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Here at Oxfordshire Press we pride ourselves on offering you the very best value betting services.

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I'll get to the maths in a minute.

But first let me tell you a bit more about the OP Betting Club and why I've reserved you a charter membership spot...

A personal THANK YOU from me to you...

As I say, we wanted to do something very special for our most dedicated readers.

So, you can consider this exclusive invitation and deal a personal thank you from me to you. Truly, I've put my soul into this business over the years and it wouldn't have been possible without true betting fans looking for REAL betting solutions like you.

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But this WON’T be for everyone...

Of course, this does require some commitment on your part...

Membership to the OP Betting Club is a serious business. Yes, you'll have fun along the way... cheering a 28/1 First Goalscorer in the Champions League semi-final... landing an 80/1 Grand National winner... watching a 100/1 pick win the French Open… those have all been very enjoyable (and profitable) moments for our loyal members...

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Introducing: the OP Betting Club...

The OP Betting Club includes our THREE full-time flagship sports betting services that we're proud to publish, and that go out to our members during each week:

  • Against the Crowd – horse racing, including daily coverage of Cheltenham, Aintree and Royal Ascot... worth £240.00 a year...
  • Across the Leagues – football, including daily coverage of Euro 2020 & World Cup 2022... worth £240.00 a year...
  • Ones to Watch – tennis, including daily coverage at Wimbledon, the French Open, US Open & Australian Open... worth £360.00 a year...

That's a comprehensive, three-pronged package worth £840.00 a year. Bringing together our experienced team of sports betting specialists – under one all-inclusive, ONE-OFF membership: the OP Betting Club.

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With the OP Betting Club, that changes RIGHT NOW! Let me break down exactly how much you'll be saving with your membership...

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Here's what membership to the OP Betting Club gives you...

Let's take a look at exactly what you'll receive, should you decide to accept this unique invitation today:


Ten-year membership – Service #1:


Sport: Horse Racing

Specialist: Nick Pullen

Service: Website, daily emails Monday - Friday, weekend bet selections + daily coverage of major Festivals (Cheltenham, Aintree, Royal Ascot, York Ebor and more).

Standard Annual Price: £240.00

Find out why betting 'against the crowd' is the ONLY way to make money from racing...

Nick Pullen – the man behind the Against the Crowd service – describes himself in one word:


'A person who opposes or rejects popular opinion'
[Oxford English Dictionary]

Nick's entire betting ethos is based on being a contrarian. He deliberately goes against the crowd. Because Nick's research, analysis and track record shows that, in the long run, it always pays to do so...

Here’s the man himself to tell you more about the service:

“As the name – Against the Crowd – suggests, I am not in the habit of buying into consensus opinion.

I’m a dyed-in-the-wool contrarian. And it is my unique against-the-grain analysis that distinguishes Against the Crowd from other horse-racing information services.

My over-riding objective is to put you firmly on the right side of the odds in the big races…

That means that, unlike out-and-out tipping services, our focus is NOT on finding winners…

That may seem strange. But winners are only half the equation when it comes to profiting from race-betting. In fact – this may seem peculiar too – backing too many winners of the wrong sort will hurt long-term performance.

To secure long-term profit you need to be backing sufficient winners at sufficiently good prices. Winning at the game is not just about finding race winners. It’s about finding race winners AND prices. And the prices must be right.

If it were just a question of winners then the game would be easy. You’d simply back the favourites – the market’s opinion of the best horse in the race. Favourites win about 40% of the time. That’s as good a strike-rate as anybody can expect to achieve with their race-betting. And that should do the trick – right?

Wrong! Our data conclusively proves that backing favourites in the big races doesn’t lead to profit…

Sure, when you back favourites, you back plenty of winners. But the short prices make it impossible to make the game pay. Fav-backing means you experience the joy of winning more frequently than most – but those wins do not translate into betting profit.

Value is our mantra at Against the Crowd...

At Against the Crowd, our focus is on finding value and our analytical methods are specifically tailored to rooting it out – like pigs hunting truffles…

Getting value doesn’t mean just betting a horse at a big price. Getting value means backing a competitive horse that is trading at the wrong price.

We don’t just throw a dart at the bottom end of the market and back the biggest-priced horse we land near. That would be rank stupidity…

What we’re all about at Against the Crowd is identifying and supporting competitive horses trading at the wrong price – the horses the market is under-valuing, over-looking or wrong-headedly ignoring.

Our entire betting strategy is based on identifying and supporting horses we consider ‘live’ contenders but which are trading at prices that under-estimate their true chances of winning or hitting the frame…

The entire service is about opposing market sentiment where and when we believe it to be wrong – and capitalizing on the many attractive opportunities that anti-market approach delivers. My on-going week-to-week assignment is to take a contrarian view of the big-race markets and the prices and to isolate the best and the biggest value-for-money bets we can find – complete with my reasoning.

My view is that betting horses at value-for-money prices (the equivalent of buying a commodity on the cheap) is the most effective way of producing long-term betting profit. In other words: I believe the best place to be in the racing markets is Against the Crowd

Now that’s not always psychologically the most comfortable place to be, of course. And the lone wolf approach to race betting won’t appeal to all-comers.

But the rewards are there for fearless punters equipped with a pioneering instinct and a temperament that can handle the trials and tribulations that inevitably arise from taking the contrarian approach to race-betting.

The right horses at the ‘wrong’ prices...

At Against the Crowd, our focus is on finding value and our analytical methods are specifically tailored to rooting it out – like pigs hunting truffles…

We don’t pretend that what we do is easy. Or that it’s all lollipops and apple pie.

That would be a lie. And if there’s one thing you get from me and the Against the Crowd service it is straightforward honesty.

Be under no illusions. Get on-board Against the Crowd and you will back more losers than winners. We make no bones about it. We don’t apologise for it. And we don’t expect the equation to change any time soon. Losing is a natural consequence of playing the contrarian game.

But there is an upside, of course. There would be no point or purpose otherwise. We win frequently enough at big enough prices to make the game pay long-term. We have a strong track record in that department. We wouldn’t have been around for over 15 years if we hadn’t.

Our long-game policy of concentrating on seeking out value and letting the winners take care of themselves has served us in good stead. You will back more losers than winners on our service. But when our winners go in they do so at prices that make up for the losers – and a fair bit more besides.

My whole approach is about seeking out bets at the ‘wrong’ price and getting enough winners to make the game pay long-term.

That is my game. That is the way I play. And I stick to my guns whether I win, lose or draw.

