up quickly and we are under strict orders not to have more than 99 0 new members.

Don't worry about rushing into a decision either, because you'll have plenty of time to make up your mind whether this is for you or not WITHOUT having to lock-in a single penny...


Our 100% no-quibble money back GUARANTEE

Yep, there's no need to commit a single penny today...

If in your first three months of membership to Complete Comper you find that all the comping opportunities we offer aren't for you then we'll give you a full refund.

We'll respect your decision and that will be that! Even if you've won some great prizes during this time we'll simply congratulate you and cancel your subscription with no fuss.

The £37.20 worth of free stationery we have sent you will be yours to keep no matter what.

So you've nothing to lose by giving Complete Comper a go.

We're happy to make this guarantee because we think you'll want to stick around. With all the 156,000 opportunities to claim free cash and luxury items we’ll be pumping your way, there's no doubt you'll be winning regularly. In fact, I’d be amazed if you didn’t win back at least double the joining fee in your first year alone.



Just like Steven from Bridlington...

"I've just received a phone call from ITV letting me know that I have just won £7,676 after entering a competition on CBW So thank you very much..."

Or Angela Cringle…

“My favourite wins this year are a Fridge freezer from facebook and £1000 to spend on AEG goods from the co-op, I got a new washing machine, oven and hob. I have also won a Luxury 5 star weekend in Edinburgh with travel and concert tickets, a year’s supply of Hollands pies, a Rodia makeup set and £300 Hoeseason holiday voucher...”

Or Ellie from Didcot...

"Just wanted to let you know, within 3 weeks of joining Coffee Break Wiinner, I had won a gadget bundle worth £2000, inc LED TV, Microsoft tablet, Samsung galaxy phone, and a PS3 Slim!! I have never won anything before!!"

You're just one step away from joining these guys and winning huge prizes...

And that brings us to the most important part of this letter...

You've got TWO choices...

Look, it's decision time.

I've laid out everything you'll get if you manage to secure one of the 99 Complete Comper membership spots available today.

  • All you have to do is say YES and all this can be yours... 100 premium glossy postcards of your choice worth £22.45
  • 100 stunning rainbow envelopes worth £14.75
  • Five years' worth of Simply Prizes and Coffee Break Winner worth £894.60

That's a total of £931.80 worth of premium quality goods and services, yours for just £197.00 provided you are one of the first 99 0 people to take up this offer.

Combined, this will give you access to over 156,000 new competitions over the next five years, plus postcards and envelopes that will boost your chances.

All we are asking for is a small percentage of this amount to help cover some of our editorial, research and design costs.

Of course you can take the second choice and walk away from this offer, but why would you want to do that when you get a THREE MONTH money back guarantee too?

That's 90 days to take Complete Comper for a spin and see if it works for you, WITHOUT committing a single penny.

We think it's a win-win offer and we urge you to take up your place now because we really can't afford to have more than 99 0 new members on board with this deal... and I'd hate for you to miss out.

So, go ahead...

(You'll be able to review your order on the next page)

Speak to you soon,

Lizzie Riley


Lizzie Riley
Complete Comper

PS: We anticipate a big demand for this 'no brainer' deal and, as I say, we can only offer it to the first 99 3 who apply.

Once we have our new members on board (and profiting) we'll be forced to close the offer with no exceptions.

So, please, if you want to join our small group of insiders and start collecting thousands of pounds worth of free cash and goodies act RIGHT NOW...

(You'll be able to review your order on the next page)



Copyright © Oxfordshire Press Ltd

Coffee Break Winner


Discover how you could win £20,000… £50,000… or £127,000

A trip to the Seychelles…

And unlimited vouchers to spend in Tesco!

In the time it takes to drink a coffee!


Dear Friend

What do you normally do when you have a tea or coffee break?

Most people have a natter, or scroll through their phones, or have a nice sit down.

But what if you could do something quick and simple during those 5 minutes…

That could potentially win you regular cash payouts of £500, £1,000, and £2,000…

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Even Which magazine investigated comping to see if all the stories were true and gave it their seal of approval, in fact, after reading the article, I think Ian, their reporter, could have done well to join Coffee Break Winnerdiscover why here

As Ian found out, you don’t always win straight away, it usually takes a bit of time, which is where Coffee Break Winner comes in. But sometimes you do get lucky, like Alison Nicholson found, when she won a holiday to the Maldives with the first competition she ever entered – check it out here

And she’s not the only lucky one, Vicky Philpott concentrates on travel competitions with some spectacular success- see her journey here

These are all recent but comping has been around for years and years, and people have been winning for as long as competitions have running, just like Kiran Parry, Victoria Measures, Holly Gregerson and Sarah Taylor, a quick look on the web reveals just how many, normal people, just like you, win, week in week out.

Don’t let anyone try and tell you no one wins competitions. .....

But does anything special make a winner?


They just enter enough competitions regularly enough to massively stack up their odds of winning.

You see, people like Anabel and Di are full-time ‘compers’.

They dedicate their free time to endlessly entering their name and address onto prize draw forms or spending hours completing creative competition entries.

Although the rewards are great, it can be hard to find that much spare time, especially if you lead a busy life...

But you could do BETTER than them, without putting in even a tenth of the effort

I’d like to show you a far easier, quicker way to maximise your exposure to the daily prizes and give-ways.

Not like the people I’ve just mentioned above, who have to find the competitions themselves.

Instead, you could take a few simple steps during your tea break.

- You DON’T have to scour newspapers, magazines and websites.

- You DON’T have to labour over puzzles and creative challenges.

- You DON’T have to enter any social media competitions (so no having to tag people, share hashtags or join loads of networks, which can be annoying!)

Instead, this is a discrete, private way to put yourself in line for the thousands of pounds worth of cash, vouchers, cars and electrical items given away EVERY DAY.

Just imagine never having to pay for a holiday again, yet still being able to jet off to the sunshine at least once a year.

Imagine having access to an unlimited supply of shopping vouchers to spend anywhere from John Lewis to Tesco…

Imagine having cheques dropping through your door worth thousands of pounds…

Or driving to work in a brand-new car you picked up straight from the garage, without having to think about the finance repayments.

And all it takes is a quick five minutes of effort per day - it's so easy you can even do it in your coffee break!

In fact, you'll soon be laughing to yourself every break-time…

Because while your colleagues are chatting about last night's episode of Corrie or the latest celebrity gossip, you’re quietly picking up amazing freebies that they won't even know about.

Our service, Coffee Break Winner does all the hard work for you, so all have to do is enter the competitions with the prizes you most want to win.

From a 10-Night Disney Holiday to £20,000 in Cash

Here are just some of the daily giveaways we have helped our members to access.....

MONDAY - A luxury Bordeaux River cruise, holidays to Sorrento, Los Angeles and Benidorm, a 10-night family Disney holiday, a luxury Italian food hamper and £900 of high street vouchers.

TUESDAY - £1,001, £1,000, £500, £500 etc. (in fact there's over £20,000 worth of cash EVERY Tuesday!)

WEDNESDAY - £200,000, TWO cars, a trip to London to see a West End show, a trip to the Maldives.

THURSDAY - £500 to spend at Topshop, £2,000 to spend at Thomas Sabo, £1,000 to spend at Very.

FRIDAY - Another 50 puzzle comps solved for you with thousands more in cash prizes.

If you want to be in line for prizes like this, then you can join Coffee Break Winner for a 3-month risk-free trial.

Try it out, see what you win, and if you aren’t happy with your prize haul in that time, you can get a full refund! No quibbles or questions, just a thank you for giving us a go.

You should easily see some great results in that time!

“Within 3 weeks of joining Coffee Break Winner, I had won a gadget bundle worth £2000”

And here are some of our very happy Coffee Break Winners

"Just received cheque for £50,000. Still cannot believe that I have won so much! It's mind-boggling. I suppose I will just have to get on and start spending it!" Tony, Wigan

"I am delighted to say I have won a James Villa holiday for four people worth £2,500! I depart with my party to Kefalonia on 2nd Sept, What a fantastic prize which includes car hire" Ann, Atherstone

"I've only been on the site just over a week and I won a Samsung Tablet.I've never won anything before. Really chuffed." Tracy, Coventry

"Just wanted to let you know, within 3 weeks of joining Coffee Break Wiinner, I had won a gadget bundle worth £2000, inc LED TV, Microsoft tablet, Samsung galaxy phone, and a PS3 Slim!! I have never won anything before!! Cant wait to receive my prize! Thanks!" Ellie, Didcot


Get Cash and Prize Competition Opportunities Every Weekday

Here’s how it works...

