Imagine claiming £127,000 cash, a VIP trip to the BAFTA's, a brand NEW 43" TV and a trip to the Caribbean... in your COFFEE BREAK!

"Just received cheque for £50,000. Still cannot believe that I have won so much! It's mind-boggling. I suppose I will just have to get on and start spending it!" Tony, Wigan

"I am delighted to say I have won a James Villa holiday for four people worth £2,500! I depart with my party to Kefalonia on 2nd Sept, What a fantastic prize which includes car hire" Ann, Atherstone


And what's even better is that YOU could join the likes of Tony, Ann and hundreds of others like them in just the 5 minutes it takes to have a cuppa in your next break!



You've no doubt seen the stories in the national press, on the news and on the radio - ordinary people like you and me who are transforming their lives by taking home prizes, gifts and freebies. Never having to pay for their next holiday or any of the presents from their families Christmas lists again.

People like Kiran Parry, who tops up his annual income by nearly £6,000 a year with the freebies he takes home.

Or Di Coke who was able to give up her job to live off the prizes she wins! In fact Di says she has won over £250,000 in prizes.

And Victoria Measures who started entering competitions to save money as a student who has racked up a whopping £30,000 worth of prizes – more than the average UK salary of £27,300.

Then there's Holly Gregerson who started comping in December last year, with the aim of having a spend-free Christmas.

And how about Sarah Taylor who had already won £12,000 worth of prizes, but had just lost her job when she won a dream wedding worth £10,000.

The Mirror told how Ricky Willis has won £20,000 entering free competitions.

The Sun also followed Victoria's story we mentioned earlier.

Even the Telegraph have reported on how successful a hobby comping can be.

None of these compers are associated with Coffee Break Winner in anyway, and I don't want to suggest that we had anything to do with their success. I'm only showing you that ordinary, people like you and me, are winning prizes everyday and that their success is recognised and reported in the national press.

Over the next few minutes I'll introduce you to my readers who have won through Coffee Break Winner but I thought seeing independent reporting on comping and how it's changed people lives was important.

All the prizes in the headline aren't the highlights of years worth of publishing, in fact they don't even reflect a year's worth of competitions. All the prizes were available in January 2018.

And that's only a fraction of what was on offer, there were more than ten luxury holidays, including trips to Australia, India and even Moscow. We found over £500,000 worth of cash prizes and countless other prizes like high street vouchers, the latest smart phones and even a fridge worth £3,600.

Does anything make these people special?

Absolutely nothing! They have no better odds of taking home these prizes and freebies than you do, and you could easily join them.

In fact... I KNOW how you could do EVEN BETTER than them, without having to put in even a tenth of the effort that they do...

You see, people like Kiran and Di are what I call full-time compers. They dedicate their lives, or at least all of their free time, to endlessly entering their name and address onto prize draw forms or spending hours completing projects for creative competition entries to get their hands on these giveaways.

And although the rewards are great, it can be hard to find that much spare time, especially if you lead a busy life...

But there is a SECRET way you can win the same amount as they do, if not more, without having to change your lifestyle at all.

I want to tell you how, in just five minutes a day, you could lay claim to the thousands of pounds worth of cash, vouchers, cars and electrical items that are given away EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Just imagine never having to pay for a holiday again, yet still being able to jet off to the sunshine at least once a year.

Imagine having access to an unlimited supply of shopping vouchers to spend anywhere from John Lewis to Tesco, never having to get out your bank card for the groceries or a new outfit.

Imagine having cheques dropping through your door worth thousands of pounds, or driving to work in a brand-new car that you picked up straight from the garage, without having to think about the finance repayments.

And all it takes is a quick five minutes of effort per day - it's so easy you can even do it in your coffee break!

In fact, you'll soon be laughing to yourself every break-time as, whilst your colleagues are chatting about last night's episode of Corrie or the latest celebrity gossip, you are quietly picking up amazing freebies that they won't EVEN know about.

And the results could be immediate...

"I've only been on the site just over a week and I won a Samsung Tablet.I've never won anything before. Really chuffed." Tracy, Coventry

"Just wanted to let you know, within 3 weeks of joining Coffee Break Wiinner, I had won a gadget bundle worth £2000, inc LED TV, Microsoft tablet, Samsung galaxy phone, and a PS3 Slim!! I have never won anything before!! Cant wait to receive my prize! Thanks!" Ellie, Didcot

"Win a beautiful bunch of flowers! (added Coffee Break Winner today!) I entered the competition at 1.37pm and had a phone call at 2.32pm from Absolute Radio to tell me I had Won a beautiful bunch of Flowers to be delivered to my mum this Mother's day. I'm over the moon!... Thanks Coffee Break Winner, I wouldn't have known about this prize otherwise!" Naomi, Southampton


Or how about this for a phone call?