Some commentators have called me bloody-minded. Maybe I am. But I prefer to think of myself as consistent – consistently contrarian.

I believe steadfastly in my contrarian anti-market approach – getting the right horses at the ‘wrong’ prices – and will change that default strategy for no man.

We tell you no lies. It won’t be plain sailing with us. Sometimes we have a rough passage. Other times we get becalmed in the doldrums. But on those memorable occasions when we get the wind in our sails – our readers reckon that the good ship Against the Crowd is a pretty good place to be… profitable too…”

Start your OP Betting Club membership today for instant access to the latest analysis and advice from Against the Crowd.

Nick's big wins over the years include back-to-back Grand National winners in 2013 and 2014 – advised at odds of 80/1 and 33/1, with many members grabbing 100/1


Here are Nick's winners over the last 12 months…

  • Buckingham Palace Handicap, Royal Ascot - MOTAKHAYYEL @ 14/1
  • Britannia Stakes, Royal Ascot - KHALOOSY @ 12/1
  • Skybet Mile Stakes, York Ebor – BRUNCH @ 10/1
  • Each Way Extra at Bet365 Handicap, Doncaster – STRAIT OF HORMUZ @ 7/1
  • Bet365 Handicap, Doncaster – TRANCHEE @ 9/1
  • Silver Cup, Ayr - MAGICAL SPIRIT @ 22/1
  • Greatwood Handicap Hurdle, Cheltenham - THE SHUNTER @ 14/1
  • Edinburgh National Handicap Chase, Musselburgh - MIGHTY THUNDER @ 16/1
  • Scottish Grand National, Ayr – MIGHTY THUNDER @ 12/1
  • 2000 Guineas, Newmarket – POETIC FLARE @ 12/1

And Nick's followers have plenty of kind words to say about him...

‘…Fascinating service…’

"I usually back your selections £20 - £30 each way... and since being a member have had a good return. Fascinating service and always worth an investment."

David G

‘Always looking for value…’

"Superb service and makes you as a punter think about your approach to racing. Always looking for value and not following the crowd."

Ken B

‘…a near £500 profit!...’

"Thank you for Saturday's tips. Backed them all and turned a near £500 profit!"

Adam G

‘…Payout £1493…’

"Done it again, well done Nick. Two EW Wins & EW double. Price boost with Ladbrokes. £10 EW @ 10/1 & 14/1. A £5 EW double 11/1 & 16/1. Payout £1493."

Paul T

‘…50 points profit…’

"My 3 month is up soon with plus 50 points profit achieved, well done!"

Mike L

‘…Brilliant Stuff…’

"Fan blooming tastic Another 3 month subscription paid for 10 times over Brilliant Stuff"

Joe L

'...Can't think of anyone who gives such in depth analysis every week...'

"Hi Nick, Great advice given by you this weekend, return in all three races. You read this to perfection, keep up the good work. Can't think of anyone who gives such in depth analysis every week. Regards,"

George B

‘...keep up the great insights...'

"Poetic Flare 20s on Betfair and Mother Earth 14s. What a double! Thanks mate and please keep up the great insights."


‘...paid my subscription for sometime...'

"Brilliant weekend Nick again paid my subscription for sometime I hope you picked up some extra money for you and your family. Thanks take care."

Cliff R

'...top class information...

"Good afternoon Mr Pullen. As a long time subscriber, I would just like to say.....Boooom! A £10 double on both Guineas, netted £2090. I got on at 18's and 8's (paid at 10's) As per usual Nick, top class information. I don't always follow you in, but this time... I couldn't fault the analysis. For those that doubt your analysis... The next year's betting is freeeeeee for me! Keep up the good work my friend. Kind regards, Loyal sub,"

Des H

'...up by over £1000+...'

"Hi, Just like to say a huge 'Thanks; for your tips this week Pulled off a Guinea's double at odds of 170/1 I had 2 by £20 singles and a cheeky £5 double and am up by over £1000+ Once again thank you"


'...we now land a Guineas double...'

"Nick, Just shows the virtue of sticking with the ethos through thick and thin. After Mighty Thunder a fortnight ago, we now land a Guineas double. Was on Mother Earth at 14/1 and Poetic Flare at 18/1 on the exchanges, Thanks"

Andrew L

'...an extra week on holiday has just been paid for...'

"Hi Nick, Just to say thanks for a wonderful and profitable weekend. I don't bet often and when I do the stakes are £10 e/w maximum. For this weekend it was 3 singles @ £10 e/w, 3 doubles @ £5 e/w and a treble @ £5 e/w. Being a pensioner I can't afford too much. Two of the three horses you suggested for this weekend made £1200+ for me and had On a Session been placed it would have been a lot more. Got to make the most of it so an extra week on holiday has just been paid for. Once again, Many thanks and keep up the great work."

Ron S

'...I am learning loads all the time...'

"Top work today Nick. Really enjoy the emails and feel like I am learning loads all the time. The odd touch off the bookies always helps too!!! Thank you"

Charlie H

'...Good advice all round...'

"An interesting email Nick. You actually brought my attention to Sky Bet paying out 7 places on big fields. I did just as you suggested and got a reasonable payout on Ouzo at 25/1 Good advice all round. Thanks"

John C

'...I've been impressed with the quality of your output...'

"Hi Nick, I'm a recent subscriber and must say I've been impressed with the quality of your output. I've followed racing for a long time, a lot of it casually, but always thoroughly enjoying the game. I find the tone of your emails both refreshing and educational, its changed the way I would view a race. Kind Regards"

Duane C

'...fascinating insight...'

"Thanks to two winning weekends Nick, much appreciated. Always a fascinating insight into your thoughts, keep it coming pal."

Gary E

'...greatly impressed...'

"Hi, Nick I have been reading your bulletins for a while now, and am greatly impressed."

Colin T

‘…great action and final result…’

"I'd just placed a small £3 each way stake in the morning, and had no idea of the odds were 127.0 until after the race. I don't think I'll forget this Grand National in a hurry thanks to the perfect setting, great action and final result! Thank you."


‘…still cleared £425…’

"Thanks Nick Got odds of 130.0 with Betfair on Friday evening. Only had 3 quid e/w but still cleared £425... beats working! Keep'em flowing. P.S Telling all my friends where the info came from, so hopefully you'll get some new subscribers! Thank you."