Monday - The Weekend Winner

We present all the competitions from the weekend’s papers including the Sun, the Mirror, the Express, the Star, the Mail and the Times.

We spend £23.10 a week and £1,201.20 a year on these weekend papers so that you don’t have to!

Tuesday - Puzzles for Prizes

Did you know that one of the biggest sources of cash giveaways in the UK are through puzzle magazines? They are some of the easiest prizes to win too as people often get put off by having to complete the time-consuming and sometimes tricky crosswords, Sudoku, word searches and codewords. But with Coffee Break Winner we do all of the work for you!

We find all the best puzzle competitions in Bella, What’s on TV, TV Choice, Saturday Sun, Saturday Mirror, Sunday Mirror, Mail on Sunday, Inside Soap. Best, Waitrose magazine, and TV Times.

That’s 18 different puzzle comps from magazines and papers that would normally cost you £15.94 a week or £828.88 a year.

Wednesday - Weekday Windfall

Wednesday is the day we'll bring you the very best prize competitions we have found from scouring the internet, TV channels, weekday newspapers and radio stations. We'll bring you at least 15 TOP prize competitions to enter, with prizes ranging from exotic foreign holidays to £300,000 in cash.

It's the day of the week where you can really change your life!

Thursday - Magazine Mayhem

We buy all of the weekly magazines and go through them for you, saving you the time and the expense of buying them for yourself.  We also scour the magazine’s websites too!

In total we scour 12 different magazines and websites saving you hours and another £8.77 a week, £456.04 a year.

Friday - P4P Xtra

We spend another day finding you lucrative puzzle competitions from titles like Chat, That’s Life, Take a Break and Love It.

That’s another 50 different puzzles comps from magazines that would normally cost £230.88 a year for you to buy. And then there’s the monthly magazines too, like Fate and Fortune, Prima, Crime Scene, That’s Life Monthly, Fiction Feast, Take a Break Monthly, Take a Crossword and Tesco’s magazines, costing £339.24 a year.

It all adds up to a week of varied and fun competition entering.

But most importantly it means that you are entering every type of competition prize draw out there, covering as much ground as a full-time comper with only a fraction of the effort!

And remember…

There are NO social media competitions, which means no having to publicly share hashtags or tag friends into comps, which can be annoying and sometimes embarrassing.

Instead, this can be something you do quietly and in secret!

Find out How Much You Could Win this Month

Join Coffee Break Winner today and I'll show you at least 120 brand-new prize-winning opportunities every week.

That's over 866 chances to win prizes every month!

Simply log onto our site each day to see what you could win.

Either enter them during your coffee, lunch or afternoon break... or wait till you get home...

Here’s what some of our members have won recently…

"I entered the competition at 1.37pm and had a phone call at 2.32pm from Absolute Radio to tell me I had Won a beautiful bunch of Flowers to be delivered to my mum this Mother's day. I'm over the moon!... Thanks Coffee Break Winner, I wouldn't have known about this prize otherwise!" Naomi, Southampton

"I've just received a phone call from ITV letting me know that I have just won £7,676 after entering a competition on CBW So thank you very much..." Steven, Bridlington

“I've only been on the site just over a week and I won a Samsung Tablet. I've never won anything before. Really chuffed." - Tracy, Coventry


I'm so confident you'll love my service as much as they do, that I'm happy for you to try it out for 3 months, protected by an iron-clad 3 months risk-free trial.

If you’re not happy for any reason, let me know within 3 months and you’ll receive a FULL refund of your membership fee.

Look at how much time and money Coffee Break Winner will save you...

To enter all the giveaways offered by Coffee Break Winner yourself would cost a small fortune.

You'd need to buy ALL the weekend papers, ALL of the weekly magazines, ALL of the puzzle magazines and spend the rest of your time watching TV and surfing the net.

That’s £1,201.20 a year on weekend papers.

£828.88 a year on Puzzle magazines

£456 a year on the best weekly mags for compers.

£339.24 a year on the monthly magazines.

And this doesn’t include the many times we spot one off comps in newspaper and magazines and get them for you.

In total, we spend over £2,825.32 on magazines and papers to bring you the most exciting cash prizes and holiday giveaways in the UK.

Most of them are FREE to enter.

And if there is a fee to enter we will only show you those prizes that will make you at least 100 times the entry cost.

Best of all, this whole process takes up virtually no time at all – just 5 minutes in your tea or coffee break will do it!



You could be a mum of six kids with a full-time career, and a secret double life as a spy... and STILL enter these competitions.

So if you're thinking up an excuse right now, please put it to one side. Really, you can do this...

  • During a mid-morning break from your daily chores... there's nothing like the chance of winning a spa break to re-energize you!
  • Over lunch... one hand on the sandwich, the other on your computer mouse!
  • Waiting for your family to clear up after giving them their evening meal... it can be your fun evening ritual, and hey, if the family get a break in Orlando because of it, they may even do ALL the housework from now on...
  • In the ad break of your favourite TV programme... yes, it's that quick to do this!
  • Or even during a quiet few minutes before bedtime, make it part of your wind down, enter a few competitions every day.

So, I urge you to join me in the most exciting, quick and easy thing you could EVER do in your coffee break...

Just look at what you'll get as a Coffee Break Winner member:

  • Exclusive access to competitions that have been researched daily by our very own in-house research team. All competitions featured on Coffee Break Winner are short-closing competitions. In many cases you could hear about the results within a week of entering!
  • A minimum of 130 NEW competitions to enter per week. These include big cash and holiday jackpots as well as smaller prizes like smart phones, weekend breaks, TVs and kitchen equipment. At last, you can tap into a rich source of newspaper, magazine, TV and radio giveaways you'd normally miss out on...unless you wanted to spend all day finding them on your own!
  • Lucrative puzzle competitions. We bring you the answers to all the tricky crossword and puzzle competitions for you, meaning with just the click of a button you can enter over £21,000 worth of cash competitions guaranteed every week.
  • A dedicated UK-based customer service team. If you have questions, need help or want to know anything at all, just pick up the phone or send us an email. Our in-house customer service team are friendly and have years of experience in comping. They know Coffee Break Winner inside out and will be happy to help you with any questions or queries you may have.

Join the UK's best comping service today, and save yourself time and money - let Coffee Break Winner do all the hard work for you.

Not only are we going to save you over £2,825.32 in the costs of magazine and newspapers…

But I've managed to persuade my publisher that this should be priced so anyone can afford to try it out.

At just £1.99 a week (that's less than 30p a day), you really get a lot for your money. And when the prizes start to roll in it will 'pay for itself'.

But I don't just want you to take our word for it, join today and try everything out, completely risk-free...

Use Coffee Break Winner for the next three months; enter all the competitions, see the range of research done for you and the fantastic prizes on offer.

And if, for any reason, you think it doesn’t meet with your expectations, just let us know and we'll cancel your membership and give you all your money back.

Yes, for 90 days you can get all the money you have paid us returned - that is how confident I am that Coffee Break Winner is the comping service for you.

I hope you join us, and I can't wait to hear about your first big win!

Lizzie Riley

Lizzie Riley


Editor, Coffee Break Winner



Copyright © Oxfordshire Press Ltd

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Coffee Break Winner

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Simply Prizes

No more stressing about how you can afford a little luxury every month...

Sometimes I have to pinch myself... it's not supposed to be this easy to get things for FREE


Every year, for the last five years, I've got at least £20,000 worth of things for free. I'm not a famous blogger, with millions of YouTube subscribers, in fact I'm no different to you. But every month, some of the UK's best known companies send me things for free and I'd like to show you how to get them to do the same for you.

How Christine Williams went on 33 holidays – for free!

Christine Williams is the perfect example. She was sceptical at first, but she put us to the test, and to this day she’s had 33 different holidays - for FREE

To be precise, she's been on 33 holidays as a result of reading and applying what she discovered in my unique service!

Many have been weekend breaks in sunny (!!) old Britain. Pampering and relaxation retreats...sight-seeing tours...health spa breaks...even all expenses paid trips to high profile movie premieres!

