For the first time in six years, your chance to get access to over £300 million worth of prizes...

and never pay a subscription fee again!

With the country coming out of lockdown, comping is about to explode and this is your chance to cash in


The country is opening up again; with a massive spending boom predicted by economists. After a lean year thousands of UK companies are fighting for your attention, and what better way to grab it than with a competition.

Experts report SEVEN out of every ten big businesses could use competitions to attract new customers. And this will bring an avalanche of prizes waiting for you to claim. The UK competition market is currently worth over £300 million and it's set to mushroom after lockdown.

My name is Lizzie Riley, editor of Coffee Break Winner and I've been helping people win prizes for over 25 years...

But NEVER before have I ever seen such an enormous range of high-value prizes on offer - every single day. And Sammy, editor of Simply Prizes and serial competition winner has found exactly the same.

We are already in a golden age of comping with more and more companies using competitions and it’s just going to get better. This week alone we’ve found competitions offering prizes like –


  • Two five-star all inclusive holidays in St Lucia
  • Afternoon tea for two at Fortnum & Mason
  • A treehouse worth £500
  • A barbecue grill worth £3,495
  • 25 x £5,000 for existing businesses and 25 x £5,000 to set up a new business - £250,000 in total!
  • A year's subscription to Soul Candles worth £500 and a bed and mattress of your choice from The Luxury Bed Company
  • Your student tuition fees paid worth £9250
  • A £25,000 kitchen

With so many fantastic prizes on offer Sammy and I want to give you the best chance to make the most of this comping boom.

So we're opening up the National Compers Alliance again, for the first time in six years. Why? Because it's the most lucrative time EVER to be a comper! The National Compers Alliance is your chance to get all our comping publications and save loads of money at the same time. It’s such a good deal that we can only offer it to a select number of our best customers. Read on to find out more and reserve your place before they are all gone.

Our comping publications cover every single type of competition you can imagine, radio, social media, newspapers, magazines, television, supermarkets and the High Street. That’s thousands of competitions every month and it takes a lot of work and money.

We trawl the shelves of the supermarkets looking for those magical WIN labels, we buy magazines and newspapers for prize-winning puzzles every day - then spend hours solving them to find you the answers. We are all over social media - in fact anything at all that will bring you fresh chances of winning a fantastic prize, we are on to it, seven days a week.

We certainly find you lots of chances to win big; in fact, over 31,200 chances a year are there for the taking.

“I’m quite selective and tend to try and win things my other half and I need or that the family especially the grandkids might enjoy. Having the competitions all together, with the answers supplied, is obviously a big bonus. Keep up the good work” – Chris Sheppard 

“I have had some great prizes over the years and the team are always warm and friendly.” – David Pearce

“I had previously entered competitions and only won one or two but the thrill of winning is brilliant so when I saw the NCA advertising I decided to subscribe and I have never regretted it.” – Dianne Simpson

“I do enjoy all your competitions listed, doing them daily. I was very successful, winning a trip for two to Peru, a golfing holiday in La Manga, an Air fryer, etc, etc, all in one year.” – Sigrid

With the National Compers Alliance you’ll get –


The UK’s favourite online comping magazine


Each and every week, Simply Prizes delivers over 300 brand-new competitions. On a Tuesday a 150+ new ones are added to the listings. These are from the High Street, supermarkets, magazines and the internet: an incredible range of competitions that you would have to spend a massive amount time and money finding yourself.

Wednesdays and Fridays are devoted to the ever-increasing range of social media competitions. We add a minimum of another 150 new ones every week. Some of these are often only open for a couple of days and need a full-time research team to make sure none are missed.

In the last week these have included -


  • A drinks bundle worth over £500
  • £1,000 cash
  • A family UK holiday worth £1,500
  • £6,000 in DIY vouchers
  • An overnight break for two at Ragdale Hall Spa
  • An ultimate garden party package
  • A £500 voucher for XY London

This week Sammy asked Simply Prizes readers for their favourite wins and these are just a few of the replies we had back -

“5 nights in a luxury villa in Mauritius, in a beautiful new self-contained resort with its own beach” Jack Westoby

“I’ve been comping for nearly 30 years with some amazing wins so I find it really hard to pick just the best one. But my wedding in the Bahamas was the biggest, it included travel & accommodation for 4 adults, the wedding, reception at hotel, dress, rings, cake, flowers, videograoher etc. And just before that I won 10k cash so we paid for our 5 kids to come out with us too.”
– Claire M Harris

“Five thousand pounds and five thousand worth of tech gadgets. But most fun was ticket for Queens tennis.” – Deborah Corlett

“Tour of Chilean wineries with private chauffeur. 5 x 5 star hotels, one on a volcano, swimming in pools of volcanic heated spa water, all inclusive food and drink etc” – Elaine M Wilkinson 

“A luxury 7-night holiday in the Maldives" Cat McKell

You'll also get:


Coffee Break Winner

Win in 15 minutes a day


Updated six days a week, Coffee Break Winner lists over 200 brand-new competitions every week. These open and close pretty quickly so they can pass a lot of people by, even the most dedicated compers.