‘…returning over £3600…’

"RE: Grand National. I had 66/1 at £10 e/w when i recieved the email, it then shot to 80/1 in two hours so i stuck another £10 e/w on. Then at aintree i had to back it at the course so i went another £5 e/w, then 5 mins before the race the bookmaker rather stupidly changed the price to 100/1 so i had another £10 e/w in total returning over £3600 you legend! Thank you."

Daniel D

‘…backed Auroras Encore at 120/1…’

"Nick i have got to say you are a cracker. I backed Auroras Encore at 120/1 for a win and place on Betfair. My mate was bragging that he backed a 100/1 winner at Aintree on Friday but that corker of a win has put him in his place. All the very best and thankyou again."

Mike R

‘…had £20 win on Betfair at 130/1…’

"Well done Nick. I don't follow every single tip you give but I really liked how you described Aurora's chance in the National and had £20 win on Betfair at 130/1 and £20 at 22/1 the place."

David Myers

‘…I got 100/1 at corals…’

"Thanks Nick I got 100/1 at corals for our grand national winner this follows 250/1 forecast with 40/1 winner last Saturday a am absolutley gobsmacked."


Ten-year membership – Service #2:


Across the Leagues Logo

Sport: Football

Specialist: Oliver Upstone

Service: Email advice and in-depth analysis every week and ahead of the weekend fixtures, including bet selections. Data-feed-powered website with unique betting stats for 17 leagues. Covering over 300 teams and over 30 betting markets. Including the English Premier League, Championship, League One, League Two… and the Scottish Premiership, Spanish La Liga, German Bundesliga, and Italian Serie A… plus match-day coverage of the Champions League.

Standard Annual Price: £240.00

Here’s Oliver to tell you more about the service:

“My name is Oliver Upstone. For the last 15 years I've been the man behind numerous profitable World Cup, European Championship, domestic leagues, and Champions League services published by Oxfordshire Press.

I've spent thousands of hours poring over stats, providing in-depth match previews and advice that's delivered consistent returns for my readers.

I've been involved with football publications, websites, and betting services, from 2005 to the present day. If you were to do a word count of everything I've written over the years, I believe I've hit the one million words mark.

My aim has always been to alert ordinary bettors to the fact that there is so much more to football betting than who the bookies think will win, draw or lose a match.

As each year has passed, my knowledge and experience has grown. And along with the hours of painstaking research, my intuition has grown, too. Allowing me to look at things differently to other bettors and other tipsters.

Not home wins, not short-price favourites, not the bets advertised in the bookies' windows and website ads...

I'm talking about hard-earned knowledge, and an eye for spotting profitable patterns, born from multi-year experience in the betting trenches.

Using my experience from a decade and a half in these markets to spot potential winners that ordinary punters, the bookies, and many tipsters would simply overlook.

Drawing on knowledge, experience and intuition and insight, honed over 15 years in the industry.

Not to mention an extensive stats database, covering hundreds of teams and thousands of matches – available to access on the members-only website.

Betting the Across the Leagues way...

If you're a football fan and like a bet, then chances are, you've encountered dozens of 'tipsters' and 'systems'...

The internet, Facebook and Twitter are full of them.

They promise you the earth. Must win bets from their unnamed 'source.' They have sure-fire winners waiting for you.

If those statements make you cringe as much as they make me do. Then you're in the right place.

When it comes to football betting, let me tell you where I'm at:

There's no magic system.

No miracle formula.

No overnight riches.

There's no crystal ball.

There's no bookie loophole.

No 'barely legal' betting code.

There's no football 'cash machine.'

If phrases like that set your bulls**t detector off, then good. Excellent. You're in the right place.

Because if you can ignore the hype, and tune out all that noise. If you can block out the fountain of nonsense spouted endlessly into your inbox and text messages.

Then there really are ways to make money from football. And what's more, you can increase your enjoyment of the sport, and bolster your football & betting knowledge, while you're at it...

There are no shortcuts to being a successful bettor.

Sure, every now and then, a tipster will give you a winner. I call this the 'brown envelope':

Here's the bet. There you go. Team A to beat Team B, and some odds. That's it. That's your lot. Win or lose. Happy or bust.

Is this what you want? Are you happy with that?

Don't you want to know why Team A should be backed, at that particular price, and in that particular match?

Wouldn't you like some kind of explanation as to why you should be risking your hard-earned money?

Maybe the other team have got injury problems... maybe their star striker is suspended... perhaps they're about to sack their manager?

And even if it comes in, what have you got? A small return and no understanding of what made it a potential bet. Should you back Team A again? Win or lose you are left with nothing to increase your understanding of betting on that team, and that league.

If that 'brown envelope' approach is good enough for you, then that's fair enough.

But if you're only looking for tips, then you should stop reading now.

Because I'm not a tipster.

I'm an analyst. And I present all my findings, informed opinions, research and conclusions to my readers, in Plain English.

Helping members latch onto betting opportunities that will likely pass most people by.

More losers than winners...

Across the Leagues deals with quality not quantity in terms of bet advice.

Taking my approach, hunting for off-the-beaten track bets, you'll have more losers than winners.

Yes, that's right, more losing bets than winning ones. You don't hear that very often, do you?


The wins will be at prices that make the waits worthwhile. And more than enough to get in front over the course of a season, a year, and beyond...

Following my service requires big-picture thinking. I can't promise you a winning weekend the first time you join. You need to be committed for the long term. But if you are, then we can aim to build season after season of positive betting returns.

If we place a handful of season-long Top Scorer bets at 16/1, 20/1, 28/1, 50/1 and 66/1...

When we get our league pre-season Outright Winner... Promotion... or Relegation picks down... or FA Cup, Champions League or Europa League bets... scooping up the early-bird value.

Or when we make a move on an eye-catching 4/1, 8/1, 33/1, even 100/1 price opportunity in any number of potential match markets across the footballing world...

We only need the occasional success to put us in front. We won't win every time. We can't win every time. We aim to win in the long term.

Across the Leagues is also a hype-free zone...

If you're fed up of internet tipsters shouting 'BOOM!!!!' at you every time they've picked an odds-on favourite to win at home, or chucked three of them in a match treble - then stick with me. There will be no talk of 'nailed-on' bets here. There will be no 'can't lose' proclamations.

There will be no hysterics. No pyrotechnics. No fists through walls when we lose. No exaggerations, no hyperbole.

What you can expect...

I'm not going to make any wild claims or crazy promises. We might land a 6/1 winner this week. Or a 10/1 shot next weekend. Or a 20/1 pick next month.