A good number though, have been amazing fairytale-type getaways. She even managed to have one of these lovely companies pick up the bill for her lavish, three-week honeymoon in the Caribbean! It's true. But that's just the beginning. Read on...

Over the course of just a few years she's picked up literally hundreds of these items. Including...

A five-day all expenses paid trip to New York, complete with five-star accommodation... a VIP trip to San Francisco for five nights... a cruise on the Carnival Legend's maiden voyage… breaks in Oslo, Dublin, Edinburgh, Bruges, London, Devon… half a dozen health breaks at luxurious spas, and more.

But holidays are only the beginning. To list everything here would take (literally) 10 pages all by itself. So what I'll do is give you a small snapshot of the luxuries she's picked up...

- A dishwasher and tumble dryer

- Three TVs including a home cinema system

- A free Sky TV subscription

- A year's supply of Haribo sweets (for the children, of course!)

- A limited edition Tissot watch

- £650 cash

- A mountain bike

- An £11,000 fitted kitchen

To name just a few!

And it’s not just Christine who has enjoyed the fruits of her success; her children were invited to the Disney Channel Awards ceremony – complete with backstage passes, of course!

As you can imagine, these are the things that really stand out. Sure, getting all those luxury items for free is great and can improve the quality of your lifestyle no end. But as Christine explained to me…

Meeting celebrities, chatting with them and in general rubbing shoulders with the VIPs is so precious. And when the children meet their idols, the look on their faces is priceless! This is dream stuff. And forget money, you can't buy that sort of thing.

Introducing Simply Prizes - the UK's biggest, best and easiest guide to great giveaways

I want to introduce you to my community called Simply Prizes. Every single month, our select group of members are guaranteed access to no less than 1,700 individual giveaways worth at least £1 MILLION. The sheer quantity of stuff on offer is staggering.

And it’s all through winning competitions. Now I know there’s a HUGE amount of scepticism surrounding the whole competition thing. It’s not surprising really. There's a lot of nonsense out there...

But this plays right into our hands here at Simply Prizes. Because of this natural scepticism, most people don’t even bother entering competitions because they don’t think they are going to win, or that the prizes are genuine. This means that for our members, who know exactly which competitions to enter and how to find them, the odds of claiming prize giveaways are hugely increased...

And these aren't just your average, run-of-the-mill giveaways either. These are the chances to take home life’s little luxuries that few of us could regularly afford.

For example, some of the top-of-the-line goods recently uploaded to the Simply Prizes website include:

- A Mini Cooper

- A 55-inch Samsung 4K UHD Smart TV, Wireless Headphones, an iPad

- Air and a Sonos Sound Bar

- Family holiday's to Dubia and Orlando

- £10,000 cash

- A Vauxhall Corsa

- A trip to watch the British & Irish Lions in New Zealand

- A Lunar Campervan worth over £50,000

- An incredible 14-night adventure to Costa Rica

- A Helsinki Air Jet Hot Tub

- Holiday's to Jamaica, The Seychelles, Bahamas and Antigua

- A Fridge Freezer & Dishwasher worth £1,900

And that’s just a handful of them.

It might be easy to find the odd competition here and there, but our members get access to over 400 opportunities like this EVERY SINGLE WEEK!

And our members win, and win regularly. Just like Anne, who received an amazing phone call in time for Christmas...

I didn't believe it when I had the phone call last week but today I received a cheque for £2,000 from a Black Friday competition with Capitol. Christmas is now sorted. I haven't been able to work since 2013 and always feel bad that hubby earns while I do the spending but now I can properly treat the whole family MYSELF !!

Anne Rodgers

And Marian, who won the trip of a lifetime for her and her husband...

I won a great prize and last week my husband and I spent a fantastic time in Toronto, Canada. Marian - Prize Winner

We had free flights, accommodation and VIP tickets to Bestival - a music festival held in Woodbine Park, Toronto. This was fantastic and we had a great fun time even 'getting married again' in the Inflatable Church!!! (see attached photo)

We got Henna Tattoos and had lots to drink and VIP places to sit and listen to some great music.

We were allowed to extend our visit so extended for a week which allowed us to visit all sorts of places. We took a sightseeing bus tour of the city and found out lots of information and could disembark at any points. We also managed a trip to Niagara Falls and took the slightly wet trip on the Hornblower boat to get really close. On our way back from the Falls we stopped at Niagara-on-the Lake town and I found all the shops here fascinating and managed to spend in quite a few.

The next stop on the trip was the winery and it amazed me that you can do a degree course on the subject. One of our days was spent discovering Kensington Market and Chinatown where we ate in a fantastic chinese restaurant and had some amazing food. Shopping in the Eaton Centre was worthwhile and I actually got my husband to purchase some items in Saks on Fifth Avenue!

As you can see we packed a lot into the week but feel there is still so much more to do and see in Toronto and would love to return one day.

All in all it was a GREAT HOLIDAY.

Marian Pugh

Just imagine being able to jet off on a holiday like that, without it costing you a single penny!

Because let me tell you…

Entering competitions is, quite simply, the best and easiest way that I know of to fill your home full of luxuries… pocket cash lump sums…drive around in brand new cars…relax on sun-soaked Caribbean holidays…and in general, live a life of style, comfort and luxury.

They’re incredibly exciting, too! As far as I’m concerned, nothing else beats the thrill of receiving a phone call or letter out of the blue telling you that you’ve just won first prize.


Especially when that first prize is an all-expenses paid holiday of a lifetime like Simply Prizes member Sandra…

I've recently got back from Las Vegas after winning an amazing holiday by just filling my name and address details online!

The competition was through guardian.co.uk, courtesy of Paramount Pictures UK and I won a 5 night holiday for 2, staying in a luxury suite at the Hilton Hotel, Las Vegas , a helicopter flight, entrance to Stratosphere and $300 spending money.

Sandra, Milton Keynes

A fantastic prize – and just imagine taking that phone call when youre at the office or picking up the kids on the school run.

Now I know what you’re thinking; something like this would never happen to me, or you have to be super lucky to win prizes like this. Perhaps you’ve entered one or two competitions in the past and not won anything, or you don't know anyone who has ever won a competition.

That's not surprising. Firstly less than 2% of the population ever enter competitions, and an even smaller percentage of them enter regularly. But that's the key to winning - you need to enter competitions every week. If you only enter one or two a year, the chances of winning are really small, but enter them more often and you could join Angela from Lincolnshire and be holidaying for FREE this year.

I won a trip to California, with flights to LA... a limousine transfer to my accommodation in Hollywood. I felt so special I had to pinch myself to prove it wasn't a dream. The whole experience has given me a thirst for life.

And this is where Simply Prizes comes in. As the comping phrase goes, ‘you’ve got to be in it to win it’ and with the sheer number of quality competitions we find for you, members of our club are the first in line for amazing prizes like these.

That’s because with Simply Prizes membership you get:

- Access to 400 brand new competitions a week – that’s over 1,700 a month

- Four competition updates per week covering magazine, web, social media, creative, shop competitions and more

- Competitions that are thoroughly researched by our team so you have complete peace of mind that you’re not passing your details to fraudulent companies

- Access to our unique password protected website where you can keep track of all your competition entries and pick the prizes you most want to win

And that’s just the start...

Here at Simply Prizes, we do our research very, very carefully. This isn't something we throw together. On the contrary, we have one of the most extensive networks of contacts available.

It's like having friends in high places who keep giving you the inside line on all the best, little-known competitions available. To be precise, you're hiring a staff of dedicated researchers who spend their days trawling the supermarkets and high streets, searching hundreds of little-known websites and scouring all the popular (and obscure) magazines looking for the latest, best and not-so-well-known competitions.

And when we say all the obscure magazines we do mean all; our team of researchers check over 100 magazines to find which ones carry competitions. We visit all five of the major supermarkets, plus chains like the Co-op. We check hundreds of different websites (sometimes several times a week) and then spend time visiting all the shops on the high street to track down just about every competition possible.

We also pride ourselves on keeping ahead of the latest comping trends, with our updates covering social media competitions too. You might think social networks are only good for checking out what old school friends are up to, or for watching cute cat videos, but sites like Facebook and Twitter are a goldmine of competitions – if you know where to look of course!

