Complete Comper

Urgent message from Lizzie Riley, Editor Coffee Break Winner

"I'm writing 99 57 of our readers a 'cheque' for £1,099.44... here's how YOU can receive one..."

Plus, if you're one of the lucky people to receive a 'cheque' today, you'll also gain access to 195,000 chances to grab winning prizes like...

• £104,988 in cash...
• A brand-new Mini Cooper...
• £50,000, an Audi and holiday to Barbados...
• A Rolex Submariner watch worth £6,000...


My name is Lizzie Riley, Editor of Coffee Break Winner and I've been helping people win prizes for over 24 years...

But today I have an unprecedented offer for you - one I likely won’t be able to repeat for years...

You see, I'm ready to write 99 57 of our readers a 'cheque' for £1,099.44 to try out our two flagship comping services RISK-FREE for 90 days.

Yes, I'm willing to put value in YOUR pocket to try out our proven services.

Take me up on this offer and you'll get your best ever opportunity to tap into the yearly £297-million-worth of UK giveaways...

That includes over 195,000 chances to win (all delivered to you in an automated fashion on our Private members' websites), which really swings the odds in your favour of bagging a prize.

And your first prize could be a beach holiday, a massive cash prize, or a state-of-the-art TV...

Now, what's important is that you understand that I can only make this exclusive offer for 99 57 of our readers - and when those spaces are gone, they're gone - so I hope you can respond to this offer in time.

Seriously, this opportunity could be snapped up within a few days!

Sorry for sounding so excited, but I can't wait for you to try this out. If you love winning prizes, this could be a real-life changer.

OK, so let me take a step back and explain what this is all about...

Deep breath, Lizzie!!

Simply Prizes and Coffee Break Winner are the UK's two leading comping services that have been going for many years, helping people like this win wonderful prizes...

"Just received cheque for £50,000. Still cannot believe that I have won so much! It's mind-boggling. I suppose I will just have to get on and start spending it!"

- Tony, Wigan (Coffee Break Winner)

"Won a great prize and last week my husband and I spent a fantastic time in Toronto, Canada. We had free flights, accommodation and VIP tickets to Bestival - a music festival held in Woodbine Park, Toronto."

- Marian Pugh (Simply Prizes)

"I am delighted to say I have won a James Villa holiday for four people worth £2,500!"

- Ann, Atherstone (Coffee Break Winner)

"I won a trip to California, with flights to LA... a limousine transfer to my accommodation in Hollywood. I felt so special I had to pinch myself to prove it wasn't a dream. The whole experience has given me a thirst for life."

- Angela, Lincolnshire (Simply Prizes)

Those are some impressive wins, right?

So, you're probably wondering why I would write YOU a 'cheque' in order to try out such profitable services?

Well, while our readers are already winning big, something is changing in the comping universe...

And I want to make sure you don't miss out...

Comping is set to go crazy...

Right now, British businesses can't hand out enough cash and prizes to ordinary people...

Just look at some of the headlines to hit the mainstream news recently...

Complete Comper Headline OneComplete Comper Headline Two


Better yet, experts believe SEVEN out of every ten big businesses worldwide could use competitions to attract new customers.

And with them all competing for our business in the current hard times comping is booming.

And it's a win-win for everyone involved...

  • Companies love handing out prizes because giving away a £3,000 holiday to Gran Canaria is cheaper than taking out an ad in a newspaper, plus they get great publicity, which attracts new customers...
  • And YOU get to bag free money or goodies from every competition you win.

Now is the time to make a packet from comping.

But here's the thing...

Despite the mainstream press picking up on the huge opportunity, most ordinary people are still unaware you can pocket thousands of pounds worth of goodies for free every week.

Or, if they have heard of comping, they've written it off as too good to be true, or a sport for weirdos.

Even worse, are those people who recognise comping for the huge cash cow that it is and want to get involved, but they can't because they're too overwhelmed by the sheer number of opportunities out there and don't have the time or know-how to sort the wheat from the chaff.

Well, I put my brain together with Sammy, the editor of our flagship comping service, Simply Prizes, and came up with a solution...

The birth of the ULTIMATE prize-winning opportunity

So, on a gloomy, rainy Bank Holiday, Sammy and I got together in a quiet room at Oxfordshire Press HQ, armed with hot drinks and snacks.

After six hours crunching numbers, drinking coffee, and planning... we came up with a plan to deliver the ULTIMATE prize-winning opportunity to our readers...

We decided to package our two most profitable comping services, Simply Prizes and Coffee Break Winner into one ULTIMATE prize-winning package - we call it Complete Comper.

And we gave access to Complete Comper to just 100 readers - spaces that were snapped up almost instantly.

Now, the doors have been shut since March 2022, but I've just persuaded Dave to let another 99 57 more people in, and to offer them this incredible £1,099.44 saving!

This ultimate package gives you over 195,000 chances to scoop top prizes like massive cash hauls, exotic holidays, brand new cars and the latest tech.

And don't worry if that sounds like too many competitions... we've streamlined the process of receiving new opportunities into an easy-to-navigate, categorised list on the private members' area on our websites.

This means (as soon as you secure access) you can find the most valuable current comping opportunities at a glance. Seriously, you could have a thousand-pound opportunity, or the chance at a new luxury fridge freezer, sorted in a matter of seconds.

In a moment, I'll show you how you can be one of the 99 57 people to gain access today (and explain why such a specific number of spaces are available).

First, let's take a closer look at the kind of goodies the two services in this ultimate prize-winning package have already bagged many of our readers - and could soon bring you...

I want to introduce you to Stella...

She's one of our members and she wrote in to share what she won thanks to our service:

"I had another phone call to say I had won a night in a Mayfair Hotel along with 12 cans of Sure deodorant and a £1000 voucher to spend in Selfridges, from New magazine."