Added to that, over 80 of these competitions require a puzzle to be solved, which most people can’t be bothered or don’t have the time to do. Nor are many people willing to spend the money on the newspapers and magazines in the first place, increasing your chances of winning even more and saving you money.

We buy all the weekly papers and magazines: then solve all the puzzles for you (provided they are free to enter or the prize is worth 500 times more than the cost of entry).

The prizes are high value and plentiful. Again, in the last week alone we showed our members how they can get their hands on:


  • A UK summer cruise
  • A premium cask of single malt whisky worth £1,650
  • A tech bundle, a goody bag and tickets for the BRITS 2022
  • 2 x £80,000, £50,000 and £100,000 in cash
  • An iPhone 12 for you and £500 for your chosen project or charity
  • An overnight stay and £400 Canary Wharf Gift Card
  • A barbecue grill worth £3,495

“The prize was a day out at Goodwood for four people (yes I suddenly became very popular!). The day started with driving Classic and Racing cars around the Goodwood track, followed by a session on a skid pan! After lunch there was an opportunity to fly in a Tiger Moth – yes ‘loop the loop’ in an open cockpit plane! To settle the stomach the day ended with an evening meal at Goodwood House” – David Rudling

“I was lucky enough to win a week's trip to California. It was incredible. We actually didn't believe we had won until we got a phone call from the magazine saying that we needed to spend the £1,000 on ski gear as well. We had the most fantastic time.” Mark Reed

“My best ever win was a Carrabean cruise. It was fantastic and all free, flight to Atlanta then another to Fort Lauderdale stay in Sheridon hotel then on to the Celebrity cruise ship” – Carol Rawlings

“Although not the most valuable I think the best money can't buy win was a meet and greet with Tom Cruise and Lee Child! I won 2 tickets to a premiere in Leicester Square and met them both on the red carpet, got autographs, a video, and my knees went all to jelly. Tom looks at you like you are the only one in the whole world. I am usually such a sensible person! Also had a night in a very swish hotel. It was lovely” Viv Millward

“I joined your comping web site February 2019, by the end of March and my very 1st win was 5 days in Tampa Bay Florida” – Charles Jones

And our new publication is in the deal too:


The greatest collection of luxurious high-value prizes EVER published


Sammy and I have teamed up to run this great new service. It lets you live like a glamorous influencer but without all the hassle or publicity. Instagram is home of beautiful images and goods and companies compete with each other to offer prizes that match the lifestyles they promote.

Just look at what they have put on offer in the last week –


  • Any sofa from Sofa Club and £500 to spend with I Saw It First homeware
  • £1,200 to spend on lingerie
  • One of three £1,000 Home Base gift vouchers
  • A Brampton hanging double egg chair worth £529
  • A £20,000 home gym
  • A weekend in a Porsche Carrera T, a luxury stay in a boutique hotel, a three-month supply of Young Man Face Masks and £250
  • A pair of diamond earrings worth £2,500
  • A Jacquemus Women’s bag worth £475, a Dior Men’s cross body bag worth £1000, Dior Lucky 250ml unisex perfume worth £315 and Dior New Tobacolor 150ml unisex perfume worth £220
  • An YSL handbag, a Gucci handbag, a MacBook Air, an iPad & Apple watch and a Dyson Supersonic hairdryer (this was just ONE prize)
  • £1500 voucher for you and the same for your friend to spend at Missguided


Every Saturday Prize Studio publishes more than 100 Instagram competitions with an average value of £1,000 EACH! And as these competitions are all on Instagram they are really quick and easy to enter (don’t worry if you’ve never used Instagram before, it’s really simple and I’ve put together a guide to help you get started straight away).

This is a brand new service, only launched last month and we’ve already found over £1 million pounds of prizes.


"I have resisted Twitter and Instagram as I didn’t want too much social media in my life! BUT the prizes on Insta are so good these days!" P.A.