But what I can guarantee you is this: Across the Leagues will always be giving you informed betting advice, with the quality control set to maximum.

To achieve this, there will certainly be no unimaginative bets at short prices, like Man City to win at home.

In fact, I specialise in the opposite. Using creative betting angles to bring you the kind of big odds winners that 'traditional' football bets simply can't deliver.

You won't find any odds-on bets on home wins here. We'll always be doing something different.

Losing bets have to be taken on the chin. It requires a certain level of mental toughness. If you can't take losers, then my service isn't for you.

As well as all my analysis, sent by email throughout the week. Helping steer you to the big, off-the-beaten track opportunities.

Across the Leagues membership also gives you access to a unique website, purpose-built to help you pick your own winners on the weekly football...

Continuing my mission to arm you with the most powerful betting weapon there is: knowledge.

The website is powered by a data feed taking in 17 leagues.

The site turns the data into bet-specific statistics. Giving you a betting edge, by presenting every league, team and player in an at-a-glance format. Allowing you to see who provides the most payouts, in which markets, most often...

17 leagues, 324 teams...

Updated after every game, the Across the Leagues website delivers bet-specific stats for:

  • 17 leagues
  • 324 teams and over 3,000 players
  • 150+ games per week

Covering Match Results, Goals, Corners, Cards, Scorers & Referees

Premier League
League One
League Two
Scottish Premiership
Bundesliga (Germany)
Bundesliga II (Germany)
Serie A (Italy)
Serie B (Italy)
La Liga (Spain)
Segunda Division (Spain)
Ligue 1 (France)
Eredivisie (Netherlands)
Primeira Liga (Portugal)
Russian Premier League
Austrian Bundesliga
Super Lig (Turkey)

With easy-to-use tables highlighting the top performing teams and players.

The complete football betting package...

As an Across the Leagues member, you'll be able to:

  • Receive my creative betting angles in matches from all over the globe... everything from Match Result value on underdogs and outsiders... Half Time/ Full Time picks at 25/1 and 33/1... standout First Goalscorer selections... and any number of big-odds opportunities that arise...
  • Gain early-bird access to value bets in the season-long markets. Such as 20/1 and 66/1 Each Way picks for Top Goalscorer, or a 40/1 shot for Promotion...
  • Access the bespoke website packed with bet-specific information for the Premier League, Championship, League One, League Two and the Scottish Premiership, Bundesliga, La Liga and Serie A, and 17 leagues in total...
  • With specific betting stats across dozens of markets... dedicated Team Stats pages for every team... Head-to-Head tool for matching up any two teams... Referee data... and League Stats Tables highlighting the top-rated bets in each division across Match Results, Goals, Corners, Cards & Bookings and Scorers markets...
  • Get all the key information sent direct to you by email, with all the hard work done for you…
  • Read weekly emails containing all my latest thoughts, opinions, research, analysis and findings. Doing all the groundwork for you, including identifying the standout stats, bets, and odds...
  • Log-in to the password-protected website, with all my analysis, recommendations, and all our Team, League and Player stats...

This is the ONLY service you will ever need to get ALL of my football advice...

I also cover the Champions League throughout the tournament with bespoke stats online, and dedicated advice by email on match-days.

And as an Across the Leagues member, you'll also receive my special, daily email coverage for major international tournaments. With the rearranged 'Euro 2020' coming up in summer 2021. And the World Cup 2022 after that.

You simply will not find this level of football betting information anywhere else.

With Across the Leagues, you'll be in a position to make money from your betting, and greatly increase both your knowledge and enjoyment of the game. Unlike the 98% of football bettors who lose money... either because they swallow the bookies' bait, or they bet with their hearts, not their heads.

Read my informative football betting analysis.

Follow my recommendations, if you choose to. Or use the stats on the site to pick your own…

See how the big value, big-odds wins more than compensate for the losses.

And enjoy that thrill of landing your first 6/1, 14/1, 25/1 winner from a previously 'obscure'-sounding market you’d not normally bet on. Half Time/ Full Time, Name the Finalists, Last Goalscorer... there is so much MORE to betting on football than who will win the game.

I go all over the football world with my weekly emails, articles and analysis. And our stats website covers 17 leagues, 324 teams, and more 150+ games per week.

If you like the sound of cashing in on bets like a 7/1 Man of the Match winner... off-the-beaten track selections like Alfred Finnbogason to be Iceland's Top Scorer... or a 40/1 FA Cup outsider... then my Across the Leagues articles will be right up your street.

Or if you'd like to find out the best team to back in the Premier League for Yellow Cards. Or the top team in League Two for Both Teams to Score. The top-rated German team for Most Corners bets. Or the no.1 First Goalscorer bet in Italy. Then our unique stats website has everything you need for that, too

With Across the Leagues you'll be:

  • Betting based on facts and informed opinion, not hype and hunches...
  • Utilising my 15 years of experience specialising in football betting markets...
  • And accessing team and player stats across 17 leagues and over 300 teams…

During every week, I'll email you with my latest analysis. My research, thoughts, findings, opinions and specific bet advice. Enjoy the football...”

Start your OP Betting Club membership today for instant access to the latest stats, analysis, and advice from Across the Leagues.


Here are just some of Oliver’s winners over the last 12 months...

  • Italy Serie A – Top Goalscorer: Ciro Immobile @ 16/1
  • Parma v Juventus – First Goalscorer: Dejan Kulusevski @ 14/1
  • Europa League – Name the Finalists: Inter Milan & Sevilla @ 16/1
  • Man City v Real Madrid – Player to be Booked: Luka Modric @ 7/2
  • Atalanta v PSG – Half Time/ Full Time: Atalanta/ PSG @ 25/1
  • Arsenal Tula v PFC Sochi – Anytime Scorer: Christian Noboa @ 5/1
  • England v Belgium – Most Corners: England @ 7/5
  • Aberdeen v Celtic – Anytime Scorer: Lewis Ferguson @ 8/1
  • West Ham v Man Utd – Half Time/ Full Time: West Ham/ Man Utd @ 25/1
  • English Football League – Both Teams to Score acca @ 8/1
  • Celtic v Hibernian – Most Corners: Hibernian @ 4/1
  • Sunderland Win to Nil, Exeter Win by 1 Goal, Cambridge to Win & Both Teams to Score – Treble @ 65/1
  • Chelsea v Porto – Player to be Booked: Mehdi Taremi @ 4/1
  • Oxford Utd v Gillingham – Oxford to Win & Both Teams to Score @ 3/1
  • PSG v Man City – First Goalscorer: Marquinhos @ 28/1

And here's what members say about Oliver’s Across the Leagues service:

'...innovative and invaluable service...'