For example, recent Facebook competitions have included a trip for two to Barcelona, a bundle of goodies worth £2,839 and high street vouchers worth £100s.

....Recent Twitter competitions included a £4,000 wedding dress, an Xbox and a 4K TV.

And because most of them open and close within a few days, or even a few hours, having our team’s expert knowledge and know how to track them down is absolutely vital. Just ask Heather...

I had a fab twitter win last night from @davelackie fantastic Lancome products worth over £500

I keep shaking my head and saying to myself I still cant believe I won something like that!

Heather Cain

Or Angela...

My favourite wins this year are a Fridge freezer from facebook and £1000 to spend on AEG goods from the co-op, I got a new washing machine, oven and hob.

I have also won a Luxury 5 star weekend in Edinburgh with travel and concert tickets, a year’s supply of Hollands pies, a Rodia makeup set and £300 Hoeseason holiday voucher...

Angela Cringle

They’re some fab hauls aren’t they? And they were all claimed by simply clicking ‘Like’ or RT on Facebook or Twitter!

To put it simply (no pun intended!), here at Simply Prizes we provide ALL the tools you need to win- and win regularly!


Hi, my name is Sammy, and I’m Editor of Simply Prizes. I’ve been comping now for a good few years and have won some absolutely fantastic prizes...

I first got into the world of competitions after appearing on a TV game show with a friend where we were lucky enough to win £17,000. That gave me a real buzz for winning and I haven’t looked back since...

Some of my top prizes have included holidays, cash and items for the house. And one of the most unusual prizes I was lucky enough to win was a £3,000 all singing, all dancing toilet. If you ever visit the Shangri-La hotel at the Shard, use the bathroom – I have the same loo!

But my favourite sorts of prize wins are those for money-can’t-buy experiences; the sorts of things you literally can’t get anywhere else...

My son has been lucky enough to run out with the ball at the Rugby Sevens final and I met Ollie Murs (along with a load of teenagers! Ahem!) My daughter has met her Cbeebie’s idol and Alex (my brother) & I walked the red carpet at the Classic Brit Awards...

All these things would never have happened if I hadn’t been ‘in it to win it’!


Our recipe for success is simple...

1) We make you 1,700 times more likely to win

By entering a single competition you can immediately put yourself ahead of 98% of the population. But with Simply Prizes you can times that advantage by an immediate 1,700 every month.

With over 400 brand new competitions a week, over 1,700 a month, Simply Prizes gives you more chances of winning than any other website we know of. As mentioned, many of the competitions have multiple prizes to be won too, we estimate that equals well over 2,000 individual prizes up for grabs through Simply Prizes every month.

Whilst putting your name down for one prize is unlikely to yield results, increase this number to 2,000 and you can see how regular winning becomes almost inevitable!

We even send you advice about cunning little tricks you can use to maximise your chances of winning these prizes too!

2) We find the very best, little-known competitions that few people have access to

Obviously, the lesser known the competition...the better your odds are of winning.

And that’s where our research team become priceless. Think about it, not everyone interested in comping could possibly, thumb through dozens of magazines and hundreds of websites, every week, as well as monitor all of the social media channels - no matter how motivated they are.

For a start, it would cost over £200 a month to buy all the magazines. Then it takes hour after hour of searching and clipping out the featured competitions. And most comps require you to at least answer one or more questions. That's a heck of a task in itself.

Then there are the websites. Even if you knew all those web addresses and pages to visit, how long would it take to search for and pick out those that interest you most. And then there’s our association with actual competition promoters. That's something it would be impossible for an individual person to build and develop. How's that for an advantage?!

Add to that all of the shop to win competitions we find by scouring the supermarkets and high street and you can see why Simply Prizes is "worth its weight in gold".

Now just wait and watch the prizes roll in...

What a difference these competitions could make to you. Hundreds, maybe even thousands of pounds in saved money on items you would ordinarily have to pay for. Or things that you would otherwise never even dreamed of.

TV – any half decent one these days will almost certainly set you back anywhere from £300-£1,500 for a top of the line model…

Holiday – £300 + for a last minute deal/steal. Otherwise, you’re looking at figures in the region of £499 per person for European destinations… all the way up to £1,500 or more for US and Caribbean holidays…

Fridge, freezer, microwave oven, washing machine, home furnishings. You’re talking at least £50 for a microwave alone. If you had to replace your fridge or freezer or both, that’s at least £500 at a conservative estimate, right?

Or how about some of the things you just like, that you don’t necessarily need to buy, like an iPad, a laptop, toys for the children or the grandchildren, jewellery, clothes, even meals out and drinks… totalled up over the course of a year. That works out to a pretty tidy sum, doesn’t it?

Absolutely! Now imagine you could just claw back, let’s say, £800 in holiday costs plus save another £400 – £800 on spending money. There’s an extra £1,200 – £1,600 right there.

And that’s chicken feed to what you really could get with Simply Prizes. We’re fully confident you could win dozens of prizes over the course of the year.

That’s not hype. This has been proven time and time again by our members. Just like Hazel…

...in December I had an email from Coast Magazine, I had won holiday vouchers to the value of £1500 for Cofton Country Holidays in South Devon. I can use the vouchers as I please so have already booked one weeks holiday for me and my husband , daughter , son in law & two grandchildren & still have enough vouchers left for another weeks holiday, hopefully taking my son and his family with us then . How fabulous is that to finish the year off. Couldn't believe my luck xx

Hazel Shinton


What could you do with that extra money these prizes would release?

You could use it to...

  • Pay off your credit card bills or other pressing financial matters...
  • Re-decorate your home from top to bottom...
  • Take the dream holiday you've always promised yourself...
  • Start a hobby you've always wanted to pursue, but never had the funds to do so...


Just enjoy the added security of having this extra money sitting in your bank account should anything arise.

All you need to do is reserve your place now, no commitment needed, and you’ll get instant access to the Simply Prizes community. You’ll be able to log on to our website and start entering fantastic competitions straight away.

Full back up and support from our entire team...

When you become a member of Simply Prizes, you are becoming part of a small and tight-knit network.

We pride ourselves on offering you friendly, helpful advice, as well as privileged access to our valuable years of experience. Ask us questions. Make suggestions. You’ll be able to contact us directly between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.

You won’t end up in some 20-minute phone jam or an automated phone answering system either – your calls will come directly to our office. We treat our members the way we wish others treated us – with gracious respect, fast answers and friendly advice. If you have a problem we want to know about it. Our team is based in our family run office in Leamington Spa.

If you’ve got questions that need “live” help to get resolved, we are there to help. Not only can you contact us by phone, but we’re available on email too, and we’ve even got an exclusive Facebook community where you can speak to me directly in the evenings or at weekends.

That’s why you should give it a go now, while it’s still fresh in your mind. The sooner you start entering competitions, the sooner you can start to win. There’s an old comping adage that is still as true now as it was over 100 years ago when companies first started using competitions to attract new customers… ‘You have to be in it, to win it!’

And there is absolutely no risk involved. You can try out our service, put us to the test, and enter all of our competitions for the next three months. And if you don’t agree that Simply Prizes can help you live a life several notches above your current one, that’s fine. In fact, if for any reason you decide you don’t want to continue with your membership, that’s ok…

Just give us a ring or send an email within your first three months and we will cancel your membership immediately and refund you in full if you want. That’s right you can ask for your membership fees back and we will return them to you, no quibbles or questions.

But my strong hunch is that you won’t do that. I’m betting that once you see, first-hand the variety, quality and quantity of prizes available, you’ll be only too happy to push on with your membership of the Simply Prizes community.


Why we’re different to “other” competition websites

Entered competitions from another website before but never won a prize? Nowadays there are a lot of “free” competition websites out there, where big prizes are promised, yet the odds of winning them are extremely small. That's because these "free" websites make their money by featuring affiliate competitions in their listings. These are competitions that are run simply to collect your details and sell them on to other companies.

Not only will entering affiliate competitions result in your inbox being full of spam and see you spending the day fighting off sales cold callers, but most affiliate competitions are promoted across so many websites that your chances of winning are very low.

But here at Simply Prizes we’re different. We promise NEVER to put an affiliate competition in our listings, and we will only list competitions where the company promise never to share your email address. We pride ourselves on only ever listing competitions from genuine promoters, and our team make sure they check the full terms and conditions of any giveaway thoroughly before they are listed. This is why our members win, and win regularly!