Impressive haul, right?

But Stella isn't the only one to make out with thousands of pounds worth of goodies thanks to our services...

We've been publishing competition listings and tips for over twenty years now and we have a thick file of winners' letters, too many to include all of them here.

But here are just a handful of the winners who have been in touch with us...

"I have just won two flights to Australia plus £2000 gift card for accommodation etc. This was a competition in The Telegraph which I entered via Simply Prizes."

- Gay Wiseman

"I got an email on Thursday to say I had won an 8-day river cruise to Budapest! I am so excited, still unable to believe it. I only joined in February."

- Angela

"I have won a 6* all-inclusive holiday for two to Sandals Grand Resort Antigua including flights, transfers, and water sports. SO excited to have won such an amazing prize."

- Abigail

Just imagine how much Abigail would have to pay for this once-in-a-lifetime Caribbean holiday if she hadn't been lucky enough to win it. The cost would be pushing £10,000 at the very least.

But she didn't pay £10,000... she didn't even pay £2,000... she got it absolutely FREE!

You see, you don't have to be rich and famous to lead a life of luxury to enjoy beautiful holidays, free cash to spend and a steady supply of posh treats.

In fact, even most people with a healthy income would struggle to afford all these extras but our members have grown to not only eagerly await them but to expect them.

I'm talking about prizes and goodies like these real examples we've tipped to our members...

- £250,000 in cash...

- A five-star holiday for two at South Palm Resort, Maldives

- £90,000 and a Mercedes EQA electric car

- An electric bike worth £3,599

"Won VIP Royal Academy tickets, including dining at an exclusive restaurant and a £500 shopping voucher!"

Now, that's all well and good for Linda, but you don't just need to read about other people's prizes... because you can enjoy these types of free luxury goodies for yourself, starting today.

You see, I've prepared an incredible, 'no-brainer' deal for you... one I'm absolutely sure you won't be able to pass up on...

How to claim one of the 99 57 'cheques' we’re issuing to readers

As I promised at the start of this letter, today I've been given permission to give away an amazing package of comping products worth £1,348.44 at a 75%+ discount, distributed between 99 57 of our readers.

That's like writing a £1,099.44 cheque to everybody who secures their spot on this opportunity.

And if you're one of them, here's what you'll get...

BENEFIT ONE: Get Simply Prizes for FIVE years GUARANTEED.

That's over 650 brand-new competitions EACH AND EVERY WEEK which amounts to an incredible 169,000 brand new comps over those 5 years… all delivered to you on our automated membership area, so you don't need to worry about shifting through hundreds of emails.

These are high-value prizes, too, like -

- A family holiday to Florida

- A new £15,000 kitchen

- An all-inclusive Caribbean holiday

- An iphone X in gold

- Two tickets to the Champions League Final in Madrid

- A Bowflex Max Trainer M7 workout machine worth £2,500

- A family indoor skydiving experience

- An Indesit bundle worth over £1,000

As I say, thanks to our researchers’ work, these competitions are super-quick and easy for you to enter, so there really is a minimal time commitment here. We share with you, step by step, all the info you need to enter.

This means no rooting around for entry methods, closing dates and answers. We give it all to you on a plate which puts you in the same league as the professional compers but with a lot more free time!

BENEFIT TWO: Get Coffee Break Winner for the next FIVE years GUARANTEED.

You'll get over 150 competitions that most compers don't even see. Many of these comps close pretty quickly or are puzzle comps, where you have to buy the newspaper or magazine they are published in, and this puts most people off entering them.

Not only does the cost of buying newspapers and magazines on a daily basis add up quickly, the time you have to commit to answering them all is massive. As a result these sort of competitions attract far fewer entries that a normal prize-draw, increasing your chances of winning considerably.

We find 72 different puzzle comps every week and 39 from monthly magazines. The money you save not buying the magazines and newspapers, would pay for Complete Comper in a couple of months alone, never mind everything else you get.

In addition to the cash prizes the puzzle comps give out, our research finds stunning luxury prizes like -

- £150,000 and a Mercedes GLC

- £104,988 in cash

- £70,000 and a trip to Australia

- £50,000, an Audi and holiday to Barbados

- £30,000 and hospitality tickets to Cheltenham Gold Cup

- A TV, blu-ray player, a soundbar and film bundle

- A Google Pixel phone, a speaker and headphones

Over the next five years you’ll have exclusive access to nearly 32,500 of these harder comps that most people don’t have the time to solve let alone enter. That puts you way ahead of most people in the UK... even the professional compers!

BENEFIT THREE: Get 120 premium postcards and 120 luxury envelopes.

I also look after our 'Postcard Store' which for the past 15 years has been supplying discount premium stationery for our compers to help their entries stand out.

When you join the Complete Comper, I’ll send you 120 of our best premium postcards, with 120 high-quality gummed envelopes...

You won't have to pay a penny for these gifts, which are worth £53.64. And that's at the Postcard Store's usual discounted price. If you were to buy these on the high street they would cost you almost £100.

But you get them FREE today.

And our exclusive offer gets better and better...

How to secure one of the 99 57 £1,099.44 'cheques' I'm writing...

We've decided to combine Coffee Break Winner and Simply Prizes into a special package for you where you only pay for ONE year and then get FOUR YEARS' worth of both services FREE of charge.

Let me say that again...

You pay for ONE year and get FOUR years for free.

We can’t quite believe this offer ourselves but it's absolutely happening thanks to Dave giving us the nod - but strictly for 99 57 of our readers.

By securing one of the 99 57 Complete Comper spots available today you will make a massive saving.

Let me break it down for you...

Normally, five years' worth of Simply Prizes and Coffee Break Winner alone would cost £1,294.80.

And when you add the valuable postcards and envelopes this climbs to £1,348.44.

But we're not asking you to pay £1,348.44 today...