"Thank you for offering such an innovative and invaluable service in Across the Leagues"


'...Cheering and wailing - great bet...'

"Great outcome on the half time / full time bet last night. I had been watching the game and at 88 minutes was resigned to the bet failure. I nipped out to the garden at 88 mins and came back in about 4 minutes later to cheering and wailing and thought PSG had just equalised to take the game into extra time. Then I saw the score-line pop up. Well, it was then me that was cheering and wailing. What a result. Just goes to show you should never give up. Great bet and well done"

William S

'...A superb bet at 25/1...'

"Hi Oliver, HT/FT Atlanta/PSG was a superb bet at 25/1...  You have had a very good run this year, congratulations"

J Won

'...Great site...'

"Great site! I use it a lot and it's packed with so many angles!!"


'...Deflected Blackburn winner leads to dancing in an Edinburgh street!...'

"Hi Oliver, over the last two nights I've put Skybet patents on each of the Championship/Lge 1/Lge 2 tips plus trebles on BTTS & on wins. I'm £300 up on the last two nights. Thanks very much"


'...You must be a wizard - you're not related to Harry Potter, are you?...'

"Hi Oliver. Last night I sent you an email to let you know that I have had two profitable days in a row, scratch that it is now three. I have now had three out of three profitable days, making just shy of £100 (+20 pts), wow, wasn't expecting that. You definitely know your stuff Oliver, you must be a wizard you're not related to Harry, are you? Thanks again Oliver. Good work"

Stephen E

'...Over £350 profit in one afternoon. Fantastic!...'

"Hi Oliver. No doubt your inbox will be inundated with success stories so I will be brief.... Man United HT/FT up, Win and BTTS double up and all three to win Trixie up.  Over £350 profit in one afternoon. Fantastic! Thanks again"


'...Happy days...'

"Hello Oliver. Just a huge thanks for a wonderful Saturday, the win treble and the HT/FT, happy days indeed. Cheers"

Ian W

'...Finally banking profits from football - and it's down to you...'

"Thanks again, I finally seem to be banking some profits from football, after many years, and it is down to your tips!"

Chris B

'...Over £800 up - first time I've ever cheered a Man Utd goal...'

"Hi Oliver. Well over £800 up this week, icing on the cake Man Utd (I'm a City season ticket holder) the 1st time I've ever cheered one of their goals. Putting the 3 win/btts sides in a trixie has paid off 3 times on the trot. I think the straight treble, btts treble and trixie on btts/win is a great bet and gives so many chances for a decent win. Keep up the great work"


'...Only joined on Saturday...'

"Hi. Only joined Saturday by Sunday evening had bagged the match odds treble, Man Utd HT/FT, James Tavernier scoring again. Sunday lunch the arsenal obliging on the corners. Cheers"

Lee P

'...65/1!! I've cheered on many a late goal over the years...'

"Hello Oliver, just a quick thanks for the suggestions on Friday... had the win treble @ 10's and the biggie @ 65/1!! I've cheered on many a late goal over the years but never as much as that Cambridge one!! Well done!!"

Zep D

'...Bullseye! - Cashed out for £1075...'

"Bullseye! Well done......I had a £10 Trixie on the results and cashed out for £1075 as soon as that Cambridge goal went in! I also had 3 x singles for wins too – & put those results in a separate Trixie! So that made a grand total of £1483.....so a big fat thank you & keep up the good work!"

Peter M

'...Oh Fantastic !!! - The elation when Cambridge scored the winner...'

"Oh Fantastic !!! ............. I really fancied your tips (having read your write up stats)....... And went on both options on the nose, only with £5 & £1 wager respectively with no Trixie's. The partial disappointment when Carlisle scored, but the elation when Cambridge scored the winner in the 90th minute – epic !!"

Mark N

'...Best win of the season...'

"GREAT PREDICTIONS Oliver, I had a £12 Double on Sunderland to win to nil (7/4) and Cambridge to win away (15/8) with a 90th minute winner. £94 returns is best win of the season"

Peter S

'...Superb quality – cracking returns – Truly outstanding!...'

"Hi Oliver, Just a line to acknowledge the superb quality of your EFL selections on Saturday which combined to deliver cracking returns. Thank you for pinpointing not just the teams but also the best way to play the selections. Truly outstanding!"

Johnny B

'...I was on at 60/1 - happy days!...'

"I was on at 60! on Bet Victor and for a 25 quid stake they were offering a generous 711 quid cash out. I had taken the insurance of backing all the 4-folds too for a quid a line so had a little extra in the tank to consider. In the end I hedged 600 quid on Betfair which meant I would get a minimum 800 quid on a failed result and still pocket 1200 quid overall on the winning outcome....happy days!"


'...OUTSTANDING! - A year's betting profit in one week...'

"OUTSTANDING! 2 big price winners in a week, My standard stake is £10 (or £2 for correct scores), so the half time/full time win on spurs-utd match made me £280. I was a bit stunned when the over 2.5 goals acca came in at 59/1. That's almost a year's betting profit (for me) in 1 week. well done"

John B

'...Lovely winner - Keep up the great work Amigo...'

"Spurs v Man U game... Tasty 27-1 & 33-1 bets made for a lovely HT/FT winner... Keep up the great work Amigo"

Mike F

'...Rewarded with two 90/1 payouts - thanks for the heads-up...'

"Hi Oliver, I remember a post of yours a while back and it was on the back of Rochdale being involved in some high scoring games. Since the start of the year they have been involved in 6 games which have finished 3-3 , 3-4 or 4-4. I've started backing 3-3, 3-4, 4-3 and 4-4 in their games since end of Feb and been rewarded with two 90/1 payouts most recently tonight as they conceded in the 97th minute to draw 3-3 with AFC Wimbledon. So thanks for the initial heads up"


'...I love how you often try & find some value rather than opting for short priced favourites...'

"[RE: 28/1 First Goalscorer]. Great work yesterday. I love how you often try & find some value rather than opting for short priced favourites. I even managed to get slightly better prices on the exchanges :)"

Frank W

'...A joy to follow...'

"Thanks so much for the site, the advice, the stats, it's a joy to follow"


To join Across the Leagues today would cost you £240.00 a year, and £2,400 over 10 years. But...