We pride ourselves on the quality of our competition research. It’s what makes the difference and helps you to win more often. We have a dedicated research team who search the high street, comb all the supermarkets, trawl the internet and buy magazines and papers to find new prizes every day. This all takes a lot of time and effort, it’s also expensive.

But I think you will be surprised at how little membership to Simply Prizes costs. In fact, it’s less than HALF the price of just one of the many glossy magazines we buy for you.

Simply Prizes costs just £2.99 a week - for EVERYTHING…

There’s a bespoke members-only website that allows you to track the individual competitions you enter. The listings are updated four times a week to give you access to the newest competitions around, plus you get advice and support from me, a dedicated and experienced comper.



Three months to make your mind up or your money-back!

But I don't want you to just take my word for it. We want you to be sure that Simply Prizes is right for you, so how about this? Reserve your place today, without committing to anything and get three months to try the service. Enter as many competitions as you like, read my top tips and just see what we are like before having to make a commitment.

If at any stage during these three months you decide that Simply Prizes isn't for you, just let us know and we will cancel your membership and refund you all your membership fees if you want. And we've been publishing Simply Prizes since 1998, that's over 20 years, so you can be confident that we aren't a here today, gone tomorrow company.

All my advice and any prizes you have won will be yours to keep for free. No quibbles, questions or admin fees, just a simple 'thank you' for giving us a go.



So, there you have it, you have nothing to lose by reserving your membership today. Join now and see how comping and winning prizes could change your life forever, just like it did mine.


I look forward to hearing your winning stories very soon!

Sincerely yours,

Sammy Fairman

Sammy Fairman

Editor of Simply Prizes

PS. On the previous pages you've seen the evidence. Our members have proved this beyond any doubt. It really IS possible for you to live a life of style, luxury and comfort... if you choose. All that remains is for you to make that choice. Average life? Or a life of unlimited style, comfort, luxury and excitement?

As you've seen, there's no hard work involved. And if for some reason you want to cancel your membership, you get all your membership payments back without questions or hassles, up to three months - even if you've won some prizes and cancel on your last day of membership! I couldn't possibly be any fairer.

Simply Prizes



Copyright © Oxfordshire Press Ltd

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Category: Competition


Prize Studio

Fancy Bagging Yourself £5,000, a Chanel Handbag, or £500 JD Sports Vouchers?

How to LEGALLY hack this smartphone giveaway goldmine!

It takes just 3 steps!

Get a private message on your phone

Choose from over ONE HUNDRED prizes worth £250, £500, £1,000 or more! At least £100,000 worth per week!

Hit the 'like' or 'follow' button


Dear Friend

You cannot beat it...

The feeling of getting paid for doing almost nothing.

Imagine waking up one morning to discover you're due to receive £1,000 in tax-free cash... £2,300 worth of jewellery... or a Nintendo Switch...

That would be awesome, wouldn't it?

Yet some people in the UK have this experience not only once, but multiple times!

Month after month...

Sums of £250... £3,500... £10,000...

Luxury home decor... TVs... cameras... laptops... smartphones...

And it's not down to luck.

It's because they know a legal way to hack into an online fund worth millions per year.

And it doesn't take any skill.

It's just a case of a few clicks on a smartphone app every Saturday.

This puts them in line for ONE HUNDRED luxuries and cash pay-outs ever single week.

With your permission, I'd like to show you how this works, without you taking a risk with your money.

See how easy it is to get things for free...

This source of giveaways is an absolute GOLDMINE!

For over 100 years, running competitions has been a major marketing strategy for UK companies.

Competitions are an easy way to get your business or product noticed. Cheaper than regular advertising, with far more reach.

This is why there are hundreds of competitions every day on the radio and TV, as well as in newspapers, magazines, websites and social media.

Most people only enter one whenever a prize catches their eye.

They don't usually win, because the odds are stacked against them.

Really, it's just potluck.

But not for a group of people known as 'compers'.

These are people who jam the system so that it's highly likely to pay out in their favour.

They do this by seeking out hundreds of competitions every week.

These add up to THOUSANDS of winning opportunities in a year.

And their strategy works.

They win lots of prizes - and regularly too!

For instance, here's what The Telegraph newspaper recently reported:

"You can make a small living from competitions - if you enter, and win, enough of them."

My name is Lizzie Riley, and for almost three decades I've been helping compers tap into the huge bank of money, holidays and luxury goods given away each year.

I started with Winner's Friend in 1998, worked on Simply Prizes and then Coffee Break Winner, so I know what makes a great comping service.

But today I want to show you something new... something for people who love comping but don’t want to be entering competitions all the time.

People who want a quick and simple, once-a-week way to win.

What I'm about to show you offers a largely UNTAPPED source of prizes that's easier to win and much easier to enter than the usual giveaways.

You see, many companies have been hit financially by the pandemic.

They cannot afford to risk money on adverts that may not work.

So instead they're turning to social media competitions.

After all, it costs nothing to put up a post on Instagram offering a prize in return for a 'like', 'follow' or tagging a friend.

And it helps them reach potentially thousands of people for free.

This is why the number of these competitions have increased tenfold since the beginning of the Covid 19 pandemic.

For instance, there are now hundreds of Instagram competitions listed every week.

Prizes include cash, Amazon vouchers, high-end beauty and perfumes, holidays and home luxuries.

Over the weeks, these add up quickly into an enormous prize pool worth many thousands of pounds.

And it's so EASY to enter them.

Just a few taps on the app!

Instagram is an app on your smartphone. So all you have to do is press LIKE, SHARE or TAG a friend!

It means you can enter the cream of UK competitions in a few quick taps, without having to buy the product, answer a brain teaser, or think up a slogan.

And you can do this from anywhere that you have your phone!

There's only one downside...

Social media competitions are notoriously hard to search for - especially on Instagram.

It can take a lot of time and effort to find decent prizes.

Even when you find one, you need to make sure that you're eligible to enter in the UK.

Then you need to check that the competition is still running, as many open and close within days.

There are so many 'giveaways' where the prize is very low value, yet you're expected to carry out an unreasonable number of steps to be entered.

There are also giveaways which are not actually giveaways at all - in fact, they're posts from Amazon sellers trying to grab our attention!

This can be VERY frustrating!

Which is where I come in.

Let me find you £100,000 worth of Instagram prizes every week

When people first discover 'comping', they often go to one of the huge prize database sites that list competitions for free.

But these prize-finding sites are free for a reason.

They exist to collect data about you which they can sell to other companies.

They mix 'real' competitions with data-collection ones that have no genuine prize.

You'd be lucky to find 10 decent comps per week - and most likely end up being spammed or harassed by sales calls.

This is why we created the Prize Studio.

We don't give any money or information to data collection companies.

Instead, for a very small subscription fee, my team of researchers specialise in finding the very best Instagram competitions.

We constantly track, search and monitor for the latest giveaways...

We filter out the not-so-good prizes...

We spot the ones that are phony marketing tricks...

We ditch the ones where British people are not eligible...

We ignore the ones with no closing dates, or that have already closed...

And then we present 100 competitions worth up to £100,000 in total each and EVERY week

That's £430,000 worth of prizes a month.

Or an incredible £5.2 million a year!

Very few people could possibly find and enter that many competitions on their own.

And even if they did, it would take hours every day.

They'd hit so many dead ends with competitions that had already closed, looked a bit dodgy or that weren't for UK residents.

But at the Prize Studio, we do all that work for you.

All you have to do is...

1. Check your inbox for an alert from me every Saturday.

2. Choose which prizes you want to win.

3. Then press 'like', 'follow' or tag a friend (or sometimes all three).

In less than 30 minutes, you'll be in line to win amounts like £200, £500, £1,000 or even £10,000 in cash...

Or you could bag yourself goodies like hotel spa breaks, TVs, gadgets, luxury furniture, bikes, and Amazon vouchers.

And to PROVE how easy it is, I'd like to give you THREE MONTHS to try it, risk free...

If, for any reason, you decide that Prize Studio isn't for you; just let us know within the first three-months and we'll refund all your membership money, in full, no questions asked, just a thank you for giving us a go.

See how it works, then decide whether it's for you!

Look what you could have won in just TWO weeks

Just take a look at some of the recently featured competitions on Instagram across just the last two weeks - what a haul!