Nowhere near that.

You see, all we're asking for access to this ultimate package...

Which helped bag member Tony £50,000...

Is just £249... and that's for all five years' worth of both services, AND including the beautiful stationery gifts.

Altogether, that's a huge discount, I’m practically handing you a 'cheque' for £1,099.44.

Better yet, there are no admin charges or other hidden costs. This offer is completely up front and transparent. There is just one payment, that's all.

Then you just sit back and let our team of researchers uncover hundreds, even thousands of brilliant prizes for you.

Of course, you might be wondering why we'd give away 4 years’ worth of our comping services for free…

I must admit, there is a catch...

Whenever I see a really good deal offered by a company, the cynic in me asks myself what they're getting out of it.

Perhaps they are trying to shift stock that just won't sell, or perhaps they are tying you into some sort of contract you're not aware of!

But for us, the best way to get more customers is by helping you win prizes. This way we can show people what you've won.

So, by giving you this enormous discount offer today, we want you to join us and WIN MORE PRIZES so that we can shout about what we do to everyone else!

It'd even be great if you'd like to send us a message about your winnings, like the ones you've seen from members today.

The only "catch" is that we can only offer 99 57 places on this amazing deal...


Well, Dave was a bit taken aback when we first put this idea to him. He said that while it was a lovely way to reward our best customers, we couldn't afford to offer this deal to everyone.

That's why we had the original 100-person cap.

And it's why this was only available to a maximum of 99 57 people on a first-come, first-served basis today.

But, hurry you need to act now.

I mean, you can do the maths yourself...

When my publisher is footing the bill of £1,099.44 per person...

99 free spots adds up to a giveaway of £108,844.56...

If we opened that up to 500 people… that’d be £549,720.00...

And if we opened this deal up to ALL our readers... we'd be out of business in 24 hours!

So I urge you to grab your place now because we expect these places to be snapped up quickly and we are under strict orders not to have more than 99 57 new members.

Don't worry about rushing into a decision either, because you'll have plenty of time to make up your mind whether this is for you or not WITHOUT having to lock-in a single penny...


Our 100% no-quibble money back GUARANTEE

Yep, there's no need to commit a single penny today...

If in your first three months of membership to Complete Comper you find that all the comping opportunities we offer aren't for you then we'll give you a full refund.

We'll respect your decision and that will be that! Even if you've won some great prizes during this time we'll simply congratulate you and cancel your subscription with no fuss.

The £53.64 worth of free stationery we have sent you will be yours to keep no matter what.

So you've nothing to lose by giving Complete Comper a go.

We're happy to make this guarantee because we think you'll want to stick around. With all the 195,000 opportunities to claim free cash and luxury items we’ll be pumping your way, there's no doubt you'll be winning regularly. In fact, I’d be amazed if you didn’t win back at least double the joining fee in your first year alone.



Just like Steven from Bridlington...

"I've just received a phone call from ITV letting me know that I have just won £7,676 after entering a competition on CBW So thank you very much..."

Or Angela Cringle…

“My favourite wins this year are a Fridge freezer from facebook and £1000 to spend on AEG goods from the co-op, I got a new washing machine, oven and hob. I have also won a Luxury 5 star weekend in Edinburgh with travel and concert tickets, a year’s supply of Hollands pies, a Rodia makeup set and £300 Hoeseason holiday voucher...”

Or Ellie from Didcot...

"Just wanted to let you know, within 3 weeks of joining Coffee Break Wiinner, I had won a gadget bundle worth £2000, inc LED TV, Microsoft tablet, Samsung galaxy phone, and a PS3 Slim!! I have never won anything before!!"

You're just one step away from joining these guys and winning huge prizes...

And that brings us to the most important part of this letter...

You've got TWO choices...

Look, it's decision time.

I've laid out everything you'll get if you manage to secure one of the 99 57 Complete Comper membership spots available today.

  • All you have to do is say YES and all this can be yours...
  • 120 premium postcards and 120 envelopes of your choice worth £53.64...
  • Five years' worth of Simply Prizes and Coffee Break Winner worth £1,294.80

That's a total of £1,348.44 worth of premium quality goods and services, yours for just £249.00 provided you are one of the first 99 57 people to take up this offer.

Combined, this will give you access to over 195,000 new competitions over the next five years, plus postcards and envelopes that will boost your chances.

All we are asking for is a small percentage of this amount to help cover some of our editorial, research and design costs.

Of course you can take the second choice and walk away from this offer, but why would you want to do that when you get a THREE MONTH money back guarantee too?

That's 90 days to take Complete Comper for a spin and see if it works for you, WITHOUT committing a single penny.

We think it's a win-win offer and we urge you to take up your place now because we really can't afford to have more than 99 57 new members on board with this deal... and I'd hate for you to miss out.

So, go ahead, please fill in your details below...

Lizzie Riley

Lizzie Riley
Complete Comper

PS: We anticipate a big demand for this 'no brainer' deal and, as I say, we can only offer it to the first 99 57 who apply.

Once we have our new members on board (and profiting) we'll be forced to close the offer with no exceptions.

So, please, if you want to join our small group of insiders and start collecting thousands of pounds worth of free cash and goodies act RIGHT NOW...


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This small charge of just £4.95 a quarter helps maintain the database and websites, allowing us to bring you more than 725 brand-new competitions every week.


Against the Crowd – Royal Ascot

Against the Crowd Banner

Join me for Royal Ascot 2024....

Tuesday 18th June to Saturday 22nd June....

Green TickI’m targeting ALL 12 handicaps run across the 5-days of the Royal meeting….

Green TickI’ll highlight exactly where my own contrarian money is going – and on what basis….

Green Tick

I’ll deliver my thoughts and selections into your email box the day before each day’s racing – so that you can get to work bagging the best prices….