"I think the new Instagram competitions are fantastic and I love the way it's a community and everyone text each other. Thanks xxx" - Lucy

Lucy also said that she had her first couple of wins within two weeks of starting!

With these three comping services at your fingertips, you'll get over 600 new competitions every week - that’s more than 2,600 winning opportunities a month – over 31,200 chances to win every year.

And don’t worry if this seems a bit overwhelming because our bespoke software makes entering them really easy. It also lets you record what you’ve entered, put aside the ones you don’t fancy and search for the prizes you really want to win.

Plus every December the comping world goes mad for Advent Competitions. Last year there were over 800 companies offering Advent Competitions that you could enter every day. With the prizes getting better and better as you get closer to Christmas Day. You’ll get all these special Christmas comps as well. That’s like having another 20,000 competitions in December alone!

All our services are backed up by the friendliest customer services and support you can find. If you have a question or need help, you can get us on email, by phone or on Facebook and Instagram. We are a comping community like no other.

Plus for any postal comps you want to enter, we’ll give you 300 postcards of your choice from The Postcard Store - preferred by compers worldwide.

And the best bit, join the National Compers Alliance and you’ll never pay a subscription fee for another 10 years.

You’ll get full access to -

Simply Prizes – worth £103.48 a year

Coffee Break Winner – worth £77.48 a year

Prize Studio – worth £59.80 a year

Plus a £67.35 voucher for The Postcard Store (you decide what to spend it on).

That’s worth £308.11 in the first year alone; over 10 years you get £2,474.95 worth of goods and services.

The last time we ran this offer was six years ago. When you see its value you can understand why we can’t afford to open the doors very often. In fact, there are only 100 3 places on offer this time round and we expect them to be snapped up very quickly.

Because all we ask is a single payment of £249 (plus a small admin fee of £4.95 a quarter, after the first year). You’ll save £59.11 in the first year alone and over the following nine years that’s a £2,225.95 saving!

And if you are already subscribing to one of our services, to make sure you don’t miss out on a penny of the savings we’ll refund the balance of your current subscription when you join the National Compers Alliance.

It’s a big promise and I want to reassure you that we will be around to deliver on every aspect of it. I’ve been working with comping magazines since 1997, and for the last seventeen years with Simply Prizes, Coffee Break Winner and now Prize Studio. I love what I do and aim to continue for far longer than just the next ten years.

Join the National Compers Alliance now 

“I love entering competitions and the NCA is a great way to find out about competitions, I do find a lot myself but there are always plenty I haven’t found” – Elaine Brown

“It’s great to be part of the NCA with other like minded compers. Hearing that people are still winning when I have a lean spell encourages me to carry on and not give up.” – Tricia Starkey

We are a small family business, dedicated to our customers, 4.9 of 5 people on Facebook recommend us -

It means we can’t do ‘big offers’ like this all the time, but now competitions are the new way that businesses and products are marketed, it's too good an opportunity to miss.

It's good for you because you'll be handed all the best competitions on a plate - saving you both time and money.

And it's good for us because when you start winning we can show potential new customers how brilliant comping is!

But you have to be quick because the limited places we have will go quickly, and I doubt we will open the National Compers Alliance for another six years after this.

Bag the best comping deal around -
join the National Compers Alliance now

All the competitions mentioned in this letter are open and waiting for your entries right now, plus a £3,000 flight in a Spitfire, an incredible Garden Gourmet oven worth £2,649, tickets to see Tom Jones, a dance day with Ashley Banjo and £10,000 in cash. But many of these will be closing in the next week or so and you don’t want to miss out.

However, I don’t want you to feel you have to make a decision now. Although it’s a fantastic deal, and one that won’t be opened again for a long time, I know it’s a big commitment. So, I want to offer you a no quibble, three-month, money-back guarantee.

If for any reason you decide you don’t want to continue with the National Compers Alliance, within the first three months, just let us know and we’ll return your membership fees in full.

And unlike many companies who demand continual ongoing payments, anytime you want a break, just let us know and we’ll suspend your membership and stop the admin fee. When you are ready to start again, there are no rejoining fees or costs, your admin charge covers it all.

Kind regards,

Lizzie Riley


PS: Bag £2,225.95 worth of goods and services now for just £249 and get access to 10 years' worth of the best UK competition listings, giving you the chance to win your share of the £312 million worth of prizes on offer every year.

PPS: And rest assured that you are protected by our no-quibble, money-back guarantee if you decide it's not for you.


All details were correct as of 26th April 2021