Shopping vouchers and cash

  • £1000 worth of Fat Face vouchers
  • £2000 worth of Etsy vouchers
  • £1000 Alessi voucher
  • £1000 Cox and Cox voucher
  • £20,000 worth of Ocado vouchers
  • A £4000 One4All voucher
  • A £1000 Garden Trading voucher
  • £1000 Primal Strength voucher
  • £5,000 in cash
  • £20,000 to pursue your lockdown dream
  • £10,000 in cash
  • £3,000 M&S gift cards
  • £100,000 preloaded credit card
  • A £5000 preloaded credit card
  • £500 to spend at Sweaty Betty
  • A £1000 Mint Velvet voucher
  • A £2,000 sofas and Stuff voucher
  • £9520 in cash
  • £500 Harrods
  • £1000 Harrods spree with chauffeur-driven Rolls
  • £1000 Joules gift card
  • £4000 Ocado vouchers
  • £1000, £2022, £2000, £20000 in cash
  • £1000 Virgin Experience voucher
  • £2,000 Swan voucher
  • £1,000 Darlings of Chelsea
  • £1000 Anthropologie voucher
  • 1000 Mamas and Papas voucher
  • £1000 Jack Wills voucher

Fashion and Beauty

  • £2000 worth of vegan make up
  • Over £30,000 worth of Dyson Airwraps
  • A bespoke Alonuku wedding gown
  • Handbags by Fendi, Kurt Geiger, Chloe, Katie Loxton, Balenciaga, Fairfax and Favor, Mulberry, Jacquemus, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Chanel, Celine, Gucci, Yves St Laurent, Aspinal,
  • Burberry and Anya Hindmarch


  • A Renault Clio
  • A Ford Fiesta
  • A Juke
  • A £50,000 VW Campervan
  • A Range Rover Sport


  • Holidays in Dubai, Kos, Bali, Malta, Barcelona, Mexico, Lapland, Gran Canaria, Crete, Antiqua, Amsterdam, Rhodes, Texas, the Caribbean, Lake Como, Croatia, St Lucia, Rhodes, Madeira, Cayman Islands, Cyprus, Barbados, Costa Rica, Majorca, Cuba, Japan, Turkey, Egypt, Greece, Morocco, Bali, Iceland, Geneva, New York, Las Vegas, the Maldives (3 holidays here)
  • A 2500 Caribbean cruise and a £2000 James Villa voucher


  • A Navan sofa worth over £8,000
  • A cream velvet sofa set worth £3,300
  • One of 24 outdoor pizza ovens
  • A range cooker worth £3,940
  • A teak Sorento outdoor sofa set worth £7,500
  • A Vispring bespoke bed worth £13,700
  • A Stevenson Brothers hand carved rocking horse
  • A £20,000 home gym
  • A £10,000 home gym
  • A new bathroom worth £10,000
  • TWO new kitchens worth £15,000 each
  • A £2,000 Bo Concept chair
  • £2,000 worth of oak flooring
  • £30,000 to spend on reclaimed flooring
  • A 7-seater rotating Garden Pod worth £7,999, plus installation
  • One of two hand painted baths worth over £1000 each
  • A TV bed worth £949
  • Blanco boiling water tap worth £1,799
  • £8000 hot tub
  • Rangemaster cooker
  • A £2295 rowing machine
  • A luxury bed, mattress and ottoman worth £2,000 from The Luxury Bed Company


  • A £25,000 diamond ring
  • A £6000 Rolex watch
  • A Cartier Love bracelet worth over £4,000
  • A £10,000 Rolex watch
  • Cartier love ring in white gold
  • A Van Cleef bracelet (worth £3,350),


  • A pair of tickets to the sold out Anthony Joshua fight
  • One of eight prizes of a cookalong with Gennaro Contaldo
  • Cocktails in Bridget Jones' flat in London for your girl gang with a private mixologist
  • A James Bond experience including an Aston Martin driving experience an
  • A Christmas soiree with the Hairy Bikers cooking for you and up to 9 of your friends
    a trek up Mount Everest
  • A design consultation with Lawrence Llewelyn Bowen


  • Two bottles of ultra-luxurious Héloïse Lloris champagne worth £2k
  • £9,000 towards your wedding
  • A complete £20,000 wedding
  • A Brownie 7 bike worth over £500


Imagine being in line for ALL of these - and that's in-less than two weeks, never mind across many months.

Think of how high your chances are of winning something compared with entering the odd one or two per week!

This is how you make your own 'luck'

It's all a numbers game.

By constantly entering competitions, you push up the odds of winning £200, £500, £2,000 or even £10,000.

That could be enough to wipe out a debt... splash out on some clothes... put towards a new car... or stick in your savings account for a rainy day.

And it's not blind luck.

You won because you entered so many competitions, it was bound to happen at some point...

And because you're doing it every week... it's bound to happen again...

...and again!

That's what my service the Prize Studio does for you.

We do all the legwork, scouring Instagram for competitions, finding over 100 new ones, every week: with an average value of over £100 each.

And because it's on Instagram, it's super easy to enter.

No filling in postcards... no dialling up premium-rate phone numbers... no thinking of clever lines... no puzzle solving...

Just a few clicks on the app and you're done!

What's more, it's always free to enter.

And there's another huge advantage too...

Boost your chances with little-known competitions

Every day, there are new Instagram competitions. But most go under the radar of the people who don't use social media, don't have Instagram or aren't compers.

The majority of people in the UK NEVER get to hear about them.

What's more, Instagram competitions tend to open and close so fast that even Instagram users miss them, to keep up is a full-time job.

Take your eye off the ball and another great prize will be lost at the bottom of your feed!

But with Prize Studio you don't have to worry about that, we'll keep everything on track, ready for you to check your password protected website, once a week and spend a few minutes entering the comps you want to win.

Plus these social media giveaways give you greater odds of winning than most regular competitions; fewer people entering, the more your odds of winning increase.

Sometimes there are only a few hundred entries in total.

And occasionally, only dozens.

But at the Prize Studio we have a crack team: led by me and Sammy Fairman, editor of Simply Prizes. She's a serial competition winner, an expert in finding the little-known, short-term competitions that most people miss.

With these obscure competitions, your chances of winning skyrocket.

And when you enter over 100 of them each week, the odds massively swing in your favour.

But don't take my word for it... see for yourself!

You could start getting my weekly alerts today, risk-free, and put yourself in line for hundreds of prizes like these:


  • Playstation 5
  • £1,200 worth of luxury home decor and furniture
  • £100 Sassy voucher, £200 Selfridges voucher and a Prada bag
  • A pair of brogue ankle boots
  • A £499 Kitchen Aid stand mixer
  • A Cartier love ring
  • An Apple Mac Book Air
  • £300 and health subscription worth £129.99
  • Two Gucci handbags
  • A home bar including drinks and accessories
  • £500 to spend at Superdrug
  • A personalised cheese hamper and a year's supply of cheese
  • A hamper of Lowengrip beauty products worth £180
  • A Geographer's Deli Cleanse gift box for you and your friend
  • £200 in cash
  • An Occulus Quest virtual reality headset and carrying case


But don't take my word for it. Join us today and see what you could win in the next three months.

And all you need is an internet connection and an Instagram account.

You Don't Need to Know ANYTHING about Instagram!

Don't worry if you haven't got Instagram - it's easy to set up on your phone in minutes and you don't need to post any images or become an Instagram user. It's just a means of entering the competitions.

I'll send you a guide to setting it up - plus you can email me for help if you get stuck.

If you DO have Instagram already, but you don't want to use it for competitions, no problem!

You can easily set up a separate account just for that purpose.

After that, it's really easy.

1. Wait for our message on a Saturday...

2. Decide what prizes you want to go for...

3. Then 30 minutes later, you're done.

There is absolutely no skill or hard work involved. None of the searching, checking and dead ends that usually come with finding competitions on your own.

It's just a case of clicking a 'like' or 'follow' button, and sometimes tagging a friend.

You can do it from anywhere, anytime, as long as you have your smartphone or tablet.

We even have a bespoke database which lets you search out the prizes you want to win and tick then off when you've entered.

But why not test it out for the next THREE MONTHS and see for yourself?

You can join Prize Studio today and get all these incredible prize opportunities totally risk-free.