Green TickMy advice will be with you by 1.00 pm at the latest....

Green TickMy objective is to highlight value. I'll be opposing favourites and other heavily-fancied horses in favour of 'live' contenders at tasty prices....

Green TickHandicap events are the primary focus – but if I think there’s value in any of the big G1 races then I’ll be sure to flag those bets up too….

My selections for Day 1 of Royal Ascot (Tuesday, 18th June) will be distributed via email on Monday, 17th Juneno later than 1pm….

…. so don’t delay….

…. don’t drag your feet….

…. don’t miss the best of the prices….

…. and don’t miss this year’s Royal Ascot winners on my ATC service….

Put me to the test at flat racing’s most iconic fixture….

Join me exclusively for all 5-days of Royal Ascot 2024 for a one-off payment of just £20.00….

See you inside….

Nick Pullen

Nick Pullen

Against the Crowd

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Simply Prizes One-Month Free-Trial

Join Simply Prizes today and we'll give you a whole month for free!

That's right, you can try out everything Simply Prizes has to offer for a whole month, without having to pay a penny.

And then if you decide to stay with us then it could cost you just £2.99 a week, peanuts for the 600 plus competitions we find every single week.

Simply fill in your details below to start your one-month free-trial now...


Simply Prizes Advent Competitions 33% Discount

Simply Prizes Advent Competitions

Special Advent Competitions Offer

Make December amazing - Join Simply Prizes, just for December and get over 1,000 Advent Competitions, plus all the other 2,000 new comps Simply Prizes will find in December. All for just £9.99 for the whole month.

The Best Advent Competitions listing service in the UK - last year we found over 1,000 different Advent Competitions, with daily prizes, which is why this is your best time of the year to win.

Access to at least 500 BRAND NEW competitions each week - that's over 2,000 for the month

Three competition updates a week - covering every type of comp you can think of from magazine, web, creative, shop and social media

All competitions thoroughly researched by the team - so you have complete peace of mind that you're not passing your details to fraudulent companies

Access to our unique competition tracking system and password protected website - where you can keep a close eye on your competition entries and pick the prizes you most want to win

So, what are you waiting for?

Transform your Christmas and get things for free in December, when most people are spending money!


Simply Prizes Advent Competitions

Simply Prizes Advent Competitions

Special Advent Competitions Offer

Join now and pay just £14.99 for membership to Simply Prizes and as a member this December you will get:

The Best Advent Competitions listing service in the UK - last year we found over 1,000 different Advent Competitions, with daily prizes, which is why this is your best time of the year to win.

Access to at least 500 BRAND NEW competitions each week - that's over 2,000 a month

Three competition updates a week - covering every type of comp you can think of from magazine, web, creative, shop and social media

All competitions thoroughly researched by the team - so you have complete peace of mind that you're not passing your details to fraudulent companies

Access to our unique competition tracking system and password protected website - where you can keep a close eye on your competition entries and pick the prizes you most want to win

So, what are you waiting for?

Transform your Christmas and get things for free in December, when most people are spending money!


Across the Leagues 2023-24

Across the Leagues Logo

Across the Leagues 2023/24

HALF PRICE until the end of the season...

With the April and May fixture lists packed with big matches…

Titles, cups, promotion, and relegation all to be decided…

And a season of form in the book…

Don’t miss our Spring Special Offer…

HALF PRICE until the end of the season…

Join now for just £40 £20

A ONE-OFF membership – with no recurring payments…

Taking you right up to the Champions League Final on 1st June!

Grab your 50% discount today…

  • Standard Price £20 per month. Join now and pay just £20 in total, for full access for April and May – through to the Champions League Final on 1st June

Join Across the Leagues today. And as well as unique stats & analysis on 17 domestic leagues, and coverage of the Champions League Knockout rounds…

You’ll also get all my bet selections by email…

Even more reasons to join Across the Leagues:


The best endorsements come from people already using the service! Check out these comments from Across the Leagues members:

Across the Leagues Testimonial - Chris & Ian

Across the Leagues Testimonial - Lee, Shaun & John

World Cup Final 2022 - Winning Testimonials

World Cup Final 2022 - Winning Bet Builder

World Cup Final 2022 - Winning Testimonials

2) Website with bet-specific stats for 17 LEAGUES…

Along with bet selections, analysis & advice by email. I’ll give you the tools to pick your own winners, too! Get exclusive access to the Across the Leagues website. Packed with bet-specific stats for 17 leagues across the UK & Europe. Covering over 300 teams, and dozens of betting markets. From Match Results, Total Goals, and Both Teams to Score… to Scorers, Corners, Cards, Half Time results, and Referees…

3) Analysis and bet advice by EMAIL every week...

Weekly emails all season, including accas and big-odds picks. Plus, updates throughout the week - including midweek Champions League games. Standout stats and recommended bets, direct to your inbox...

4) HALF PRICE until the end of the season…

Act now and take advantage of our Spring Special Offer:

  • Membership to Across the Leagues is £20 a month. But join today for a one-off payment of £20 and get full access for April AND May, right up to the Champions League final on 1st June

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Against the Crowd – Special Offer

30+ years playing the racing markets has taught me one thing for sure….

Smart money always beats dumb money over the long term….

Betting the races is a game of opinions….

It’s you against the market....

And how you make out as a racing punter will ultimately boil down to one thing – the quality of your opinions….

If your opinions suck, so will your long-term results….

If your opinions are more accurate than most – you’ll do better than most. No doubt….

Your opinion is the commodity you take to market. An opinion is all any punter has – bar the money with which to back it….

And it stands to reason that the better-informed opinions will always have the edge in the markets….

…. the smartest money will always win out across the long term….

…. those who know that little bit more will always be at an advantage over those who know that little bit less....

To win at this game you will need to know more than the next punter – and the next punter after him….

Your money needs to be smarter than their money….

