National Compers Alliance

Welcome to the National Compers Alliance page

Hello and welcome to the National Compers Alliance page.

Here you can find out the latest quarterly admin fees and order your annual postcards and envelope entitlement.

Your entitlement can be requested on or after your NCA anniversary joining date. Please contact us if you do not know your joining date.

New information as of February 2019:

The new quarterly administration fee for the NCA is just £19.95. This entitles you to receive both Coffee Break Winner and Simply Prizes, plus free postcards and envelopes every year. If you would prefer to just receive Simply Prizes and Coffee Break Winner the quarterly administration fee is just £7.95 a quarter. Please contact us to change your administration fee.

Ordering your postcards and stationary:

You are welcome to order your annual NCA entitlement by completing the form on this page.

Please don't forget we can't keep these postcards and envelopes waiting for you for ever. If we don't hear from you within six months of the anniversary of you joining the NCA your entitlement for that year will become void.