Become a member of the OP Betting Club today and you get this service and TWO MORE for TEN YEARS for a single payment of just £499...

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Ten-year membership – Service #3:


Sport: Tennis

Specialist: Tom Wilson

Service: Outright Winner and match bets. Weekly emails with analysis, betting picks and advice targeting Men's ATP and Women's ATP tournaments throughout the season. Plus, daily coverage of the four Grand Slams; French Open, Wimbledon, US Open and Australian Open. The Ones to Watch service also has a dedicated website.

Standard Annual Price: £360.00

How to profit from the tennis - all year long...

There is so much more to tennis than two weeks at Wimbledon every summer... Tom's Ones to Watch service will show you how to profit from big-price Each Way bets in the Outright Winner markets, and value selections in the match markets, for tournaments taking place across the globe every week

Here’s Tom to tell you more:

“Building on over a decade of experience covering the game for my readers, Ones to Watch provides everything you need to cash-in on tennis matches and tournaments, every week.

This members-only service runs all year round, targeting WEEKLY bets on the Men’s ATP and Women’s WTA tours...

And DAILY ‘Bets of the Day’ emails during the Grand Slams at the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and US Open.

That includes Outright Winner picks, Each Way selections and trading or hedging advice to help you lock-in profits wherever possible.

As well as Match Bets throughout each week – including Match Winner bets on specific matches. Plus, a range of other markets such as Total Games, Handicaps and Set Betting scores – wherever and whenever I see a moneymaking opportunity for us.

This is a unique ‘tennis club’...

I don't know of any other service offering dedicated coverage and advice by email for all of the Grand Slam tournaments – let alone the dozens of weekly ATP and WTA tournaments.

As the comments and winning stories (see below) from members show, over the years I have built up a loyal group of followers...

We’ve had some great wins along the way, such as 100/1 Iga Swiatek winning the French Open in 2020, and 50/1 Sofia Kenin winning the Australian Open 2020. Right back to Marion Bartoli lifting the Wimbledon trophy at 100/1 in 2013. And 40/1 Sloane Stephens winning the US Open in 2017.

There are four Grand Slam fortnights every year. Plus, over 100 weekly tournaments on the ATP and WTA tours.

Members receive all my Ones to Watch advice by email, with full password-protected access online too…

The exclusive member emails are so much more than just a 'tip list.' We tackle the day’s matches and the week’s tournaments – big or small... sniff out the underrated players, must-bet situations, pricing errors and value opportunities.

We’re always looking for an angle, a statistic or piece of form data that has passed other people by, a price that offers outstanding value...


If you think the favourite Roger Federer is ‘nailed-on’ to win the tournament... If you only want to bet on Player A to beat Player B...

Or if you want some 'magic' system that predicts the winner of every match (and there are hundreds of matches!) – then my service isn’t for you.


If you like the sound of getting honest, unique moneymaking analysis & advice direct to your inbox, where we’ll be doing everything we can to make money (while enjoying some fantastic tennis along the way)... then you’re in the right place.

I'll be your personal guide...

My name is Tom Wilson. I’ve been reading, writing & researching... living & breathing tennis and betting for my entire adult life.

I’m not an ex-professional player. I don’t claim to have ‘contacts’ in the locker room. I’ve never done a day’s work as a tennis coach... nor am I a maths genius or a financial analyst in the City... and I’ve never set foot in a bookmaker’s offices or headquarters…

But I’ll tell you what I HAVE done. I’ve spent over a decade working for the UK’s top sports betting information Publisher.

Where I’ve enjoyed privileged access to all the tennis statistics and data you can ever imagine... Where I’ve been lucky enough to work alongside and learn from a man who was employed by Ladbrokes to price up their tennis bets... Where I’ve had the opportunity to follow, monitor, study, discuss, dissect, probe and bet on any & every tennis match or tournament, all year round.

Put simply – I’m in a unique position to help YOU make money from tennis.

The Ones to Watch approach to tennis betting…

Here at Ones to Watch, we don’t look to make money by doing anything obvious...

Yes, we’ll probably be covering a couple of Rafael Nadal matches along the way. Yes, you’ll see names like Serena Williams in your daily emails from me.

But unlike 99% of bettors out there... unlike the talking heads on Sky Sports News or the bookie ‘spokesmen’ on TalkSport radio...

We’ll be looking to get the big-name players BEAT.

Not every day of course. But on a select few occasions, we can swoop in and strike with the odds in our favour. With huge rewards up for grabs... just like in those examples above.

My tennis knowledge will give you winners where other people don't even think to look.

I believe targeting big Each Way prices like these and ‘looking beyond the obvious’ is the only way to make money from tennis betting, long term.

My Ones to Watch members-only service will lead you to tournament bets at big Each Way prices, as well as hunting out value opportunities in specific matches. For the weekly tournaments AND daily coverage of every Grand Slam.”

Start your OP Betting Club membership today for instant access to the latest analysis and advice from Ones to Watch.


Here are Tom's tournament highlights since the start of last season...

  • ATP Miami 2021 – Jannik Sinner @ 33/1 – EACH WAY PAYOUT (runner-up)
  • WTA Miami 2021 – Bianca Andreescu @ 25/1 – EACH WAY PAYOUT (runner-up)
  • ATP Doha 2021: Roberto Bautista-Agut @ 20/1 – EACH WAY PAYOUT (runner-up)
  • WTA Phillip Island Trophy 2021 – Marie Bouzkova @ 33/1 – EACH WAY PAYOUT (runner-up)
  • WTA Gippsland Trophy 2021 – Elise Mertens @ 16/1 – WON
  •  French Open 2020 – Iga Swiatek @ 100/1 – WON
  • French Open 2020 – Sofia Kenin @ 40/1 – EACH WAY PAYOUT (runner-up)
  • WTA Palermo 2020 – Fiona Ferro @ 25/1 – WON
  • WTA Palermo 2020 – Anett Kontaveit @ 12/1 – EACH WAY PAYOUT (runner-up)
  • ATP Rio de Janeiro 2020 – Cristian Garin @ 10/1 – WON
  • WTA St Petersburg 2020 – Elena Rybakina @ 25/1 – EACH WAY PAYOUT (runner-up)
  • Australian Open 2020 – Dominic Thiem @ 22/1 – EACH WAY PAYOUT (runner-up)
  • Australian Open 2020 – Sofia Kenin @ 50/1 – WON
  • WTA Shenzhen 2020 – Ekaterina Alexandrova @ 16/1 – WON

With consistent results and big wins like those, it's no surprise that Tom receives so many emails and kind words from members...