"I've just received a phone call from ITV letting me know that I have just won £7,676 after entering a competition on CBW So thank you very much..." Steven, Bridlington


And these are not unusual. You only have to look at a few of the items that have been up for grabs recently to see how possible it is to get the phone call that could change your year, and maybe even your life...

MONDAY - A luxury Bordeaux river cruise, holidays to Sorrento, Los Angeles and Benidorm, a 10-night family Disney holiday, a luxury Italian food hamper and £900 of high street vouchers etc.

TUESDAY - £1,001, £1,000, £500, £500 etc. (in fact there's over £20,000 worth of cash EVERY Tuesday!)

WEDNESDAY - £20,000, TWO cars, A trip to London to see a West End show, a trip to the Maldives etc. etc.

THURSDAY - £500 to spend at Topshop, £2,000 to spend at Thomas Sabo, £1,000 to spend at Very etc etc.

FRIDAY - £1,000 specialized bike, a case of Vina Maipo wine, A Tsingtao Racing scooter worth £3,000, an iPad Air, a Smeg stand mixer worth £349, Gorenje Champagne Retro Fridge Freezer etc etc.

In fact, I'm so confident you'll love my service that I'm happy to show you everything you need to know to change your life for FREE...

Each day you'll find a different type of short-closing competition to enter. This not only adds a little bit of variety to your week but it also makes sure you're covering all types of competitions available.

By covering all of them, you'll have a head start on all the full-time compers out there who often just stick to the easy-to-find comps that get thousands more entries.

Here's what you can expect in a typical week:

Monday is Weekend Winner: On a Monday we bring you all of the competitions that have featured in the weekend newspapers. We buy ALL of the national weekend papers, spend hours going through them, scouring the small print for every prize winning opportunity. With an average of 20 competitions every Monday, all new that week, this is a fantastic source of big-money low-entry giveaways.

Tuesday is Puzzles4Prizes: Did you know that one of the biggest sources of cash giveaways in the UK are through puzzle magazines? They are some of the easiest prizes to win as well as people often get put off by having to complete the time-consuming and sometimes tricky crosswords, Sudoku, word searches and codewords. But with Coffee Break Winner we do all of the work for you! We buy all the magazines, we answer all of the puzzles (over 75 per week) and we bring the answers direct to you. Our unique web form even means you can copy and paste your answers onto the entry forms easily. Every week there's over £20,000 worth of cash up for grabs on a Tuesday alone - that's over £1 million a year!

Wednesday is Weekday Windfall: Wednesday is the day we'll bring you the very best prize competitions we have found from scouring the internet, TV channels, weekday newspapers and radio stations. We'll bring you at least 15 TOP prize competitions to enter, with prizes ranging from exotic foreign holidays to £300,000 in cash. It's the day of the week where you can really change your life!

Thursday is Magazine Mayhem: We buy all of the weekly magazines and go through them for you, saving you the time and more importantly the expense of buying them for yourself. The comps you will find here all open and close within a couple of weeks, so you'll know when you're the winner very quickly.

Friday is called, well #Friday!: It's our social media competition day and on it you'll find the TOP 20 competitions from all of the social networks that week. Social Network comping has really taken off, but it can be a minefield with the sheer number of competitions around, and so many dodgy ones too. But we take all the hassle out of finding them for you, bringing you only the very best GENUINE prize-winning opportunities on a Friday; from holidays in the Caribbean to the latest smart phones and more. All you need to do is Like or Retweet to enter.

At the weekend it's time for Pick 'n' Mix: A few extra comps that are perfect if you have a bit of time free on a Sunday afternoon. We'll bring you a small selection of creative, postal, and more traditional competitions that are perfect for completing whilst relaxing with a cuppa. It's the weekend after all!

These categories add up to not only a week of varied and fun competition entering, but most importantly means that you are entering every type of competition prize draw out there, covering as much ground as a full-time comper with only a fraction of the effort!

Simply join Coffee Break Winner now and I'll show you at least 200 brand-new prize-winning opportunities every week; that's over 866 chances to win prizes every month! Log onto our site each day to see what you could win. Either enter them during your coffee, lunch or afternoon break... or wait till you get home...


Look at how much time and money Coffee Break Winner will save you...

To enter all the giveaways offered by Coffee Break Winner yourself would cost a small fortune, you'd need to buy ALL the weekend papers, ALL of the weekly magazines, ALL of the puzzle magazines and spend the rest of your time watching TV and surfing the net and social networks.