And the smarter your money is – the more potent your opinions prove to be – the better the bottom-line outcome you will enjoy….

>>>> Information is king….

Your opinion is what you put to the test in the market….

Every market outcome you experience will be a direct product of how accurate your opinion was….

And any opinion is only as good as the quality of information it is based on. Information really is king in the racing markets….

The better informed you are – the more successful you will be. That’s a no-brainer….

Guessers, pin-stickers, blaggers and pseudo-experts don’t cut the mustard. Nor do punters who bet on hunches, listen to trackside whispers, or follow the money….

The racing punters who consistently do best across the long term are those armed with high-quality information. And that’s not something you can just pluck out of the ether….

The successful racing punter has his finger on the pulse of the game – studying his subject in depth. He has a better grasp and command of the detail than the punters he bets against….

He does the donkey work. He watches and rewatch races. He keeps on top of the form, he mines the data, and he puts serious time into his analysis – digging deep to winkle out golden nuggets of insight that other punters miss….

He works hard. He’s always watching. Always thinking. Always engaged with the game – and always alert to any information or developments that might lead to a promising betting opportunity….

Is it any surprise his opinions are better-informed than most? After all, in what walk of life does hard work not pay off?

Smart money always beats dumb money over the long term. Smart money always has the edge. Always….

And becoming a smarter punter is a relatively straightforward process. There’s nothing stopping you from getting started on that process right now. You can go about it two ways….

You can do it on a purely DIY basis – put in the time, work hard, and build your knowledge base and experience over time….

Or you can find someone to help you – an experienced and qualified analyst prepared to put in the time and do the work for you….

That way you can piggyback on what that analyst already knows and what he can tell you going forward – always learning as you go and sharpening your own tools along the way….

Which way you choose to do it is your business. But do it you must. Either that or stay out of the markets….

Because if you’re not striving to work from the best-quality information possible, you’re going to find it hard work making the racing markets pay….

That much I can tell you for certain – and that certainty comes from hard-won and expensive experience….

Become a smarter handicap punter….

Your personal racing consultant….

They say it takes 10,000 hours to develop expertise – and that’s probably a conservative estimate….

Even if you study horse racing for 20 hours a week it’s going to take 10-years to bank that time. 10 years! And whose got 20 hours to spare?

When you need a legal opinion, you don’t go to law school. Instead, you consult a lawyer. You piggyback on his knowledge and experience. That’s the smart move….

Think of me – Nick Pullen – as your personal racing consultant….

I’ve already put 10,000 hours into the racing game – and the rest. And I continue to put in the time – all year round….

I’m a full-time racing analyst dedicated to digging out quality information that big-field handicap punters can put to profitable use in the markets…. 

Access my findings in ATC….

>>>> I can help you….

My name is Nick Pullen….

I’ve been betting the horses for 30+ years – and since 2007 I’ve written the Against The Crowd (ATC) service….

My column goes out Monday to Friday and caters to racing punters who bet the big-field handicaps on the flat and over the jumps – the toughest betting puzzles on the racing programme….

My simple objective is to provide readers with high-quality information, insights, advice, and opinions they can put to profitable work in the big-field handicap markets. No more. No less….

I reckon I do a pretty good job of it. My track record says as much. And I reckon plenty of readers would agree….

But that doesn’t mean I’m an infallible genius who knows everything and always gets everything right. Not at all. I’m far from that….

I don’t mind telling you straight off the bat that I’m wrong a hell of a lot more times than I’m right….

That’s always been the case and it always will be….

I don’t pick the winner of every race I target for bets at the weekend or at the big midweek Festivals….

I don’t get it right with every observation I make….

I don’t get it right with every opinion I share….

I don’t get it right with all the advice and recommendations I give....

I get plenty wrong. But I don’t worry about it. And I certainly don’t apologise for it….

Getting things wrong is part and parcel of playing the game. It’s par for the course. To be expected….

After all, we’re talking about horse racing – a sport that revolves around largely unpredictable half-ton animals made of flesh, blood, muscle, and bone running around a field….

Nobody gets everything right. Nobody could hope to….

The important thing is to get enough right at sufficiently good prices to make the game pay across the long term….

And I most certainly get that job done. I’ve been doing it for 15-years. And I can tell you for sure that my readers – past & present would happily confirm that….

But, at the end of the day, they don’t need to. Because it’s all a matter of incontrovertible record….

Make your betting pay more across the long-term….

>>>> Take Arecibo, for instance….

At the start of the 2021 flat season Arecibo was officially rated 91….

You might recall, he had come over from France to join David O’Meara’s yard back in the spring of 2019 – starting off his British career at Ripon on a mark of 100….

Two runs in, O’Meara gelded the horse and two runs after that Arecibo won a C3 handicap at Ayr off a mark of 91….

It was the only time he won for the O’Meara yard in 24 runs. It’s fair to say he’d been difficult to win with. The 6yo was headed into a new season with a career record that read just 3 wins from 36 runs @ 8.3% on the turf flat….

But he was very much on my radar – and I told my ATC readers why….

Arecibo Example - Part One

I also alerted readers to the fact that Arecibo had something else in his favour. He’d recently moved to Robert Cowell’s yard….

Arecibo Example - Part Two

I pointed to Cowell’s work with another cast-off sprinter – Raucous. He’d looked like a horse on a terminal decline heading into Cowell’s yard. But within 18-months he’d banked a stack of prize money for his new connections and gone very close to winning a Wokingham and a Stewards Cup – the top races on the sprint handicap scene….

I gave my readers the bottom line….

Arecibo Example - Part Three

It turned out to be very good information for readers who took note….

Arecibo won first-time up for Cowell at Newmarket – sent off at 9/2. He won again at the same track in May – sent off at 85/40….