'...£280 profit...'

"With your help had money on all 4 semi-finalists. Couldn't lose. £280 profit. Thanks"

Brian H

'...Top class stuff Tom...'

"After reading your tournament analysis for the last couple of months I decided to start backing the selections... Two £40 ew investments were struck on the respective selections and a total of £1,040 was safely pocketed. Top class stuff Tom, well done."


'...A service like yours is hard to find...'

"Many thanks for the tips and suggestions... Believe me, it is just tremendous to find someone who is genuine in their attempts to find value for their customers. A service like yours is hard to find."

Rob B

'...honesty, knowledge and BEST advice...'

"Hi Tom, Thanks for your honest assessments from a person who obviously loves his tennis and giving us punters a chance to make a profit on our outlay... honesty, knowledge and BEST advice"


'...you clearly know the sport inside out...'

"Really enjoy your emails as you clearly know the sport inside out. Well done... I wouldn't have acted without your email. Thanks again"


'...the best tipster I have ever followed in any sport!...'

"I have been following your tips for a long time now and although I'm not a big tennis fan, you are the best tipster I have ever followed in any sport! You consistently deliver profits and I am never afraid to lay down my cash on any of your tips! I will continue to follow your tips whenever they come! Keep up the cracking work!"

Simon Hardy

'...Your tennis knowledge is second to none...'

"Wow Tom your tennis knowledge is second to none. Just enjoyed watching Kenin win there. Great match and 50/1 a steal. Had a couple of quid EW so I'll raise a glass to you tonight. Keep it up! Thanks"

Ian C

'...Many congratulations - thanks to you I got 50/1...'

"Many congratulations, Tom. Thanks to your tip I got in at 50-1 for £5 each way and am now £375 richer."

Stephen S

'...I took 85/1 for Kenin - my biggest tennis return ever...'

"Hi Tom, Thanks for the heads up about Sofia Kenin. I took 85s on Betfair and partially greened up before the final, giving me my biggest Tennis return ever. Once again, I thank you. Please keep them coming."


'...Amazed at the in depth research and analysis - excellent...'

"Hi Tom, just a quick note to say thanks for the Australian Open picks - I had a very good payout with Kenin and not too shabby with the 10/1 place with Thiem !! I'm amazed at the in depth research and analysis you do (must take you ages !) and always explained so clearly, so thanks for that. I really like your service and it's all so rational and easy to follow. Keep up the excellent work and here's to a very profitable 2020! £££ :)"


'...Recouped my annual membership fee with the first tournament!...'

"Dear Tom, I am a new member to Ones To Watch. Using very small stakes I have already recouped my annual membership fee with the first tournament! You were spot on with Kenin and Thiem. As you always say, there will be losers but this is more than compensated with your most insightful reasoning."

Harry D

'...Made £500 - you can definitely pick an "unlikely" winner...'

"Just a quick thank you for the Kenin and Thiem tips. I hedged a bit on Muguruza but still made £500 so that's great... you can definitely pick an "unlikely" tournament winner... On to the next one!"

Dave T

'...Ahead of the curve...'

"[RE: Sofia Kenin 50/1] Top tipping. Ahead of the curve as ever. Well done."


'...First ever tennis bet - 40/1 winner...'

"First ever tennis bet £1ew and a 40/1 winner, thank you Tom, excellent tipping."

Ian A

'...Even in lockdown - you still have it...'

"Congratulations again Tom - even in lockdown and sifting through the more minor players you still have it. Even with my modest betting you have boosted my account by around GBP 180 this month - thanks again, best wishes and hope we return to the real world soon"


'...Fantastic knowledge and insight...'

"Hat's off to you Tom. Not the first time you've picked both finalists! Fantastic knowledge and insight"

Peter M

'...My first ever tennis bets - 20/1 winner...'

"Having joined the service on 1 August, I realise I've been extremely lucky with my first ever outright tennis winner bets being profitable but thanks very much. I had Ferro @ 20/1 and Kontaveit @ 12/1... Looking forward to what's ahead"

Vic R

'...100/1 and 40/1 - my wife says Thank You...'

"Great advice Tom... congrats on getting the two finalists. I managed to get Iga Swiatek at 100/1 with Boyles and 40/1 on Sofia Kenin so fantastic profit either way. I traded a few points in the quarters and semis just in case either player lost but still way ahead whoever wins plus a bit extra from the quarter winning bets as well. My wife is happy as she wants some work done in the garden and I told her yesterday that she can get it done, as Tom's selections had paid for it. She said "thank you"."

Andy W

'...Thank you for the hard work you clearly put in...'

"Very well done on hitting the Swiatek-Kenin final. Thank you for the hard work you clearly put in and the appealing logic. Regards"

Richard M

'...100/1 - Fantastic service...'

"Hi Tom, Have followed your recommendations for years, first big win was Wawrinka at 70/1 many years ago. Have Iga at 100/1 on the 26th September and picked off similar odds in the days that followed ....hope Saturday will be a day to remember !!! Fantastic service and hopefully many more to come. Cheers Tom"


'...I got 100/1 on Swiatek - good work!...'

"Hi Tom, I got 100-1 on Swiatek with Skybet.... Just annoyed that it was my smallest bet of the whole tournament! Either way I win over £200 whatever the result is as also on Kenin. Good work!"


'...Swiatek at 100/1 - thanks for the great tips...'

"Hi Tom, Thought I'd join in & let you know I'm on Swiatek 100s with Boyle & Kenin 40s with Bet365. Thanks for the great tips, biggest winner I had previously was 80 on Cilic at US Open... I'll be routing for Swiatek but either way, great stuff. I'll be watching in the evening as I'm living in Thailand. Take care"


'...Been a member for years and always end the season in profit...'

"Hi Tom, What a day we had yesterday. I have Swiatek @ 101.00 and Kenin at 41.00... Been a member for years and always end the season in profit. Looks like this year that profit is going to be the best yet. Keep 'em coming Tom"

Rob B

'...FANTASTIC! 100/1 and 40/1...'

"Morning Tom, You may recall I wrote to you at the beginning of Sep. expressing scepticism at your Outrights strategy after my two recommended picks both lost in the 1st round of the US Open. Your reply persuaded me to stick with you. And am I glad I did! In answer to your question how's my French Open book looking, my answer in a word is.... FANTASTIC! On 27 Sep I placed a £5ew bet with Boyle on Swiatek at 100/1 & later 1 Oct. on Kenin at 40/1 with Bet365"

Richard R

'...100/1 - celebrating with a few glasses of red wine...'