Just take a look at the cost of the Saturday and Sunday newspapers alone:

Express - Midweek £1.30, Saturday £1.85, Sunday £2.30 - Total £10.65

Guardian/Observer - Midweek £2.80, Saturday £3.80, Sunday £3.80 - Total £21.60

Mail - Midweek £1.00, Saturday £1.40, Sunday £2.00 - Total £8.40

Sun - Midweek £0.80, Saturday £1.10, Sunday £1.40 - Total £6.50

Times - Midweek £2.50, Saturday £3.00, Sunday £3.50 - Total £19.00

Telegraph - Midweek £3.00, Saturday £4.00, Sunday £3.00 - Total £22.00

Mirror - Midweek £1.30, Saturday £2.00, Sunday £2.30 - Total £10.80

Star - Midweek £0.85, Saturday £1.40, Sunday £1.70 - Total £7.35

Sunday People - £2.30

This would cost you - £108.60 every week!

That's £470.60 a month... and £5,647.20 a year!

And that's just for the newspapers. In addition, every Tuesday's Puzzles4Prizes brings you over 75 competitions from the weekly puzzle mags, newspapers and monthly magazines, bought and solved for you. Plus, there's another prize update on a Thursday. That's another £25+ spent on weekly and monthly magazines.

In all we spend over £135 a week on newspapers and magazines, so you don't have to! That's £585 a month or over £7,000 a year. And that doesn't allow for all the time needed to solve the puzzles and find the competitions.

All this is put together for you (along with the answers to any questions needed) on a secure website - updated at 11:00am Monday to Friday - Coffee Break Winner is your route to winning regularly. And all for just £1.29 a week!



And best of all, this takes up virtually no time at all. You could be a Mum of six kids with a full time career, and a secret double life as a spy... and STILL enter these competitions.

So if you're thinking up an excuse right now, please put it to one side. Really, you can do this...

  • During a mid-morning break from your daily chores... there's nothing like the chance of winning a spa break to re-energize you!
  • Over lunch... one hand on the sandwich, the other on your computer mouse!
  • Waiting for your family to clear up after giving them their evening meal... it can be your fun evening ritual, and hey, if the family get a break in Orlando because of it, they may even do ALL the housework from now on...
  • In the ad break of your favourite TV programme... yes, it's that quick to do this!
  • Or even during a quiet few minutes before bedtime, make it part of your wind down, enter a few competitions every day.

So, I urge you to join me in the most exciting, quick and easy thing you could EVER do in your coffee break...

Just look at what you'll get as a Coffee Break Winner member:

  • Exclusive access to competitions that have been researched daily by our very own in-house research team. We promise that all competitions featured on Coffee Break Winner are short-closing competitions. In many cases you could hear about the results within a week of entering!
  • A minimum of 200 NEW competitions to enter per week. These include big cash and holiday jackpots as well as smaller prizes like smart phones, weekend breaks, TV and kitchen equipment. At last, you can tap into a rich source of newspaper, magazine, TV and radio giveaways you'd normally miss out on...unless you wanted to spend all day finding them on your own!
  • A weekly mega-update containing over 75 completed puzzle competitions. We bring you the answers to all of the tricky crossword and puzzle competitions for you, meaning with just the click of a button you can enter over £20,000 worth of cash competitions guaranteed every Tuesday.
  • Quick turnaround social media prizes. A bumper issue on a Friday will contain 20 top competitions taken from social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. These are competitions that only a limited number of people get to see, meaning you've got a bigger chance of winning. Some open and close within hours, meaning an even speedier turnaround and even quicker news that you've won a prize!
  • That's a total of over 200 competitions per week, and over 866 per month! You'll get email updates and access to a private members' website containing all the previous competitions if you miss any, plus help on entering and lots more advice and information.
  • A dedicated UK-based customer service team. If you have questions, need help or want to know anything at all, just pick up the phone or send us an email. Our in-house customer service team are friendly and have years of experience in comping. They know Coffee Break Winner inside out and will be happy to help you with any questions or queries you may have.

Join the UK's newest and best comping service today, and save yourself time and money - let Coffee Break Winner do all the hard work for you.

With over £6,000 worth of newspapers and magazines bought for you every year, the very best social media competitions, over 3,900 puzzles solved for you and the biggest and best prizes from the web, TV and radio, it would be really easy to think that this would be an expensive service.

But not only are we going to take all the hard work out of comping for you, but I've managed to persuade my publisher that this should be priced so anyone can afford to try it out.

At just £1.29 a week (that's less than 20p a day), you really get a lot for your money. And when the prizes start to roll in it will 'pay for itself'.

But I don't just want you to take our word for it, join today and try everything out, completely risk-free...

Use Coffee Break Winner for the next three months; enter all the competitions, see the range of research done for you and the fantastic prizes on offer.

And if, for any reason, you think it doesn’t meet with your expectations, just let us know and we'll cancel down your membership and give you all your money back.

Yes, for 90 days you can get all the money you have paid us returned - that is how confident I am that Coffee Break Winner is the comping service for you.

I hope you join us, and I can't wait to hear about your first big win!

Lizzie Riley

Lizzie Riley


Editor, Coffee Break Winner



Copyright © Oxfordshire Press Ltd

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