Enjoy a luxury lifestyle that turns your neighbours green with envy

You might have seen stories about Instagram 'influencers'.

These people live a life of luxury, getting paid by companies to take holidays, drive nice cars and dine in the best restaurants.

They're constantly getting sent freebies and showing off about it.

Well, this is your chance to join the Instagram jet set.

And you don't need to become rich or famous.

By using the Prize Studio to legally jam the system, you could enjoy the latest in entertainment technology, kitchen gadgets, expensive jewellery and gourmet treats.

You could get regular free city breaks, spa weekends and fine dining experiences.

Just imagine waking up one morning to a message saying you've won £2,000, a £500 Selfridges voucher or a virtual reality headset.

That wouldn't be bad, would it?

Certainly worth a few clicks on Instagram!

But find out yourself, join Prize Studio today and...

I'll send you over 100 high-value Instagram Comps every Saturday for three months, RISK FREE...

Just wait for my email alert every Saturday morning.

Look through the 100+ prize options to see which ones what you most want to win...

Perhaps its cash... or a mountain bike... or a PS5...

Or enter ALL of them if you like.

It will take less than 30 minutes on Instagram to enter them all.

No need to think of answers... work out teasers... or do anything more than click 'like', 'follow', tag a friend (or sometimes all three).

Do this every week for 3 months and see how easy it is.

You might not win in the first month, or even the second, but I am VERY confident that by the third month you'll have amazing news.

However, if you don't win a prize, or you have ANY reason to be unhappy with the service at all, you can get a full refund.

And as for the price for our professional prize-finding service...

Well, I think you might be surprised.

Less than the price of a EuroMillions ticket (for MORE chances of winning prizes)

A single EuroMillions ticket is £2.50. Which gives you a 1 in 3,107,515 MILLION chance of winning.

Yet for just £2.27 per week (take up the annual discount offer and it's even cheaper!), I’ll send you over 100 Instagram prize-winning opportunities worth up to £100,000 every week.

That's over 540 chances to win prizes every month, with far better odds of winning.

Remember, we spend our time searching for competitions on Instagram that you'd never be able to find yourself without it taking hours every day.

You also get access to a special database that helps you find the exact kind of prizes you most want. You can tick them off when you've entered them so you don't repeat yourself.

Plus you have the support of me and Sammy; whenever you need it. Just send us an email and we'll get back to you with advice and encouragement.

All for just £2.27 (or less) a week...

And remember, your first THREE MONTHS fee is REFUNDABLE if you decide not to continue.

Join Prize Studio now... enter all the competitions we send you... and bag that first prize...

But if it doesn't meet with your expectations, just let us know and we'll cancel your membership and give you all your money back.


I hope you join us, and I can't wait to hear about your first win!

Kind regards,

Lizzie Riley

Lizzie Riley

Editor, Prize Studio



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Category: Competition

National Compers Alliance 2023


This will be your only chance in four years to get hold of over £300 million worth of prizes and never have to pay a subscription fee again

Comping is in a golden age, and this is your chance to cash-in


With the country fighting recession, everyone having to tighten their belts and watch their spending; every company in the UK is fighting for your attention, and what better way to grab it than with a competition.

Experts report SEVEN out of every ten big businesses could use competitions to attract new customers. And this will bring an avalanche of prizes waiting for you to claim. The UK competition market is currently worth over £300 million and it's set to mushroom.

My name is Lizzie Riley, editor of Coffee Break Winner and I've been helping people win prizes for over 25 years...

But NEVER before have I ever seen such an enormous range of high-value prizes on offer - every single day. And Sammy, editor of Simply Prizes and serial competition winner has found exactly the same.

We are already in a golden age of comping with more and more companies using competitions and it’s just going to get better. This week alone we’ve found competitions offering prizes like -


  • A trip to the Maldives
  • A bed and mattress worth over £3,900
  • A guided group holiday for two to Dubrovnik worth £2,000
  • £500 to spend at Weaver Green & Pooky
  • A seven-night Treasures of Turkey tour
  • A De'Longhi La Specialista Maestro Coffee Machine worth £999.99
  • A seven-night Norwegian Fjord cruise for two

With so many fantastic prizes on offer Sammy and I want to give you the best chance to make the most of this comping boom.

So, for the first time in over two years, we're opening up the National Comper Alliance again, but once the few places on offer have been taken we won't open it again for at least another two years, so this is your only chance in four years. The National Compers Alliance is your chance to get all our comping publications and save loads of money at the same time. It’s such a good deal that we can only offer it to a select number of our best customers. Read on to find out more and reserve your place before they are all gone.

Our comping publications cover every single type of competition you can imagine, radio, social media, newspapers, magazines, television, supermarkets and the High Street. That’s thousands of competitions every month and it takes a lot of work and money.

We trawl the shelves of the supermarkets looking for those magical WIN labels, we buy magazines and newspapers for prize-winning puzzles every day - then spend hours solving them to find you the answers. We are all over social media - in fact anything at all that will bring you fresh chances of winning a fantastic prize, we are on to it, seven days a week.

We certainly find you lots of chances to win big; in fact, over 31,200 chances a year are there for the taking.

“I’m quite selective and tend to try and win things my other half and I need or that the family especially the grandkids might enjoy. Having the competitions all together, with the answers supplied, is obviously a big bonus. Keep up the good work” – Chris Sheppard 

“I have had some great prizes over the years and the team are always warm and friendly.” – David Pearce

“I had previously entered competitions and only won one or two but the thrill of winning is brilliant so when I saw the NCA advertising I decided to subscribe and I have never regretted it.” – Dianne Simpson

“I do enjoy all your competitions listed, doing them daily. I was very successful, winning a trip for two to Peru, a golfing holiday in La Manga, an Air fryer, etc, etc, all in one year.” – Sigrid

With the National Compers Alliance you’ll get –


The UK’s favourite online comping magazine


Each and every week, Simply Prizes delivers over 300 brand-new competitions. On a Tuesday a 150+ new ones are added to the listings. These are from the High Street, supermarkets, magazines and the internet: an incredible range of competitions that you would have to spend a massive amount time and money finding yourself.

Wednesdays and Fridays are devoted to the ever-increasing range of social media competitions. We add a minimum of another 150 new ones every week. Some of these are often only open for a couple of days and need a full-time research team to make sure none are missed.

In the last week these have included -


  • A two-night stay at a luxury De Vere Hotel, a signed copy of One Enchanted Evening, and a £200 Sophie Allport voucher
  • A Maison Mirabeau Spring set worth over £500
  • A family stay in London with Horrible Histories and The Tower Hotel
  • £500 to spend at Trouva
  • A VIP Day onboard the Seven Seas Splendor worth £1,500
  • £400 to spend with Duke + Dexter
  • A luxury three-night stay in Telegraph House Chichester for up to ten

This week Sammy asked Simply Prizes readers for their favourite wins and these are just a few of the replies we had back -

“5 nights in a luxury villa in Mauritius, in a beautiful new self-contained resort with its own beach” Jack Westoby

“I’ve been comping for nearly 30 years with some amazing wins so I find it really hard to pick just the best one. But my wedding in the Bahamas was the biggest, it included travel & accommodation for 4 adults, the wedding, reception at hotel, dress, rings, cake, flowers, videograoher etc. And just before that I won 10k cash so we paid for our 5 kids to come out with us too.”
– Claire M Harris

“Five thousand pounds and five thousand worth of tech gadgets. But most fun was ticket for Queens tennis.” – Deborah Corlett

“Tour of Chilean wineries with private chauffeur. 5 x 5 star hotels, one on a volcano, swimming in pools of volcanic heated spa water, all inclusive food and drink etc” – Elaine M Wilkinson 

“A luxury 7-night holiday in the Maldives" Cat McKell

You'll also get:


Coffee Break Winner

Win in 15 minutes a day


Updated six days a week, Coffee Break Winner lists over 200 brand-new competitions every week. These open and close pretty quickly so they can pass a lot of people by, even the most dedicated compers.

Added to that, over 80 of these competitions require a puzzle to be solved, which most people can’t be bothered or don’t have the time to do. Nor are many people willing to spend the money on the newspapers and magazines in the first place, increasing your chances of winning even more and saving you money.