Then he really hit his straps – going very close in the G1 King’s Stand Stakes at Royal Ascot. He finished 2nd that day sent off at 28s. But he’d been much bigger that same morning and was easy to back at prices as big as 50s….

He placed next time at Sandown sent off at 8s. Later in the same season he placed again in France….

It was quality information that I gave to ATC readers – even if I say so myself. It was information you could put to profitable use in the market. And many ATC readers did just that….

One of them – TN – had this to say….

TN - Against the Crowd Testimonial

Get better racing information direct to your inbox….

>>>> Or consider Copper Knight….

Arecibo was no flash in the pan job….

Tim Easterby’s Copper Knight was another horse I was very interested in for the 2021 flat campaign….

Here’s what I told my readers on Monday, 12th April….

Copper Knight Example

Again, it turned out to be a good quality lead for punters – one that paid dividends in the markets across the season….

Copper Knight ran 13 more times between May and the end of October – winning three times and placing in an additional four races….

Two of those wins – banked in C2 handicaps at York and Doncaster in fields of 14 and 17 – paid out at 18s and at 22s ….

So, we’re not talking about some odds-on cert dotting up in a 5-runner race against vastly inferior horses….

If you’d backed him in each of his runs during the season to the tune of 1 point each-way at SP you’d have banked a profit of 47.5 points….

That’s A1 betting business by any standards you want to apply – and it started with good-quality information….

And let’s not forget that the profit stated above is calculated to SP. Chances are you’d have got even better prices early doors, at Betfair SP or on the tote….

I don’t get everything right but – like I say – the things I do get right tend to pay well. And that’s the kind of high quality information racing punters appreciate....

Here’s what ATC reader DC told us….

DC - Against the Crowd Testimonial

Be better-informed than the punters you bet against….

>>>> Hey Jonesy was another big-priced highlight….

As part of the ATC service, I draw attention to these kinds of horses – horses ready to oblige at big prices – year-on-year….

In 2020 it was probably Hey Jonesy who provided the highlight for readers….

During lockdown and ahead of the racing restarting, I’d taken an in-depth look at Kevin Ryan’s horse and on 14th May I reported my conclusions. I told readers this….

Hey Jonesy Example

My assessment was spot-on and paid big dividends….

Just five weeks later Hey Jonesy struck in the Wokingham at Royal Ascot on his second run of the season. He was sent off unloved and unfancied at 18s – but had been easy to back at bigger prices earlier in the day….

Plenty of ATC readers had taken note and were on. MR, for example – who had this to say….

MR - Against the Crowd Testimonial

And AF was just one of many more who made hay that hot June day….

AF - Against the Crowd Testimonial

Smarter thinking – smarter info – smarter betting….

>>>> How we cashed in on Frankel progeny….

And ATC is not just about highlighting individual horses….

I also dig out little-known betting angles you can exploit and make profits from….

Just like the one I shared ahead of the 2021 Royal Ascot meeting – one that revolved around Frankel progeny….

Here’s what I told my ATC readers….

Frankel Example

That was high-quality information – a pre-meeting steer that led ATC readers to profitable bets at the meeting….

Here’s what ATC reader NH had to say….

NH - Against the Crowd Testimonial

Terry weighed in too….

Terry - ATC Testimonial

Angles that deliver profit….

Nick thinks differently- that’s why I publish him….

‘Me and Nick go back 25-years. We met through work. We were both in the financial newsletter business…. 

Later, when I needed a racing writer, Nick was the first person I thought of…. 

I didn’t want the same-old-same-old. I didn’t want some hack going through the motions. I didn’t want somebody regurgitating news stories or trotting out second-hand opinions…. 

I wanted a racing writer with a mind of his own. Someone with self-generated thoughts and insights. Someone who can think out of the box…. 

I wanted a writer capable of delivering a unique and useful racing service that readers would benefit from…. 

Nick’s a racing fanatic – always has been. You have to be that way to produce a good service. You can’t play at it... 

But the big thing about Nick is the way he thinks. He’s got his own way of going about ‘the game’ – his own way of looking at it. He thinks differently – and that’s why I publish him….’ 

Dave Gibson – Publisher – January 2022

>>>> Profit angles at ALL the big meetings….

Royal Ascot 2021 was no special case….

I make a point of providing betting angles and pointers ahead of ALL the big meetings – on the flat and over the jumps….

And not just any angles based on some ‘feeling’ in my gut. I don’t do guesswork. I don’t do posturing. I don’t do make it all up as I go along….

I provide high-quality information, insights, and observations – based on the cold hard facts in the historic record, the formbook, races run and the performances of horses that run in them….

…. information which will help you build informed opinions and judgments you can capitalize on in the markets….

And – let me be straightforward – an informed opinion is a definite edge in the markets. Make no mistake about that. Most punters don’t have one. That’s for certain….

For sure, every man and his dog has an opinion when pushed for one….

But most opinions aren’t worth a carrot….

The vast majority are borrowed from some third-party. Most of the rest are ill-conceived, ill-considered or the product of glorified pin-sticking….

Informed opinions are a true rarity – believe me. And getting an informed opinion is just about the smartest move any punter can make….

Of course, I’m not trying to say that everybody but me is a fool. There are quality racing punters out there – for sure….

Punters who know what they think and know exactly why they think it…

Punters who can back up their opinions and their betting decisions with arguments that hold water and which are based on facts and clever observational insights….

Punters who know the nitty-gritty of the racing game….

Punters familiar with the nuts and bolts of putting decent bets together….

Punters who can understand a form card…. Punters who can read a race…. Punters who can figure out what’s hidden between the lines….

But these punters are in a very small minority – because getting to that point – reaching that kind of level as a punter – requires a serious investment of both time and effort….

And for one reason or another most punters cannot or will not make that investment….

Some punters simply don’t have the time to devote to the subject – fair enough….