"I just wanted to drop you a note to say I started my sub to your service just before the US Open on the recommendation of another of your followers. I backed Swiatek at 100/1 at the start and Kenin at 40/1 (£5 ew for both) so looking forward to the weekend so I can start celebrating with a few glasses of red wine. Will obviously be rooting for Swiatek but happy whoever wins. Keep up the good work – enjoy reading all the write ups, Cheers"


'...Enjoyable, informative and of course very profitable...'

"Tom, just to say thanks for a fabulous fortnight. Your posts are enjoyable, informative and of course very profitable. You should be very proud. Again, many thanks."


'...80/1 and 40/1 - patience needed but well worth waiting for...'

"Only been with you a few weeks and got the two finalists at 80/1 and 40/1 having come close in the previous tournament at very high odds. Patience needed at these odds but when they come off well worth waiting for so thanks very much."


'...To say I'm happy is an understatement...'

"Just had to email you to thank you very much, the French Tennis Final has netted me £500 and to say I'm happy is a wayyyy understatement you have always been totally honest, your strategy is to go for up and coming rank outsiders so more losses than winners. But when they come it does not get better than this, Thank you soooo much my friend"

Steve from Gloucestershire

'...Thank you - without your knowledge I would not have backed the two winners...'

"I just wished to write you a quick note to thank you for your emails & news, as without your knowledge I would not have backed the two winners yesterday. A million thank yous. I do so enjoy your tennis news... Just felt I had to tell you, how much pleasure you give us all"


'...You've made me feel like an expert...'

"Dear Tom, I wanted to say thank you... My first experience with your service was Wimbledon 2017 with Cilic making the final, and I’ve been with you ever since – through Sloane Stephens at the US Open, Vondrousova at the French, Kenin at the Australian, plus numerous others … Obviously the winners are fantastic, but what I really wanted to say is just how much I’ve enjoyed the whole experience. I already loved tennis before I joined the service, but you’ve made me love and appreciate it so much more, and I’ve learnt so much. I really enjoy reading your e-mails and analysis … I get far more than just winners from your service: I get huge enjoyment and entertainment. I look forward to getting your e-mails and enjoy the whole experience of betting on tournaments, regardless of the outcome. I also enjoy expanding my knowledge of tennis. You’ve made me feel like a bit of an expert (which I’m really not!). I feel I know the current players better than anyone I know, and I really love that … As for the recent French Open, I think it sums up your service for me: you were too good. On your advice, I backed Swiatek in July, but the best odds I could get were 45-1. I had £10 each way at that price. She then drifted to 100-1 at the start of the tournament, so I put on another £5 e/w at that price. After she won, the BBC Sport website reported it by essentially saying that no one would have predicted this at the start of the tournament. I read that and thought “well, Tom not only predicted it at the start of the tournament, he predicted it three months earlier!!” … So after two years, it’s about time I said thank you. I’ve paid off some bills this week, and then spent an enjoyable couple of hours on Amazon Prime Day yesterday, treating myself and my family to a few things out of the remainder of my winnings. It’s been a very good week. But as I say, you’ve done a lot more than just give me a bit of extra cash. You’ve given me a lot of enjoyment for more than two years, and that will continue regardless of the number of winners or losers. So thank you."

Phil G

'...Excellent service...'

"Hi Tom, Thank you for your excellent service... Your Iga Swiatek selection was truly inspirational!"

Chris H

Here’s that 100/1 French Open winner from last year, Iga Swiatek:


To join Ones to Watch today would cost you £360.00 a year, and £3,600 over 10 years. But...

Become a member of the OP Betting Club today and you get this service and TWO MORE for TEN YEARS for a single payment of just £499...

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‘Euro 2020’ BONUS!

Why now is the perfect time to join…

The coronavirus pandemic has made the last year tough for everyone. But the good news for sports fans and bettors this summer is that the 2021 calendar is packed with action and opportunities…

Join the OP Betting Club today, and you’ll be onboard for all the big events taking place this summer and beyond…

Your Across the Leagues membership includes dedicated DAILY services for the Major International football tournaments. And like London buses, two are coming along at once! With the rearranged ‘Euro 2020’ taking place this June & July. Followed by the World Cup next year.

I’m delighted to confirm that for the Euros this summer, Oliver will once again be running his acclaimed daily service. At the World Cup 2018 in Russia, his followers had a fantastic time of it…


'...Excellent service - finished around £1200 in profit...'

"Hi Oliver, Thanks for your excellent service again this tournament, finished around £1200 in profit at £50 stakes... That's in addition to over £1000 profit from Euro 2016 using your service so many thanks, really enjoyed the extra interest generated in every game and betting on less obvious markets"

Tony W

'...33 points profit from the World Cup...'

"Thanks Oliver for the tips during the world cup. I just did the match bets and ended up 33 points in profit overall"

Andrew W

'...Great tournament - I won over £300...'

"Thanks for enhancing the World Cup experience. On top of it being a great tournament, I won over £300 following your selections. Many thanks and well done"

Peter W

'...Top tipping - it's been a blast!...'

"Thanks Oliver, It's been a blast! Top tipping and I've loved the morning emails. Cheers pal"

Richard S

'...Great service - and nice profit to boot...'

"Hi Oliver, great service for Russia 2018 and nice profit to boot. Looked forward to the selections each day"

Hamish C

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"Really pleased I signed up for the World Cup... I made a profit on the tournament, mainly due to your Corners and Man of the Match advice. Thanks"

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"Extremely well done on your world cup performance, Oliver, and thank you for helping me reduce my overdraft! Highlight has to be my £100 on Griezmann at 7-1 to be Man of the Match in the final"

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"Thank you for very nice month. My worksheet say: Staked: 2698.16, Profit: 693.30, ROI: 25.7% Well done Oliver!"

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"Finished over 600 points up so thanks very much and congratulations"

Alastair T

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"I had my biggest winner on the world cup ever... got france vs argentina and uruguay vs portugal and both teams to score double. odds were 43/1 and had 10 on it so, well, i think that says it all really."

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'...Marvellous service...'

"Thank you very much for providing such a marvellous service"

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"Hello Oliver I had a very profitable world cup 52 bets at £10 for a profit of £258.10... thanks for your insight and keep up the good work"

Gary W

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