We buy all the weekly papers and magazines: then solve all the puzzles for you (provided they are free to enter or the prize is worth 500 times more than the cost of entry).

The prizes are high value and plentiful. Again, in the last week alone we showed our members how they can get their hands on:


  • One of ten holidays worth £250,000 in total
  • A Mountfield mower
  • An iPhone 14
  • A 50-inch TV and a year's Racing TV membership
  • A laptop, an Apple iPad, an Echo Show, and an Apple Watch
  • £120,000 cash

“The prize was a day out at Goodwood for four people (yes I suddenly became very popular!). The day started with driving Classic and Racing cars around the Goodwood track, followed by a session on a skid pan! After lunch there was an opportunity to fly in a Tiger Moth – yes ‘loop the loop’ in an open cockpit plane! To settle the stomach the day ended with an evening meal at Goodwood House” – David Rudling

“I was lucky enough to win a week's trip to California. It was incredible. We actually didn't believe we had won until we got a phone call from the magazine saying that we needed to spend the £1,000 on ski gear as well. We had the most fantastic time.” Mark Reed

“My best ever win was a Carrabean cruise. It was fantastic and all free, flight to Atlanta then another to Fort Lauderdale stay in Sheridon hotel then on to the Celebrity cruise ship” – Carol Rawlings

“Although not the most valuable I think the best money can't buy win was a meet and greet with Tom Cruise and Lee Child! I won 2 tickets to a premiere in Leicester Square and met them both on the red carpet, got autographs, a video, and my knees went all to jelly. Tom looks at you like you are the only one in the whole world. I am usually such a sensible person! Also had a night in a very swish hotel. It was lovely” Viv Millward

“I joined your comping web site February 2019, by the end of March and my very 1st win was 5 days in Tampa Bay Florida” – Charles Jones

And finally...


The greatest collection of luxurious high-value prizes EVER published


Sammy and I have teamed up to run this great service. It lets you live like a glamorous influencer but without all the hassle or publicity. Instagram is home of beautiful images and goods and companies compete with each other to offer prizes that match the lifestyles they promote.

Just look at what they have put on offer in the last week –


  • An Yves Saint Laurent Gift Bag worth £500
  • An 18ct Yellow Gold and White Diamond Love Hearts MUM charm worth £490
  • A Florence sideboard worth £399
  • A £1,000 Harrods voucher
  • A three night stay at La Cour de Husson, a luxury vegan villa in Charente, France
  • £10,000 worth of beauty, fashion and electronic items
  • £1,000 straight into your bank account

Every Saturday Prize Studio publishes more than 100 Instagram competitions with an average value of £1,000 EACH! And as these competitions are all on Instagram they are really quick and easy to enter (don’t worry if you’ve never used Instagram before, it’s really simple and I’ve put together a guide to help you get started straight away).

"I have resisted Twitter and Instagram as I didn’t want too much social media in my life! BUT the prizes on Insta are so good these days!" P.A.

"I think the new Instagram competitions are fantastic and I love the way it's a community and everyone text each other. Thanks xxx" - Lucy

Lucy also said that she had her first couple of wins within two weeks of starting!

With these three comping services at your fingertips, you'll get over 600 new competitions every week - that’s more than 2,600 winning opportunities a month – over 31,200 chances to win every year.

And don’t worry if this seems a bit overwhelming because our bespoke software makes entering them really easy. It also lets you record what you’ve entered, put aside the ones you don’t fancy and search for the prizes you really want to win.

Plus every December the comping world goes mad for Advent Competitions. Last year there were over 1,200 companies offering Advent Competitions that you could enter every day. With the prizes getting better and better as you get closer to Christmas Day. You’ll get all these special Christmas comps as well. That’s like having another 30,000 competitions in December alone!

All our services are backed up by the friendliest customer services and support you can find. If you have a question or need help, you can get us on email, by phone or on Facebook and Instagram. We are a comping community like no other.

Plus for any postal comps you want to enter, we’ll give you 200 postcards of your choice from The Postcard Store - preferred by compers worldwide.

And the best bit, join the National Compers Alliance and you’ll never pay a subscription fee for another 10 years.

You’ll get full access to -

Simply Prizes – worth £101.40 a year

Coffee Break Winner – worth £77.52 a year

Prize Studio – worth £117.96 a year

Plus a £44.90 voucher for The Postcard Store (you decide what to spend it on).

That’s worth £341.78 in the first year alone; over 10 years you get £3,013.70 worth of goods and services.

When you see its value you can understand why we can’t afford to open the doors very often. In fact, there are only 99 0 places on offer this time round and we expect them to be snapped up very quickly.

Because all we ask is a single payment of £249 (plus a small admin fee of £4.95 a quarter, after the first year). You’ll save £92.78 in the first year alone and over the following nine years that’s a £2,764.70 saving!

And if you are already subscribing to one of our services, to make sure you don’t miss out on a penny of the savings we’ll refund the balance of your current subscription when you join the National Compers Alliance.

It’s a big promise and I want to reassure you that we will be around to deliver on every aspect of it. I’ve been working with comping magazines since 1997, and for the last seventeen years with Simply Prizes, Coffee Break Winner and now Prize Studio. I love what I do and aim to continue for far longer than just the next ten years.

Join the National Compers Alliance now 

“I love entering competitions and the NCA is a great way to find out about competitions, I do find a lot myself but there are always plenty I haven’t found” – Elaine Brown

“It’s great to be part of the NCA with other like minded compers. Hearing that people are still winning when I have a lean spell encourages me to carry on and not give up.” – Tricia Starkey

We are a small family business, dedicated to our customers, 4.9 of 5 people on Facebook recommend us -

It means we can’t do ‘big offers’ like this all the time, but now competitions are the new way that businesses and products are marketed, it's too good an opportunity to miss.

It's good for you because you'll be handed all the best competitions on a plate - saving you both time and money.

And it's good for us because when you start winning we can show potential new customers how brilliant comping is!

But you have to be quick because the limited places we have will go quickly, and I doubt we will open the National Compers Alliance anytime soon.

Bag the best comping deal around -
join the National Compers Alliance now

All the competitions mentioned in this letter are open and waiting for your entries right now, plus a trip for two to Los Angeles, with a £1,000 shopping spree. A trip for two to see FC Barcelona play, complete with flights, hotel and a meet and greet with players. A kitchen worth £20,000. A once-in-a-lifetime trip to Iceland. And £75,000, plus trip to Florida and tickets to Ant and Dec's final show.

But many of these will be closing in the next week or so and you don’t want to miss out.

However, I don’t want you to feel you have to make a decision now. Although it’s a fantastic deal, and one that won’t be opened again for a long time, I know it’s a big commitment. So, I want to offer you a no quibble, three-month, money-back guarantee.

If for any reason you decide you don’t want to continue with the National Compers Alliance, within the first three months, just let us know and we’ll return your membership fees in full.

And unlike many companies who demand continual ongoing payments, anytime you want a break, just let us know and we’ll suspend your membership and stop the admin fee. When you are ready to start again, there are no rejoining fees or costs, your admin charge covers it all.

Kind regards,

Lizzie Riley


PS: Bag £3,013.70  worth of goods and services now for just £249 and get access to 10 years' worth of the best UK competition listings, giving you the chance to win your share of the £300 million worth of prizes on offer every year.

PPS: And rest assured that you are protected by our no-quibble, money-back guarantee if you decide it's not for you.

All details were correct as of 17th March 2023

If you have any questions about the National Compers Alliance, you can email us at: info@oxonpress.co.uk or give us a call on: 01926 298986 (lines are open 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday)

Terms & Conditions

Membership of the National Compers Alliance (NCA) lasts ten years; allowing full subscriptions to Simply Prizes, Coffee Break Winner and Prize Studio, for as long as they are published. If any of these services are replaced with new ones, your membership will be transferred to the new service. You are also entitled to receive, free of charge, any other comping services launched by Oxfordshire Press Ltd during your subscription to the NCA. However, if any of the three original publications close, there is no refund due from your joining fee.

You can suspend your membership at anytime. Let us know and your administration fee of £4.95 a quarter will also be suspended. Failure to pay your administration fee will mean your membership will be automatically suspended. There will be no additional charge to start your membership again as your admin fee covers this. However, your subscription period won’t be extended, any portion that your membership is suspended is still within the ten-year time-frame.

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