Others are just plain idle and choose to play the racing in the same way they might play a fruit machine – put the money in, press the button, watch the reels spin, and see what happens….

No problem. I’m a live-and-let-live kind of guy. People can play the game however they want. It makes little or no difference to me….

But I stand by what I said earlier. I won’t be shifted on it….

How you make out as a racing punter will ultimately boil down to one thing – the quality of your opinions….

And the quality of your opinions will only be as good as the quality of the information you’re working from. It’s as simple as that….

Let me put it another way: a plant grown in poor soil won’t produce good flowers – if indeed it grows at all….

Add high-quality information to your betting formula….

251.85 points to the good....

Every weekend - and at all the big midweek festivals - I stick my head above the parapet and highlight my selections for all the top-level big-field handicaps....

I get plenty wrong. You can rely on that. And that's always going to happen because I put up plenty of horses at big prices....

A good proportion of those get beaten. But that's par for the course. Losers are part and parcel of playing the long-term 'value' game....

I don't worry about losers. I don't care about strike rates. I don't care about dry spells. When I hit a loser, I simply move on to the next race....

The objective is to hit enough winners (and/or placers) at sufficiently good prices to get in front on the bottom line across the long-term....

And ATC's track record reveals that I get the job done....

Had you backed every selection to the tune of 1-point e/w at advised prices from the start of 2016 - you'd have banked a profit of 251.85 points....

And bear in mind that those figures relate only to the selections I put up at weekends and at the big midweek festivals....

The information and opinions provided as part of ATC’s standard day-to-day coverage resulted in many more winners and winning opportunities over the same period….

ATC - information that delivers....

>>>> ATC = high-quality information you can use….

I’ve been writing ATC now for 15-years….

Racing services that go out 5-days per week simply don’t stick around that long unless they’re providing information that punters value and can put to profitable use….

Punters aren’t stupid. They know rubbish when they see it….

It doesn’t take long before they see through some slick-talking bullshitter. Punters know real from fake….

They know when an analyst is putting in the proper work and doing the hard yards. And they know when some clown is just going through the motions….

There’s an extensive archive on the ATC website where you can go back years and look at all the high-quality information the service provides – and which readers have put to work in the race markets….

I could probably spend the next 3-weeks doing nothing else but cutting and pasting all the best bits – putting together a highlight reel for the ages….

I could tell you about all the many clever observations and unique insights I’ve made about specific horses over the years – observations that led readers to multiple winners at big prices….

I could tell you all about the research and analysis I do and all the profitable betting angles I’ve shared with readers – angles based on rigorous interrogation of a unique 25-year dataset I personally compile, maintain, and study in forensic detail….

I could tell you about all the unique stats I compile, produce, and distribute in ATC – stats you won’t find anywhere else…. stats that illuminate complex situations…. stats that provide a window on hard-to-solve races…. stats that inform productive thinking…. stats that spark ideas…. stats that point the way to profitable bets….

I could tell you about all the heavily-fancied favourites I’ve picked holes in days ahead of the race – correctly advising readers on exactly why they won’t win and why they should be opposed in the betting….

I could tell you about all the winners I’ve put up in the big weekend races – and at the major midweek festivals….

And not just any winners. I’m talking winners at BIG prices. Dozens of them across the years at 16s, 20s, 25s, 28s, 33s, 50s – and bigger….

It might sound like I’m bragging. Or talking out of the back of my head. But it happens to be the truth. And it’s all a matter of record….

Don’t get me wrong. There have been plenty of losers along the way. Loads of them. Way more losers than winners….

And that’s the way it’s always going to be because I play the big-field handicaps (my area of specialization) – the most competitive races on the programme and the toughest betting puzzles that punters are confronted with….

And I never play it safe. I never back favourites. I always oppose the market. I always take on the most fancied horses….

I’m a contrarian punter – always have been and I always will be. I go against the grain. I swim against the tide. I march to the beat of a different drum….

I don’t follow the money. I find ways to oppose it. My modus operandi is always to seek out the value option in the market….

In every big-field handicap I target, my mission is to seek out the horse I believe is a ‘live’ contender – but which is underestimated, overlooked, and overpriced by the market….

That’s the kind of horse I like to bet in the big-field handicaps. The right kind of horse trading at the wrong price – a price that underestimates its true chances of winning….

I get it wrong frequently. But I get it right too. At BIG prices….

And over the years – with straightforward tips at weekends and at all the midweek festivals – I’ve got it right frequently enough at the right kind of prices to get in front on the bottom line across the long-term. And that’s no mean feat….

Yes, I could spill a great deal of ink telling you all that stuff in the kind of detail that might put you – or me – to sleep. But I won’t subject you to it….

Instead, I’ll let just a few of my readers take the stage for a moment – so that they can tell you in their own words what ATC is all about for them….

They do a better job of summing up what ATC is, what it provides and what it does for them than I ever could.

After all, they read ATC – Monday to Friday – every single week of the year. They know what they’re talking about….

RR - Against the Crowd Testimonial

FH - Against the Crowd Testimonial

AG - Against the Crowd Testimonial

PW - Against the Crowd Testimonial

WH - Against the Crowd Testimonial

JS - Against the Crowd Testimonial

DC (2) - Against the Crowd Testimonial

C - Against the Crowd Testimonial

See for yourself – test-drive my ATC service….

Integrity and honesty….

“Hi Nick, I just felt I had to give you my sincere thanks for the brilliant service you offer. This is my 3rd year and it just gets better…. The integrity and honesty in your service is to be commended and long may you continue to prosper.” BS

Let’s be straightforward, a lot of racing services are run by shysters – the type of people who can’t lie straight in bed at night….

Nick’s a different class of animal and readers are often pleasantly surprised to discover a service that plays it completely straight….

No false claims. No hyperbole. No weasel words. No lies by omission. No bullshit. No bending the truth into a shape that suits….

No whooping it up when he gets something right. No shying away from reality when he gets something wrong….

Nick’s a straight-down-the-line operator – and it’s a feature of ATC that readers really appreciate…. 

Try a ‘straight’ racing service….

>>>> Don’t just take their word for it….

Of course, you shouldn’t just take their word for it….

I take nobody’s word for anything. I’m not really interested in what other people have to say….

And that’s one of the reasons why ATC has enjoyed long-term success in the racing markets….

I don’t rely on third-party opinion – I prefer to do my own thinking, and I like to look at things my own way and figure them out for myself….

I suggest you take the same approach. There’s no need to rely on the judgments and opinions of others where my ATC service is concerned….

You can take a good hard look at the high-quality information ATC provides for the next 90-days – without risking a single penny….

That’s plenty of time to assess how I work. And it’s plenty of time to reach an informed opinion on the edge ATC will give you in the big-field handicap markets across the long-term….

Better still – you can undertake this 3-month assessment of my ATC service at absolutely NO-RISK – to life, limb, or finances….

I offer all new ATC subscribers a cast-iron 90-Day money back guarantee….

You can take the ATC service for the next 3-months and if you’re not entirely satisfied – for whatever reason at any time – your subscription fees will be refunded in full….

No questions asked. No quibbling. No strings. And no delays….

That’s a guarantee you can hold me to – personally….

Click here to start your 90-day RISK-FREE trial of Against the Crowd NOW!

And it gets better still….

>>>> Get a 50% discount today….

You probably think my ATC service costs a bomb….

And I can understand why you might think that way….

Like me, you’ll have seen racing services that charge members £50 a week or 100s of pounds a month….

Services that don’t offer much more than a daily text containing the name of a horse trading at a prohibitively short price – and an affiliate link to a bookie they want you to open an account with….

There’s no evidence of thought. There’s no explanation as to how any bet was reached. You’re not learning anything. You’re not getting any information or knowledge that you can take away and use in the future….

In short, you can pay thousands to be on the service for a couple of years and be no wiser about racing and no better a punter than when you started out….

But that’s not ATC. We haven’t been around for 15-years because we’ve built a business based on under-delivery or ripping people off….

That’s not how I work. It’s not how the service works. It’s not how my publisher and his back-room team work….

We believe in value for money. And that’s exactly what ATC provides – all the way down the line….

We know a lot of our readers aren’t £1,000 per bet high-rollers….

We know that a lot of our readers play recreationally and aren’t looking to be £250 per month down before a bet’s even been placed….

We know racing is a hobby for most of our readers – and that nobody’s betting to pay for an island in the Caribbean or a Lamborghini….

So we ask for a subscription fee of just £20 per month – or £4.62 a week. It’s a pint and a bag of nuts. And my ATC service is well worth that minimal investment. Across a year that works out at just £240….

But – that’s the standard deal. I want to do better than that for you. And I can – if you’re prepared to join my ATC service right now….

Join today and I can let you have an entire year's membership to ATC for just £117. That's just £2.25 a week….

And that’s no 1-year-only deal either….

Not only will you enjoy this 50% discount this year. It’s an offer that stretches across a 'lifetime'….

As long as you remain an ATC member you’ll never be asked to pay a penny more than £117 in subscription fees per year….

And that can add up to a tidy lifetime saving – for sure….

A high proportion of the ATC readership have been with me for years. Such is the quality of information I provide – readers tend to stick once they’ve discovered me….

If you prefer, you might choose our quarterly subscription option – which works out at £3.00 per week for full membership….

Take ATC at a 50% discount on our standard pricing….

>>>> Put ATC to the test for 90-days – RISK-FREE….

Our money-back guarantee covers you for your first three-months….

At any time during that period – for whatever reason – you can cancel your subscription and I’ll refund any membership fees paid – in full….

There’s no catch. I want you to feel totally comfortable joining the service – and assessing the value of the information I provide Monday to Friday….

I want you to do so knowing that you’re taking no financial risk – and that you can get your money back in full if the service turns out not to be right for you….

I believe it will be right for you though. Proper racing punters with a deep interest in the racing game tend to love what I do on the ATC service. There’s no other service out there quite like it. That’s a fact….

Let’s just briefly recap on what you’ll be getting as an ATC subscriber….

What you get as an Against the Crowd member

>>>> Still here?

I can’t tell you when I’m going to pick out the next big-field handicap winner at 20s, 25s or 33s….

I don’t know when I’m going to identify a horse that’s showing me all the signs it’s going to win a big pot at some point this season….

I’m not sure which of the profit angles I’ll be revealing over the next few weeks are going to deliver most betting profit….

I don’t know where the next interrogation of my unique 25-year stats database is going to lead….

All I can tell you is this: there are some huge handicap races set to be run over the next few weeks….

As per usual ATC will be targeting them all….

I’ll be looking at those races in forensic detail pre-race….

I’ll be seeking out angles and clues – with the intention of getting an edge over the market….

I’ll be doing my contrarian thing, sticking my head over the parapet, and putting up my idea of the ‘value’ – the horses I believe are ‘live’ contenders trading at prices that underestimate their true chances of winning….

And I’ll be studying the outcome of those races very closely – in search of pointers and observations that will lead to solid future bets….

In short, I’ll be doing all I can – as your hired hand – to deliver high-quality information and analysis that you can put to profitable use in the markets….

I’ll be doing all I can to give you an edge over the punters you’re betting against….

I’ll be doing all I can to help you become a smarter and more effective punter in the markets – that’s the bottom line….

Because smart money always beats dumb money in the racing markets across the long-term. Always….

Betting the race markets for 30-years has taught me that one thing for certain….

Click here to start your 90-day RISK-FREE trial of Against the Crowd NOW!

All the best….

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